Man Say’s “No” to $5 Billion

This is an inspiring and tragic story. Jeffery Lee of the Djok clan in Australia is the sole survivor and senior custodian of the Koongarra uranium deposit, estimated as being worth over $5 billion dollars.

Predictably, the mining companies want to strip-mine the place and recover the uranium. He says “No”.

The “poison in the ground” is a great example of how tribal people understand the abuse and exploitation caused by civilization. There is a growing active resistance movement to what many people have come to see as outright theft.
His case is very similar to the American Indian, who after being forcibly relocated to some remote, desolate spot, were once again attacked by the greedy corporations and even greedier rapacious government. Unfortunately for them, they had valuable ore under their feet all too often and were forced off, again and again, until finally, they inhabited some of the most wasted, blasted places in America. It’s a terrible, tragic story – still going on today.

Anyone interested in aboriginal peoples will soon learn that the crimes committed against them are long and deep and ongoing. Worldwide awareness is rising, but it’s extremely doubtful that either justice or repatriation will ever be served.


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