Mass Extinctions Loom For World’s Oceans

World’s Oceans in ‘shocking decline’

Not a long read, but it is already causing a lot of controversy from the denial crowd.

I’m appalled at the willfully stupid reactions I’ve seen over the last several years to what is dead obvious now.  This is, in my opinion, much more then cognitive dissonance, it actually resembles a coordinated campaign similar to a “denial of service” attack.

The general idea in a denial of service attack is to “dog-pile” on to any evidence or report or study that presents that point that humans could even be remotely responsible for climate change, ocean decline, acidification, rising sea levels, melting polar ice caps, disappearing glaciers, even deforestation.  Attack it and deny it, override it, get louder and louder, to a screeching crescendo and cacophony of pure noise, and do this over and over again, until you have exhausted the opposition.

It’s worth noting that these people are going on record now as being morally bankrupt, siding with the non-evidence and straw arguments that invariably go along with their counter-claims.  But they do gain a lot of traction, which doesn’t say much for the intelligence of humanity.

Or our future.

Which is what these type of reports and assessments (and my blog) are trying to warn about.

Denial is not a virtue, but a clear signal of refusal.

The important thing to remember is very simple: What is all this refusal leading up to?

Allow me to pretend for a moment that they’re right.  What has this gotten us?

Are our oceans healthier now after decades of refusals?

Has fishing improved?

Is our water cleaner?

What about our forests?

Or even yearly temperatures?

What about CO₂, is this also now better?

Are the polar ice caps actually not melting?

Is the permafrost also not melting?

What about the glaciers, and the billions of people that depend upon them for fresh water?

Are we experiencing better weather?

Fewer droughts?

Less floods?

Fewer fires?

It is now so bloody dead obvious what is happening that only the deranged continue to make claims of denial.

There is not one human on the ENTIRE PLANET that is now “better off” or has a more “secure future” as a result of the points presented above.

Now just imagine what another ten or twenty years of this will bring….

That’s just long enough for your kids to grow up, become full-fledged adults and in shocking horror, come to realize the terrifying legacy that we have left them.

The “denial of service” type attacks that are now taking place will be clear evidence of deliberate, premeditated biocide, and all that they will need to condemn us.

Instead of this generation smartening up, and accepting the reality of what is clearly happening, a large percentage of us are choosing a deliberate path of willful stupidity, literally reveling in our herd mentality and ignorance.


We’re not just sheep, we’re lemmings.  Jumping off a cliff in a “follow the leader” style of self-extermination.

Makes you wonder who is really holding a gun to our heads.  Or why we simply close our eyes, ignore the evidence and choose the highway to hell.

This isn’t going to be a fun ride.


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