Mexico At War Within

Everybody should be pretty aware already of how serious the Mexican drug wars have become.  Over 28,000 people have already died, with uncounted number of injuries.

72 more bodies were found a couple of days ago, and now two car bombs have exploded with no injuries.  The investigator looking into the 72 massacre has now been killed, making Mexico and anything related to the drug war, one of the most dangerous places on earth.

There have been numerous kidnappings and ransoms, border incursions, threats to American landowners and ranchers, extortion and smuggling (drugs and human trafficking).

Mexico is in melt-down. The United States is expecting millions of Mexican climate refugees over the next decades, with as much as 10% of the population being forced to migrate.

Personally, I think this number is way, way too low, and does not account for the millions of illegal immigrants that are already swarming across the border.  I do not blame anybody for seeking a better life for themselves — I would personally do the same.  But this border war / invasion is going to bring with it a great many problems for the United States.

Environmental collapse is already affecting Mexico, causing economic hardship and unemployment.  Southern and agricultural States within the US are absorbing the influx of refugees, however, Arizona’s new immigration laws are causing a lot of States to take notice.

Hotly contested by civil libertarians and rights groups, the ethnic profiling of immigrants is far from being a settled issue.  This, plus the Mexican war now literally taking place on the US border will most likely cause a civil war in the Southern states.

I’ve no doubt that a totalitarian military response will happen (on both sides), eventually.  The body count is already high enough for justification, but corruption, ineptitude and bribery have kept a lot of this dangling on the table for years already. The Obama Administration is unwilling to do much — so far.  National Guard troops have been dispatched, whatever that means (532 Guards won’t be able to do much on thousands of miles of border).

The United States has long tolerated the porous southern border, probably for economic reasons.  I do not expect this to change much, but war could change a lot of things in a hurry.


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