Matt Simmons Has Died

It’s being reported that Matt Simmons has died from an apparent drowning, err heart attack. Well, take your pick, I don’t know how he died.

Hmmm. Sorry to read about this.  Also wondering about the auspicious timing of this event.

Simmons was very outspoken on the Gulf Disaster, claiming several things, including a huge leak miles away, a trillion in cleanup costs and more.  So-called ‘insiders’ didn’t take him seriously it seemed on these issues.  However, this article is way out there — claims they’ve pulled the wool over EVERYONE’S EYES on the leaking well (BP switched the well).

Maybe YOU can make heads or tails out of that story…

Here’s a bit more about the heart attack / drowning (hot tub) question.

Conspiracy theories will be immediately springing up on this one, but suggest everyone hold off for the evidence of what really happened.  He was pretty far out there on his views on this disaster — did they kill him?

Hard to believe honestly, this is kind of a shock.

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