Manipulated Morons

I have repeatedly warned over my many years here that anyone that followed the Trump cultists would wind up dead, broke or in jail. Anyone who believed his incessant lies, participated in the insurrection, advocates for violence or the overthrow of the government is facing jail time (sooner or later). Most of us would understand the anger if it was based in reality, but none of it is. It’s all steeped in lies, conjecture, conflation and fabrications. America has seen this sort of thing before (many times) and it always winds up the same. The participants are rounded up, prosecuted and forgotten about.

So here we are again with the guilty and deluded convicted awaiting long sentencing, Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio, 3 others guilty of Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy.

A long sentence is a certainty. I have no idea what “principle” they pretend they stand upon, nowhere does insurrection and sedition suggest that “principles” are even being applied. Frankly, I can’t believe these idiots would still make such phony claims after all the evidence that has been brought forth.

Principles only apply when truth is proven, which absolutely did not happen here. Cultists believed a lie, embraced lies, perused lies and fostered more lies, ultimately culminating in an illegal insurrection and attempt to overthrow the U.S. Constitution. Their antics at the Capital proved their real allegiance and intent and appalling behavior. They do not support the Constitution and the rule of law – they intended to overthrow it, and ever since, that is exactly what Trump cultists STILL intend to do. Unbelievable.

All these clowns are but bit players in a larger drama. So far, none of the real criminals still in office have been prosecuted, but it’s all underway. Most of the Republicans that supported the insurrection are guilty of treason and should not even be in office, they should be removed and waiting prosecution. The chief traitor everybody knows is Donald J. Trump is going to get his days in court, that’s well underway now and he will be convicted in my opinion.

Most of the imagined fears, fantasies and alleged “rights” that maggots profess are being removed is simply bullshit. Most of their hatred, racism, misogyny and vitriol emanates from a profound misunderstanding of facts, which is clearly deliberate. No attempt is being made to self-educate or distance themselves from the liar-soaked universe in which they dwell. It’s a very dangerous place to be and results in jail, depression, divorce and bankruptcy for many who trod this path.

There are millions of manipulated morons that refuse to take a step back and examine their belief system. They won’t fact check, they won’t verify and confirm, but choose to swiftly embrace the stupidest connedspiracies around. Now more of them are going to jail. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Belief as I’ve warned before, does not “make you right”, only truth makes you right. Truth supports principles and standing by the truth, but that’s not what we have here. What we have here is what I have always called dangerous connedspiracies – a massive con-job perpetrated by millions, self-reinforced and endorsed by much of the media and even government institutions. But it’s all lies.

We saw exactly the same thing happen with the so-called debate over the Covid-19 vaccines. The rabid right wing embraced lies, fabricated data sets, dubious credentialed “doctors”, inaccurate studies, VAERS data and every stupid connedspiracy under the sun, depicting the “kill shot” and “massive death spikes” as their latest false-flag event. It was all bullshit. It’s still bullshit. According to them, millions of us are supposed to be dead enmasse from the vaccine which never happened. But they did manage to kill many of their own, including family members, pastors, hosts, employees and people from all walks of life that embraced the lies and wound up dead from COVID.

Believe it or not but the government is not out to kill you. Nor are the pharmaceutical companies trying to kill you. This connedspiracy is baked into the same loaf lie as the stolen election – it’s all 100% bullshit and relies on fear, paranoia, ignorance and lies. It makes no sense, has no evidence and refutes everything that is actually known and factual.

This is neither an endorsement of government or the pharmaceutical companies in case you’re wondering – it is just a statement of actual fact. Every institution has problems and issues, but making up connedspiracy around them helps nobody. You need to keep your feet planted on the ground and your head clear and don’t get caught up in the conflations and conspiracies.

I’ve lost count the number of times that I’ve warned about connedspiracies, but I’ve done it a lot. Conspiracies is a fairly recent article that covers more. Check out the Connedspiracy section and the False Narrative section, there is plenty there to read.


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