Major Earthquake Prediction

If you’re not following some of the science blogs, you may not be aware of a major earthquake ‘prediction’ taking place right now for the west coast of America.

I’ve been following this – and have no clear thoughts on what might or might not happen. There has been a tremendous carbon monoxide spike (to over 40,0000 ppm) that is thought to proceed a major quake as there is evidence from past quakes and observations that this goes hand in hand. These observations can occur days, weeks or a even a few months before a big quake strikes (but don’t always happen).

Normal levels of carbon monoxide can be found here and here. You can visit the to view real-time readings.

By now, everyone should be aware of that big gas leak at the Porter Ranch (California) that is supposedly capped. But even this does not account for the startling high readings currently seen.

Can we pause the Bernie-Hillary wars for a moment? Major Carbon Monoxide Explosion West Coast

Precursor to the Big One in California

It is also known that the removal of water from the substrate can cause earthquakes. California has entered into its fifth year of drought, pumping down its wells and aquifers up and down the state.

If I were a state official, I’d be ordering a chemical analysis of the ocean, up and down the coastline. The Pacific sea life die-off is directly tied to food depletion (starvation) and warming temperatures, but what if there is also an increase in chemical toxicity from fault lines?

Update: NASA claims they’ve uncovered a glitch in their readings due to satellite instrumentation entering ‘safe mode’ (probably a reboot).


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  • March 2, 2016 at 5:57 pm
    IF (when) Californica (sic) slips in the abyss … well … I’ll be all shook up (not).

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