Mayo Update

Dr. Arpey from the Mayo Clinic called me yesterday. He’s finally received and reviewed the MRI images I had done on my shoulder. He’s moved the surgery date by two days, so that a second surgery can be performed the following day by Dr. Rose, who is a orthopedic oncologist surgeon at the Mayo Clinic. So it looks like two surgeries now, including a muscle graft, and a longer stay will be necessary.

If I didn’t have to have this done, I wouldn’t. But there’s no way I can avoid this if I want to live. I’ve got about 10 days left to raise the funds with the Go Fund Me campaign (cancelled due to lack of interest) so if you’re going to help, please do so now. I have to prepay for all of this and there is no insurance coverage at all. Currently, I’m far, far short of the goal initially set and with the second surgery and longer stay, the cost estimate was too low. Anything at all will be a help.




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