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I did a Google search on the three topics covered below and found nothing current in the U.S. news media at all. No surprise there, but here they are:

Some interesting food shortages news:

I haven’t been able to buy a chicken for over a month. Chicken is part of our traditional diet; we use it in many of our meals. Since I work from 8am to 6pm, I am unable to go to the government-sponsored centres that offer reduced-price chickens, but I heard they’re frozen and of low quality. My neighbour went and stood in line for five whole hours to buy a chicken for 47,000 Rial (about 3,20 euros) per kilo. During the Persian New Year, we bought regular chicken for about 40,000 Rial (about 2,70 euros) per kilo; now, regular chicken – which only the rich can still afford – costs about 85,000 Rial (about 5,80 euros). So it’s more than doubled!

People are upset; I hear lots of co-workers in my office complaining not just about the cost of chicken but also meat, eggs, bread and milk. The prices are rising so quickly, we can’t keep up. Many are now standing in long lines just to get these basic goods. As a single mother, I work full-time in a government office and work an additional job part-time. Altogether I make about 8,000,000 Rials (about 540 euros) per month. With this salary, today, I can only buy basic necessities for myself and my little girl. The situation is getting worse and worse for all of us. And now it’s Ramadan – religious people who usually spend a lot during this time are getting really angry. [During the holy Islamic month or Ramadan, fasts are usually broken with elaborate dinners.] It seems that the whole population is fasting now, day and night!

It’s not just chicken either, it’s all red meat. The reason is U.S. sanctions (video).

Rebel activity is causing food shortages in Goma:

Currently, there is not much for sale in the Goma markets, and everything has become very expensive: corn, green beans, milk, all basic food products… Before, a 100 kg bag of cassava cost between 25 to 30 US dollars; today, this amount costs in the 45 to 50 dollar range [35 to 40 euros]. And, for instance, a kg of green beans, which used to cost half a dollar, now costs almost a full dollar [0,80 euros]. These basic food products have nearly doubled in price! In a city where the population is already very poor, people are really suffering. Many people are unemployed, and the average salary of someone who owns or works in a small shop is only 20 to 30 dollars per month [16 to 24 euros]. Food has basically become unaffordable.

This story is interesting, because it points out clearly enough how we are being manipulated by the media. In this day and age, an easy thing to do. Printed media, television, radio and especially the Internet, is being used to create fear, loathing and widespread acceptance of human rights violations by the “good guys” against the “bad guys”.

My views on the media are well known — the U.S. media is among the worst in the world at fair and honest, balanced reporting — while self-congratulating each other how “great” our free press is. They do churn out a lot of useless material….. but plenty of it is pablum for brains made into mush.

There is a LOT that our media does not want Americans to know, and even more that the U.S. Government does not want Americans to know. Americans are widely viewed as being some of the most uninformed, manipulated citizens on the planet — a view held by many ‘foreigners’ as they witness the things that Americans focus on, and how they believe and act, especially when visiting or making incessant demands.

In many parts of the world now, you do not want people to even know that you are American, but it’s quite hard to actually hide the fact (just open your mouth). Our dress, mannerisms, speech patterns and of course, belief systems play a huge part in our national identity, spotting the American is relatively easy unless one has “gone native” long enough.
Free AssangeJulian Assange (Wikileaks) has been holed up in the Ecuador embassy for two months. Last Thursday, he was granted political asylum.  The United States has sought to prosecute Assange for “leaking information” that deals with U.S. atrocities, diplomatic cables, coercion of public officials and much, much more.

The other ‘scandal’ is of far lesser significance is in Sweden where Assange is wanted for questioning of sexual misconduct.  Yet no charges in Sweden have ever been filed, and they’ve had several years now to do this.  Assange is concerned that he’ll be extradited to the U.S. as part of the witch hunt against Wikileaks.

He’s right, of course. Ecuador agrees apparently as do many other countries and millions of supporters. The U.S. has engaged in a lot of whistleblower attacks and prosecutions during both the Bush era and Obama’s term. It is a declining situation for “leakers”, during a time when there is more and more corruption and abuse, coercion, torture, rendition, illegal wars and occupation, secret arms deals and rebel governments being supported.

The U.S. has been found out many, many times to be supporting illegal and immoral actions against sovereign countries. Wikileaks and others have been their targets, to keep the world’s citizens ignorant of these secret activities.

This case has very broad implications for the future of news reporting and journalism — which is why the U.S. is so insistent that it must win.  Already, Wikileaks has shown a tortured, sordid, factual history of U.S. dealings that most American know absolutely nothing about. Most won’t even believe it — yet the proof is there in their own words — diplomatic cables and emails being sent by government officials.

That to all this is easy to see — to operate in secrecy, without accountability or responsibility, to anyone, where anything goes without fear of reprisals or blowback.  It’s not only a double-standard, it’s criminal activity.

This kind of secrecy permits all kinds of diabolical plots and actions, real conspiracies where millions of people suffer and die at the hands of their puppeteers. It’s anything but harmless — or even in the interest of “national security”.

There is a totally different but very real history in every country, every nation — behind every government.  My own reading on Australia, England, South Africa, Chile, Germany and many other countries, including the United States, reveals a very, very different version of what really happened. Honest minds will come away shocked, disturbed and very concerned about how such things were allowed to occur.  The answer is two-fold: secrecy and suppression.  Operating in secret, governments can and do get away with all kinds of murders and atrocities. Suppressing the news and controlling the media helps immensely towards this goal.  Survivors of these genocidal campaigns and millions of crimes of the lesser sort learn very quickly to keep their mouths shut.

During times of “peace” (which is really just a resting period between two wars, something we can’t seem to stop engaging in), the feeble cries for press freedom will start up again and some brave soul or two will try and put together the real history of what has been going on.  This usually happens after the guilty are either dead or out of office, so it’s temporarily permitted, with articles, books, interviews and even a movie or two will be made.  But like clockwork, it all comes crashing down again as new administrations in governments around the world realize that freedom of the press is dangerous for their diabolical operation.

Victors, or what is really described as those temporarily in power, get to write the history books as they say, leaving behind a trail of corpses and widespread human suffering, suppressing what is really going on during their terms.  The history they promote and sanction is quite different then the true story.

The history most of us know is intentionally designed to support your government.  Never forget that.  But that doesn’t make it true.


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