Lost Tribes

Desdemona Despair has posted an interesting article, titled “Why are the lost tribes now emerging from the Amazon?“.

This is an interesting story. But it is always one that winds up ending badly.From the article:

“They may well be what we once were, but they quickly can become like us. For good or bad.”

We’re far removed from “what we once were”. We stomped it out of ourselves and everyone else in endless campaigns of bloody violence. The mold is to make everyone a corporate asset. Now to figure out how to do that to them (tourist attraction most likely).

“A local evangelist has been visiting them trying to save their souls.”

Why hasn’t the so-called ‘civilized world’ yet learned that this is always a disaster for them? It destroys their entire structure and cohesiveness.

Our concepts of the soul and salvation are utterly foreign to them, but we’re convinced ours is the correct view despite the appalling lack of evidence that indicates the direct opposite.

Animism is very ancient, predating all western and eastern religions by thousands of years. Preying upon their lack of knowledge and how “we” operate upon them is absolutely criminal. Where is their protection from this destructive activity?

It’s always been the introduction of a foreign god that has spelled their destruction, whether by evangelist or conquistador or greedy profiteer (who’s god is money often disguised as christian).

Either we are truly idiots or incapable of learning from our mistakes. The remaining indigenous are the seeds of the human future that remains. They should have the same level of protection as the Svalbard seed vaults.


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