Making The Right Investment

Fire Earth reports over 2/3rds of the United States remains in drought and abnormally dry conditions. Despite the end of winter and the season where we’re supposed to see plenty of moisture, the US is in trouble already.

It’s very dry here. Once the snow finally melted (which fell last year and almost nothing since) it dried out pretty fast. There is almost no snow on the mountains nearby either, a very unusual condition. Without spring rains, fire season will be very dangerous.

Overall, 2013 forecast remains as expected “only worse” then 2012. The downward trend across the nation / world continues.

Cyprus is allowing the banks to steal over 60% of their depositors money in an all-out bid to stave off complete collapse. It remains to be seen if this will work or spark a civil war. There is a real concern that the contagion will spread to other countries which are facing severe financial crisis, including the United States.

Stockton California has filed for bankruptcy, the first major US city.  Unable to pay its bills, the government is looking for additional ways to steal from you. And they’ll find it, no doubt, having the “power” to declare whatever they want as “lawful” and necessary.

Gold as an investment - NOT!Houston now requires photographs and fingerprints to sell your gold. This, along with plans to confiscate, manipulate and outlaw gold and silver are among the reasons I still think this ‘investment’ is pure hype.

Gold remains a rather dubious ‘investment’ in my book. I’ve yet to see any sense at all in putting your money into something you can’t actually use.  During collapse, now occurring throughout the entire world, only “useful” things retain their true value.

When your world collapses, what exactly do you need?  You need those items that are going to be in short-supply or entirely absent.

If the power goes out, the first short-list is:

#1 Water.
#2. Food.
#3. Fuel.

If it’s economic collapse and the power stays on (most likely) then this short-list changes only slightly:

#1 Food.
#2. Fuel.
#3 Cash.

Gold isn’t even on the list (it’s not on any list I would devise). Other items, not quite as essential or urgent are regulated farther down.

Most Americans are woefully unprepared for any real crisis. Their still, somehow, “convinced” that it can’t or won’t happen here.

I strongly disagree with this perspective because it IS happening here and is accelerating. Collapse comes in many forms, from a personal collapse of losing one’s job, to drought or even the city you’re living in “going under”.

Most Americans have no preparations to endure anything at all. When things go south – they either do without (as long as they can) or if the situation goes on long enough, they move to “greener pastures” to try and regain their feet.

This doesn’t always work and moving doesn’t actually prepare anyone for anything, you just get to go back being a wage slave (which is still better then starving). But moving has a lot of drawbacks too, requiring you to give up your current residence, family, friends and local contacts and “start over”.

The problem with this approach is nothing actually gets solved. The dependency we all have upon the entire system to keep us alive, healthy, fed, housed, clothed and for most, “employed” remains the same as ever.

Many years ago I elected to quit adhering to this paradigm, abandoning the dependency components inherent in this for something better.  I’ve never looked back, finding a better, more stable and lasting existence that has really helped.

In these many years, many people have moved in and then away, unable to stay and survive, precisely because they are still completely reliant upon the debt-wage-job-buy-everything cycle.  Not “knowing” anything else and apparently not willing to even examine this issue in any detail, they simply choose to start over someplace else when they can’t make it here any longer.

Nothing wrong with starting over if you need to — but it’s is not a solution to an ever-present problem.  That problem, is our individual dependency upon buying everything we need to stay alive. Having to go shopping for the basics, and the essentials, and the “must-haves” and the “nice to have” and virtually everything else.

This is a dangerous cycle embraced by hundreds of millions of Americans who unfortunately, see nothing wrong with it.  The danger is the dependency this creates. I call it “victimization”.  Whenever anything goes wrong with this “consumer” cycle (which also includes employment / debt / credit) and suddenly there are millions of victims, unable to take care of themselves for even the very basic things like having something to eat, clamoring for help from every avenue they can find.

It doesn’t take a hurricane or an ice storm for this to rear it’s very ugly head. It can be something really simple that attacks at any point.  The “earn-to-buy”, “borrow-to-live” and “endlessly-consume” existence is a deeply flawed model on which to base your life upon.

