Media Deceptions Deceive Billions

CNN has a article on summers getting longer. They’re behind the news cycle on this one, it’s already been circulating on science sites. The media is slowly catching on to the fact that Planet Earth has a huge, huge problem and it’s not what you might think. But they’re still not telling people the whole truth. Think of this as a preparatory article to lull you into feeling good when facing catastrophic news.

These type of energy imbalances mentioned will be truly catastrophic for humanity and every other life form on the planet. Higher temperatures mean lower crop yields, lower nutrition in what crops that do manage to grow, massive shifts in pollination and planting, huge global food shortages as once profitable regions for growing food crash, increases in wet-bulb temperatures making some regions simply inhospitable for life, huge changes in migration and immigrants relocating, significant increases in sea level rise and the drowning of coastal regions and cities, massive infrastructure failures, and increasing disease vectors.

“Countries around the world are trying to take action” is a pathetic attempt to appease the public to what really isn’t happening. What they’re not telling you is that any actions taken now (which is pitifully small and inadequate on a monumental scale) won’t stop what’s coming anyway. These temperature changes are now baked in and nothing is going to stop this.

The world is facing a global emergency right now, but won’t admit to any of it. Instead, it’s an endless pablum of posturing and empty promises, misleading billions of people.

I’ve sort of moved away from trying to wake people up because it’s proven to be pointless. This means extinction for our species and the delays in actions, communication, and public response pretty much guarantees that humanity will miserably fail to do what can be done in time. We’ve all been seriously distracted by the fiasco of the Trump years, and the COVID-19 pandemic, but none of this stopped or even slowed down what’s coming.

As I predicted long ago, they’re going to toss a LOT of money (trillions) at “fixing climate change” while still ignoring the root cause of the problem because civilization, personal wealth, and population isn’t a touchable topic. This is why we will fail. You can’t solve a problem if you don’t address the real issue, it will just keep coming back worse and worse, which is exactly where we are at today with climate change.

We could institute massive fundamental changes very quickly – but won’t because political “leaders” (idiots in suits) refuse to take this topic seriously. They’ll all be dead anyway before climate change kills everyone else and they’re too vested in personal profits and power to give a goddamn about the future for our species. The status-quo will be maintained – ensuring our utter failure.

I’m not going to spread any good news here, because there isn’t any. I know enough about this topic to know that the media is simply lying and refusing to portray the horrifying truth of what humanity is facing. The media is complicit in the death of billions to come.


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One thought on “Media Deceptions Deceive Billions

  • March 23, 2021 at 9:53 am

    ‘The media is complicit in the death of billions to come.’

    Spot on.

    But the uninformed fools are too stupid and too obedient to ‘The Machine’ to recognise that the machine stops. Soon.

    Looking forward to the collapse of the various bubbles that have been blown by the Fed later this year, and the collapse of the fiat monetary system soon after.

    Yes, it will be horrendous. But every day the system keeps running increases both the amount and the degree of suffering to come later. So the sooner the system crashes, the better. That way the suffering is reduced, rather than amplified….the outcome continuation of current arrangements generates.

    418 ppm atmospheric CO2, about 190 ppm above the recent 800,000 year average (of 230 ppm), and about 130 ppm above the pre-industrial level (of 280 ppm). And rising at about 2.6 ppm per annum at the moment: equals unprecedented planetary meltdown.

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