Media Manipulations & Other News

Errant missile over California, UFO’s over new York City & China, volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, tropical storm and cholera in Haiti, deadly flooding in Thailand, mudslides in Italy.  Sigh… times are changing!

There has been a lot of wild news lately.

Glen Beck (I think) is reporting massive food shortages, and I’ve broken all records here three days in a row.  Reports from the canneries are the same, there seems to be a huge rush for the (missing) exits.  Personally, I can’t even find the signs anymore, they seem to be as defective as everything else.

The (s)election was a massive disappointment I think for everybody.  But maybe some people still think that what is broken can still be fixed.  Not me, harbinger of doom extraordinaire.  I’m still putting the global picture together and coming up with double zeros.  Not good.

Rather belatedly (imo), the ‘naked search’ and fondling/groping by the TSA is finally causing a bit of an uproar among the public and pilots alike, but the TSA is having none of it.  Stop flying.  I don’t, won’t and never will again, refusing to submit to this criminal behavior.

The alleged ‘recovery’ was a sick, sad joke, not unlike the Gulf ‘cleanup’.  It seems like lying is acceptable and expected these days.  Nobody does nothing except bellyache a little bit and the clamor of complaints are soon drowned out.

Fraud, manipulation and downright scams permeate our entire financial spectrum, so what do we do?  We give these shuckster billions, even trillions, and they’re already back asking for more!

Will we never, ever learn anything?  Apparently not.

Violent revolution is now definitely on the table.  “The answer obviously is yes“.  This stuff is now mainstream.

Indeed, we’re in deep, deep trouble, no matter where you look or where you stand.   Is it out of control yet?  Almost.

Pay attention if you care, the manipulation of both events and news, the so-called media ‘coverage’ is part of the agenda.

And in my opinion, there is nothing you or I or anyone can do about it.  What will be, will be.  You can only prepare for what is dead obvious now and beyond that, there is not much else you can really do.


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