Corporate America has long sought to make as many connedsumers as they possibly can. Greater dependency means more stuff they can sell you in an endless orgy of shopping. Succeeding generations are encouraged to remain compliant, complacent, docile and increasingly dependent. We’re NOTHING like our grandparents generation, which is probably the last generation America had that was actually capable and competent enough to take care of themselves when they had to.  Now we clamor for “assistance” and “aid” versus self-help and personal responsibility for one’s own life — to include feeding and housing your own self (with or without a “job”).

Being self-reliant and competent is no longer considered a desirable lifestyle. Better to go off and “make lots of money” instead, which is the same thing as saying “I can’t take care of myself”.  The American fascist nanny state has now advanced to such a degree, redefining even the very words and definitions, that self-reliant people are considered “dangerous”.

Who would have thought? Organic milk producers are raided, arrested, convicted. Lemonade stands without proper “permits” are shut-down, children and parents threatened. Small farmers are sued into bankruptcy by giant Ag-businesses. Even the local farmers markets are shut down due to “unfair competition” to the chain-store “supermarkets” selling crap food at ridiculous prices.

All of it deliberately designed to keep you dependent, working your life away, endlessly slaving away for the coins in modern-day sweatshops to enable you to buy all the things you “need” from faceless corporations.

This is SO WRONG.

There is a better way to live. It is a key component to individual freedom and the future, if any, this country may have.

To break these chains of dependency, you need to rethink your entire existence. What is keeping you alive? Where does it come from? How does it get here? How many hands were involved in making all of that possible?  Could you do without? Or even better, could you simply do it yourself?

You can.  You can do a LOT of things yourself (despite being illegal in many parts of the country).  You can home school your kids and do a better job. You can raise some of your own food and eat a lot better for a lot less. You can fix your own cars (or ride a bike), build you own house, provide your own heating fuel and so many, many more things that fit very well on the “do-it-yourself” list.

It’s not a cubicle life, but nobody in their right mind would choose such an existence anyway (they have to be bribed). It is a better life, hands down, one that is far more satisfying, far more sustaining and far more worth living. Why spend your life doing useless stuff for someone else who is only trying to profit from your labors? Do the things you can do for yourself and profit immensely.  These are the things that are the “right investment” — how you spend you life.

Money is only a measure of labor.  Labor is a measure of time – your time, ie., your “life”.  What is your life “worth” to you?  A pocketful of gold? Or the skills, experience, know-how to be self-reliant and meet your own needs?

Plenty of people think that ‘investments’ are the answer to their perceived needs in life. I disagree and always have. Spend your life investing in yourself and what you are capable of doing.  Then go out and do it, creating wealth and security by your skills and experience. Break the connedsumer paradigm and live differently, intentionally on YOUR terms, not theirs, independent as possible.

Don’t wait at their table for the crumbs they toss — where they control and own virtually EVERYTHING, dictating who “succeeds” and who doesn’t. Go and create your own future without them.

Break the bonds of dependency and reliance upon failing systems. Put together your own preparations. Invest in YOU, your family and your own lives as the best and right investment.


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5 thoughts on “Making The Right Investment

  • April 2, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    “Break the connedsumer paradigm and live differently, intentionally on YOUR terms, not theirs, independent as possible.”

    “Invest in YOU, your family and your own lives as the best and right investment.”

    A person may have to ditch his family and for a time go it alone, especially if the family is wilfully ignorant and prefers the connedsumer deathstyle that pervades the society they live in. And that time may be a rather long time. And he might have to do so more than once.

  • April 3, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    I’m old fashioned and could never leave my family under any circumstances. Ignorance can be cured (if you have any control) — but not in the general population!

  • April 6, 2013 at 4:49 am

    It’s puzzling that most people don’t seem to have the slightest interest in self-sufficiency. I’m assuming because most of the people alive today (at least in the U.S.) weren’t around during the Great Depression and haven’t the slightest clue of what it means to take care of oneself.

    And as we all know, people in so-called Third World countries are more self sufficient than most Americans, not necessarily by choice, but by chance.

    Still I spend a lot of time pondering what it is that makes people seem to WANT to be dependent on the grocery store for food, on the gas station for fuel, the utility company for their home heating, water heating, the water company for their water, and some “house of worship” for their spiritual needs. It is as if the IDEA of being able to provide for oneself is totally alien.

