Manufacturing Acceptance to Assassination

No matter what you think about the Christopher Dorner case, this video / audio clip should be listened to:

1:00 “we’re going to go forward with the plan with the burn”

1:14 “like we talked about”

1:27: “burners deployed, we have a fire”

“copy 7, burners deployed, we have a fire”

RPG round?

2:27 “Guys be ready on the #4 side, we have a fire out front, might come out the back”

Eliminating any possible chance for further publicity and exposure, the “burn” most likely destroyed Dorner and other additional evidence he might have had.

We’ll have to wait and see if this will be “spun” by the media into being “necessary” and “essential for safety” or “accidental” or whatever.  Clearly it was intentional.

There are already many Americans who think this was necessary.  They’re willing to trash the rights of anyone who has become targetted or deemed “guilty” without a trial. This is a very bad sign for America, because it means that we not only have no rule of law, but that the People do not want the rule of law either.

For the record, this is the same tactic used on Osama Bin Laden, the alleged “mastermind” of 9/11.  He was “convicted” without trial. No evidence of his guilt or crime has ever been shown. He was not even on the FBI most wanted list (ever).

It was the same tactic used on David Koresh and 73 others.  Koresh could have easily been arrested on his weekly trips into town, but the tactics chosen were to assault the compound where many other innocent people lived, including dozens of children.  All died.

While we are all rightly concerned about NDAA and the so-called “authority” to assassinate Americans taken by the President, the practice of assassinating Americans has already been well underway for many years.  It is always claimed as “justified”.  All they’re doing now is trying to legitimize it and implant this practice into the minds of Americans as being “ok”.

Millions of Americans ARE ok with this. It’s one of the reason I’ve stopped writing. America is being overtaken by people who are dangerously deluded, abandoning all notions of law, restrictions, common sense and the need to adhere to our Constitutional rights.  They’d rather just let the government and it’s agents handle all of that. Whatever they say, goes.  And if it means assassinating trouble-makers, so be it.

I’m making no apologies for Dorner. I’m pointing out that murder is murder, and even murderers are supposed to get their day in court.  Law enforcement does not have the right to commit murder, period.  There is no discussion about this.

For all of you that think this is “ok”, God help you. One day it will be your turn as you stare down the barrel of your judge, jury and executioner who has taken it upon his or herself to arbitrarily decide if you should live or die.  That is EXACTLY what is at the heart of these crimes.

Abdicating the rule of law, the requirement of evidence and the day in court is a terrifying precedent, already long established.  The NDAA is just icing on the cake.

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