Methane River Catches Fire

This is interesting. I do not know how often this happens, but it’s not something to be happy about.

Frozen river catches fire from escaping methane gas: should we be worried?

Not the first time we’ve had methane in the news (or reported upon here). Gigantic methane emissions have been detected numerous times.

‘This is the first time that we’ve found continuous, powerful and impressive seeping structures, more than 1,000 metres in diameter. It’s amazing. Over a relatively small area, we found more than 100, but over a wider area, there should be thousands of them.’

Methane has been detected under the Greenland ice and is being released into the river discharges. This doesn’t seem to be getting any of the attention that it actually deserves, but then again, nothing climate-wise really does. In American, we still have a national leadership with it’s head stuck firmly in the sand when it comes to dangerous climate change.

Methane can last about ten to twelve years in the atmosphere, while carbon dioxide can last hundreds of years (with effects lasting thousands of years). In effect, this means unstoppable warming – and more and more of it, raising planetary temperatures in the oceans, soil and atmosphere, which will lead to vastly more species extinctions – including ours (homo sapiens). Yes, it’s really that bad – which is why ignoring this problem is probably the stupidest thing we could possibly do.

Methane doesn’t get the attention that carbon dioxide does – but it should, since higher and higher levels of methane are now pretty much the new ‘normal’. Arctic News has a bunch of recent images and figures showing just how much methane is now being detected in the atmosphere (scroll down the article to see the global images).


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