    Is our species being so dumbed down that we/they are unable to think anymore? Really wish I had the answer to this one.

    Anyway, thanks for the post–a good one as usual.

    • April 6, 2013 at 7:54 am

      You probably already know the answer! Common sense and practical living is almost entirely absent now. Lots of people are very lazy too. They want everything handed to them. They’ll whine and complain about being out of work but won’t plant a garden or dig a root cellar. It’s pathetic.

      There’s a good article up on Arctic News that applies here, with my own commentary down below.

      In a three words, I give up. I can’t change the overall stupidity I’m seeing. Denial, greed, laziness, lack of self-respect, willful ignorance, it all adds up to a deluge of “stupidity” infecting millions. Americans are going to suffer terribly. This will be their own fault.

      This isn’t a popularity contest, which is what so many are trying to do. This is about self, each of us, and our families. It’s about survival, about how to be prepared for the declining future. The more I “see” online, the more disgust I have. As the collapse deepens, there are more thieves, liars, deceivers, self-promoters then ever. It’s gotten so bad now I can barely write any words.

      This is what Selco reveals if you think between the lines on his articles. Civil war created the worst in many people. Gang leaders, war lords rose from the ranks of everyday people, who stepped forward to take advantage of the situation. That’s what happening online now. Evil bastards stepping forward, trying to take advantage and gain access to your money, deceiving tens of thousands of easily led sheep. Not very many people seem to realize what is going on. To them, popularity “must” be good. The lemming mentality is EVERYWHERE. Nobody can think for themselves anymore, they have to find someone else to do it for them. This is also quite pathetic.

      I’m potting up another hundred trees today. Will spend at least twenty hours this weekend working on my preparations. I do it everyday, year after year. I enjoy it, finding satisfaction in doing what I can for myself. My entire family is on board with this life and way of living. Greenhouse is planted with spring crops, most of my firewood for the next winter is already cut (but not split), and a lot of land has been cleared for animals (too many trees here I’m afraid). I’m only able to think of the next generation (see Arctic News post linked above), but the “seventh generation” is very good advice (that won’t be followed by anyone).

      You cannot fix stupidity. You can only fix “desire” — which is seriously lacking. Counteracting the torrent of propaganda is hard, but in an age of free information, it should be widely sought after. It’s not.

  • April 6, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    From Fire Earth today:

    ‘Britain Running Out of Wheat’

    Posted by feww on April 6, 2013
    Unseasonably cold spring severely affecting Britain’s wheat and vegetable crops

    “The last 12 months have been unreal for farmers. Last April we had a drought and talk of a hosepipe ban, then we had to contend with heavy rains and flooding and then the wintery weather, frozen land and snow,” the National Farmers Union (NFU) said.

    UK temperatures over the past week fell to among the coldest experienced in April for nearly 100 years, with maximum temperatures barely above the freezing in many parts of the southeast, according to local reports.

    At -11.2ºC (11.8 degrees Fahrenheit), the village of Braemar in Scotland, about 90 km west of Aberdeen, on Tuesday, held the joint coldest April weather anywhere in the UK for nearly a century.

    The unseasonably cold spring is severely affecting Britain’s wheat and vegetable crops.

    “A disastrous 12-month cycle of poor weather has ruined harvests across the UK, costing farmers an estimated £500m, the chief economist of the National Farmers Union (NFU) warned,” said a report.

    “The crop damage deals a further blow to Britain’s beleaguered farming industry, which is already reeling from a spate of recent livestock deaths due to the cold weather. To make matters worse, the weather has made planting new crops more difficult and damaged many of the seeds that have been sown in recent weeks.” The report said.

    UK is expected to import about 1.5m tons more wheat than it exports this “crop year,” from July 2012 to June 2013, which compares to net exports of 1.6m tons last crop year and 2.2m tons 4 years ago, the report quoted the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) as saying.

    Potato plantings are also down from 30,000 hectare this time last year to just 4,000 hectares, as of March end 2013.

    The cold weather has also led to a heightened demand for gas, pushing the wholesale price much higher and forcing the government to source emergency deliveries of liquified gas from Qatar.

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