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2 thoughts on “Mazz Alone

  • March 21, 2019 at 4:03 am

    Watched it all the way through. Good production values. Depressing in the extreme. Should I take the euthanasia pills now? Probably where we are headed.

    • March 21, 2019 at 7:44 am

      If we keep having world leaders like that idiot Trump; if we keep pretending that there is nothing we can do; if we keep acting like we are not responsible; if we continue to the profit paradigm; if we continue treating the Earth like a massive garbage dump for our emissions and wastes; if we dither and dick around indefinitely, refusing to change how we live on this planet – then we’re irrevocably, totally fucked. That is the message in Mazz.

      One of the core messages in the NTHE movement is hopelessness. Frankly, I have always resisted this. I do not find it ethical, moral or helpful. Some people HAVE committed suicide over the ‘hopelessness of their situation’. The movement advocates The Wrong Message At The Wrong Time.

      The Mazz Alone episode doesn’t go into any efforts at mitigation, and the ‘adaption’ components it does contain are to party on like there is no tomorrow (if you’re rich) and ignore the suffering of everyone else (happening right now). But there is – there is always a tomorrow and that is the future which humans should strive for.

      We caused this – and we should at least try to fix this, but it will take enormous motivation and effort. And when you live in a sea of lies, deception, dishonesty and distraction. THAT needs to change, quick. The levers of power have all transitioned away from the people into the hands and control of the rich and indifferent who’s only motivation is more greed. THAT needs to change, quick. If it doesn’t – they’ll probably issue forever pills to make our transition to oblivion easier. But I’d rather kick some ass first.

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