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It was Joe Romm himself (not a scientist) and many climate scientist that kept spewing the 2°C nonsense for years and years.  Their own blinders now (finally) being removed, NOW they claim that this is dangerous – and yet they STILL pretend that we can limit warming under 2°C!

I have always found Romm refusing to admit to the horrible truth. He gets plenty of press coverage and has plenty of opportunity to tell us like it really is – and yet he still weakly pretends that we are still going to be ok.

Hansen is incorrect. We will NOT limit warming under 2°C, there is absolutely ZERO possibility of this now, ocean heating / albedo and carbon loading are definitely way beyond our ability to ‘fix’ this under 2°C now. Nor will we replace the missing ice or solve the jet stream problems!

We have NOTHING in our ‘arsenal’ to do any of this. No ability to draw down the atmospheric and oceanic carbon load on a sufficient time / quantity level to make any meaningful impact at all. Our trajectory / certainty is now a given.

Moreover, a carbon fund returned to individual won’t do anything either. The modern world, and especially Americants simply could care less about saving the planet or the environment. They’re far too disconnected from reality to even bother.

The very fabric of our culture and civilization teaches every modern human to get what they can, while they can, as fast as they can and as much as possible. This is now deeply ingrained into all of us. Every institutions, enterprise, business, government and educational system is a part of this self-deception. It’s not just Big Oil and Big Energy we’re fighting, but the very fabric and knowledge of civilization (which IS the real problem, but it is also being as widely ignored as climate change once was).

And you almost never read about overpopulation from these same people. You cannot ‘solve’ the carbon connedsumption problem without also addressing the too many people problem. They go hand in hand because too many people will always consume too much carbon in order to feed and house themselves and to engage in wage slavery (jobs) so they can buy more of the crap they don’t really need. Greed rules the species and our culture endorses this.

Any honest and real examination will identify civilization as the real problem. Our carbon consumption is only a small part of what we’ve been doing wrong all along. And you will almost never see any discussion on any of this.

The funny thing is, you can’t get the world to even AGREE that carbon is a problem. Therefore, they’ll absolutely reject the notion that there are too many people, or that civilization itself might be deeply flawed or that greed must be addressed. We’re barely scratching the real issues here.

The trajectory of humanity has always been to act like lemmings, over-consuming their environment and leading themselves to collapse, again and again. This needs to be recognized and dealt with as part of the real issues at stake here.

It’s sad, but scientists are simply unable to address social issues adequately. I’m sure their doing the best that they can within their fields, speaking up as allowed (another documented problem) and that mainstream climate writers are also doing what they can, but this is simply never going to be enough due to their imposed and self-imposed limitations.

Outside of these circles is where you will find far more information that clearly indicates we’re rapidly headed to total collapse. It’s irreversible now because we won’t stop any of the things we are doing and because it’s now too late anyways.

Humans remain on a path of self-destruction BY CHOICE and by circumstance now. We are simply not allowed to ‘quit’ due to our dependency upon massive inputs keeping each and every one of us alive, all which are highly carbon intensive. It is that choice and those circumstances that MUST be changed for there to ever be any chance of humanity or planetary survival. THAT is what must be discussed, addressed and resolved.


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  • March 31, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    You have it in a nutshell.

    I came to similar conclusions around 3 years ago, when it became abundantly clear to me that:

    1. Correct narratives presented by the few who do understand the predicament are ignored or rejected by the bulk of people living in industrial nations.

    2. All the systems of governance are geared to maintaining or promoting unsustainable living arrangements based on the consumption of fossil fuels, and nobody in a position to change the direction societies are being driven in will even talk honestly about the fundamentals, let alone address any of them.

    3. All mainstream media are profit driven, and dare not speak the fundamental truth about anything.

    4. The general populace is poorly educated and has been carefully trained to believe that those in authority know what they are doing.

    I see that atmospheric CO2 is now around 409 ppm (as expected) and will undoubtedly rise to a seasonal peak of between 410 and 412 ppm in late May (as expected).

    The death-by-a-thousands cuts continues.

    That said, the deterioration of global economic arrangements, along with the deterioration of the global environment, is clearly leading to the monumental game-changing event or series of events the money-lenders and corporations have been attempting to stave off for a decade.

    (The super-hectic phase of my personal life will soon be over and I will then have more time to devote to other matters.)

    • March 31, 2017 at 6:07 pm

      Don’t concern yourself with participation here, life comes first and this blog is definitely not a part of our individual lives. I spent the day in the sunshine, mostly and it was great. Rains have stopped again, most of the snow is melted and it’s possible to actually get some things done outside.

      Trimmed trees, raked leaves, stacked wood, cleaned things up and even tweak my motorcycle some. Didn’t even pay that much attention to the collapsing state of the world today because we all already know it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse.

  • March 31, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Still here. Agree with everything posted, and have nothing to add.

  • March 31, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    This article was written a few years ago – but somehow in the site restore, it’s been redated as a new article. Sorry about that. I’ll leave it up.

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