Mental Midget Maggot March

The march in D.C. today included a few thousand mentally defective MAGGOTS marching in protest to the 2020 Election results, where their demi-god Trump was soundly and lawfully defeated by the non-mentally impaired. We’ve accepted the election results, but they certainly haven’t.

I’m seriously sick of these fools. Every day I’ve read about their bogus claims, bogus lawsuits, bogus affidavits and endless bullshit about how the Presidential election wasn’t fair. The whiny cheeseboard antics of these people is downright pathetic. Loser Trump even showed up to hide from the swooning crowd behind bullet-proof glass, wearing the same smirk as always.

“Trump’s motorcade briefly drove slowly through the crowds on the way to his golf course in Sterling, Virginia.” – Associated Press

Trump’s been in hiding since the election, and he’s spent more time at his golf course then in the White House. Trump didn’t even bother to attend the rally being held for him.

What do these people think was going to happen? I don’t have that answer, but it shows the rest of the country just how delusional they are. Trump has always played this group for fools.

Anybody and everybody can read what is now widely known if you don’t live in an information bubble: the claims of fraud, stolen election, and improper vote counting are factually false. None of the States have agreed that these claims are true. None of the official observers support these claims. None of the courts do either.

This entire thing is a fabrication of immense proportions. And Trump fans are so goddamned dense and stupid that they fell for it. Again – just like they did all the other lies spewed by Trump since before taking office in 2016.

“They think we’re stupid,” a young White man with a microphone told the crowd. “They’re underestimating the Donald. They’re underestimating the Donald’s supporters.”

The only thing we’ve underestimated is just how brain dead stupid these people can be. By now, we would have thought that reality (and facts) would have sunk home. Their refusal to accept the election results and then claim fraud without evidence is pathetic and sad. These are the die-hard “supporters” Trump has – conspiracy idiots and fools.

If they want respect, then stop showing the entire world just how stupid they really are. Stop fabricating false claims. Stop supporting stupid conspiracies. Stop trying to create unrest and dissent. Start sticking to the FACTS. Get a grip on reality and stop engaging in some of the worst behavior this country has ever seen.

Trump, meanwhile, had called Saturday’s gatherings — which far-right influencers and media personalities had promoted all week — “heartwarming.”

Of course he did. Loser Trump has been licking his wounds ever since the election, desperately trying to find someway to cheat his way back into office. He’s facing numerous criminal prosecutions and his massive ego won’t let him accept a defeat. He’s engaging in the worst projections we imagined might happen if he lost – a willingness to plunge this country into a civil conflict to preserve his own sorry ass.

Trump HATES his followers but panders to their imaginations to gain their support. Trump wrongly thinks that his fans can “do something” for him, but he’s dead wrong about that. Trump has repeatedly tried to violate the Constitution and the rule of law, but he’s not going to be able to steal the election away from the rightful legal winners. Trump’s fans don’t care, demonstrating that they’re non-Constitutionalist and fascists. They want to illegally overthrow the election by whatever means they can.

This is a Constitutional crisis. Trump has still refused to conceded even though the Courts have tossed his baseless claims out. He’s refused to help with the transition process for the new Administration, and won’t allow the GSA to work with Biden. Moreover, and most disturbingly, Trump is planning his inauguration as if the election loss never happened.

This is beyond delusional, it demonstrates the mental and moral failings of the Commander in Chief. He has literally lost his mind.

Most of the Republican leadership is refusing to step up to this unfolding fiasco and refute it. Being the total cowards that they are, most of them have quietly just tried to stay away and stay silent, knowing that their own fate is sealed if they speak up. But a significant percentage of them have endorsed this fraud. Oddly, Americans voted to put most of these same cowards back into office – but I wonder now how many of those that voted to do this regret their choice. Did they know that they were re-electing proven cowards that would sell out their country to appease a wanna-be tyrant? Nobody knows.

Trump is mentally deluded, seriously overdue for hospitalization-grade confinement. Since the election, Trump has abandoned America and has instead only focused on his own plans. He’s not leading the country. He’s not making any preparations for the transition. He’s been advised to set landmines to ensure that a smooth transition never happens. He still refuses to lead on the pandemic.

That’s treason. And dereliction of duty. Happening right now, in the White House.

Many of his supporters are now openly calling for the murder and assassination of non-loyalists, including governmental leaders, judges, lawyers, cops, officials and civilians. More then few have ‘abandoned’ Fox News for finally calling the election in Biden’s favor, and have moved over to Newsmax and Parler, where they can freely rant and spew their vitriol calling for the murder of millions of Americans.

This abuse of the First Amendment, just like the abuse of the Second Amendment to intimidate others, is technically illegal. It is illegal to make threats. So what we need now is to prosecute those who are doing so. If this is not stopped, it’s going to boil over even further.

The rest of America is literally holding its collective breath, you can feel the oxygen being sucked out. We’re all waiting for January 20th when the madman in office is finally gone or removed.

Perhaps he’ll setup his own party or media empire, where his maggot fans can build him a gigantic golden toilet for a shrine, paying obeisance to the deposed President who would be King. Queen Ivanka could serve as his cohort. Don’t count on Melania being in the picture, she’s probably going to beat tracks as fast as she can. Trump’s two elder stupid sons can function as henchmen and media punching bags. It’ll be a total disaster, just like everything else Trump has ever attempted.

Yeah, we can definitely bet against Trump on this one. He’s got everything to lose and nothing to gain.

I will eventually get back to blogging on other topics, but America is a real mess right now.



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