Media Manipulation and the Superdelegate Mindfuck

Ok, this posts fits right in the Real Narrative points I was raising in my last blog entry.

Please read Journalistic Malpractic.

The evidence is clear, the media is manipulating the (s)Election in favor of Hillary. But this is more then just media manipulation, the media is disenfranchising hundreds of millions of Americans who haven’t even voted yet.

If you can’t read the article (you should) here are the highlights that are important:

The media has already claimed that Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination. This is NOT true. The super delegates haven’t even voted yet and won’t until July 25th – over a month away.

Hillary only has 1812 delegates, Sanders has 1521. That is not enough for EITHER candidate to win yet. We don’t know the winner until July 25th! But the media has already declared their anointed Queen Hillary to be the nominee.

This is unconscionable.

Tonight, we will learn what this Tuesdays primaries results will be – but it STILL doesn’t mean the (s)Election is over. The article link above was published only yesterday (Monday in case you’re drunk or stoned or simply don’t give a shit) and there were no primaries yesterday, but that didn’t stop the lying, manipulative and dishonest media from making their coronation.

For years I have pointed out that the American (s)Elections are a SHAM and (s)Election 2016 is proving this point many times over.

Pledged delegates
Clinton: 1,812
Sanders: 1,521

Clinton: 571
Sanders: 48

“Secretary Clinton does not have and will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination. She will be dependent on superdelegates who do not vote until July 25 and who can change their minds between now and then. They include more than 400 superdelegates, who endorsed Secretary Clinton 10 months before the first caucuses and primaries and long before any other candidate was in the race.”

WTF??? 10 months? How can a delegate claim they are fairly representing their voters when their voters haven’t even voted yet but their vote “has been decided” 10 months in advance?

The media’s complicity and outright coronation of their choice of nominee is absolutely disgusting – and outrageous. America – you are all witnesses to another stolen (s)Election.

The media has fabricated a story, a false narrative that intentionally deprives Americans of their choice of nominee. And so far, they’re getting away with it.




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