Marine Ecosystems In Collapse

Entire marine ecosystems have been wiped out, devastating populations of sea birds and larger marine mammals.

These “dead zones” occur where there are disturbances to the nutrient-rich ocean currents, which are driven by coastal winds.

Extreme marine suffocations have occurred off the west coast of the US every year for the last five years.

The most intense event, which left the ocean floor littered with the carcasses of crabs, happened in 2006.

Climate models predict increasing uncertainty with wild fluctuations. We should expect more surprises
Dr Jane Lubchenco, OSU “It was unlike anything that we’ve measured along the Oregon coast in the past five decades,” said Dr Francis Chan, of Oregon State University (OSU).

Other coastal countries including Chile, Namibia and South Africa have also been affected. Wind Shift Devastate Ocean Life

Strange how all these reports come offshore (no pun intended). Our government seems to be busy making sure the sheep don’t wake up in time.

This is very serious.

“We were shocked to see a graveyard,” he said. “Frame after frame of carcass, carcass, carcass.”

Crabs, worms and sea stars all perished in the anoxic water. The event was so severe that the researchers fear that marine life cannot return to the area.


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  • February 20, 2007 at 1:21 am

    Horrible indeed!

    I’m beginning to nearly start believing that any preparations will be futile. But there is always a hope, isn’t there… 🙁

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