Making A Fish Hook Knife

This is pretty cool – found this on The Truth About Knives website:

The level of skill in knowing the materials, manipulating in forge, anvil and hammer and shaping this into a useful tool is amazing.

I’ve known a few knife makers, one who created signature knife blades that looked just like black obsidian. It was hard to tell the difference unless you picked it up. Years ago, I took a picture series of his work while he created a knife right in front of me from scrap metal files. I could definitely appreciate his skill and craftsmanship.

I own a collection of knives, all chosen for their particular use and design. However, none are hand-forged, which are usually works of art, expensive and reserved for those owners that don’t destroy things (I do). Everything I own is a ‘tool’ to me, I use it and replace it if I have to (except for my wife and kids).

Too cold here (a whopping 7 degrees) to do this here, but this is something I practiced many years ago when I was a teenager. It was fun, but I had only junk to throw around:



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