Mary Trump: He’s going to Texas to make a stand

Ok, this is getting worse then weird: Mary Trump claims that Donald Trump is going to Texas to “make a stand”. Really? This is dumb as f*ck.

Hard to accurately interpret what “making a stand” might mean. What else is on the Presidential agenda for the next few remaining days? I do not personally know (pretty busy here).

Does the Idiot in Chief think he’s going to launch his civil war from Texas? I have no idea. Trump often hijacks “symbolism” to support his bogus narratives, so it’s possible that that is all this is. Or maybe Texas thinks they can protect the President and maybe Trump can setup an ‘alternative government’ from Texas? Is the travel to Texas at the timing of the impeachment vote just a coincidence?

What about the new / new assassination threats we’re now being told about? Maybe “leadership” (being generous here) is so busy in duck and cover mode that they forgot about everyone else?

Lawmakers were told that the plot to encircle the Capitol also included plans to surround the White House ― so that no one could harm Trump ― and the Supreme Court, simply to shut down the courts. The plan to surround the Capitol includes assassinating Democrats as well as Republicans who didn’t support Trump’s effort to overturn the election ― and allowing other Republicans to enter the building and control government.

It makes no sense to surround the White House to “protect the President” if he’s in Texas. There is so much disinformation now that you can’t make sense of any of it. But I doubt we are being told enough, or even being told the truth. We all have to be careful, it’s easy to see ghosts when you’re hunting goblins.

Yeah, this is getting worse then weird. I’ve been TRYING to get another post ready, but it’s in-depth and there are a lot of things needing my attention. But this is a tiny piece:

How many people realize that a WEEK later after the Capitol attack, that there has yet to be a press conference to report on the event? Nothing from the DC Police, Capitol Police, White House or any other authority figure has stepped forward and told Americans what has gone on. What actually transpired on that “day” and what they know. And to my knowledge – NONE of the media has reported this incredible omission either. That’s real news in itself.

Update: Just watched a short FBI live presentation. So finally, somebody bothered to let us in on a little of what is going on. But this is still not leadership at the Executive or Legislative level. We appear rudderless.

Every time there has been a school shooting, bombing or terrorist attack, we’ve been informed. The leaders step forward, press conferences and Q&A is held and the American public is brought up to date. Not this time on what will be one of the most significant events in American history. And in context of the media manipulation – none of the media are reporting on this absence.

We are not getting any leadership that I can detect. That’s VERY strange and disturbing. Right now, the hands of the country seem to be in the hands of the media. Danger warnings should be flashing RED ALERT right now.


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