Living on the Reservation

I’ve finished reading Jared Diamond’s “Collapse – How Societies Choose To Fail or Succeed” and Daniel Quinn’s, “The Story of B”, which I found locally. I regularly check garage sales and thrift shops for decent books and just came across “Voices of our Ancestors” by Dhyani Ywahoo. I also found “The New Solar Electric Home” and “Great Garden Formulas” which I haven’t cracked pages on yet.

Diamond’s “Collapse” was well researched and full on information, depicting the past collapse of societies and the ongoing collapse of modern societies as well. He spends far more time on the past societies, but using the same pattern of examples of previous collapse, you can also see striking similarities for our present state of collapse.

Quinn’s book is the only one I’ve ever read, although he’s got other titles out. “B” is an interesting viewpoint for the reader to assume upon themselves. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll have to read the book.

Right now, I’m slowly reading Ywahoo’s book, which is the Native American teachings about life, history and purpose. The history which the Tsalagi teach (Cherokee) is radically different then what Western Civilization embraces. The Native People embraced concepts which are foreign to the Western mind and when the clash of civilizations took place, it was the technological advantage that overcame.

Leaving the books for now (I’ve much left to read and digest), yesterday’s quick post revealed the advanced technology that is being used to further advance the military juggernaut. The side effects of technological advancements are never questioned, nor the long term affects upon cultural values (including the genocide it causes), resource destruction and overall dependency upon these quite dubious “advantages”.

A growing awareness of this cultural clash and the resulting fallout is growing around the world. You see it in Chavez’s Bolivian revolution, in American youth and in the increasing disgust by tens of millions to the corporate monopoly. What this signifies is a type of “growth” that is trying to come forward but is being repressed by the corporate and political giants.

Russell Means produced a tape I listened to many years ago, “Welcome to the Reservation”, which amply demonstrated that we all live on the “reservation”. It’s a reservation of our own choosing and our own making. Some are more privileged “reservationist” then others, but we’re all boxed in, forced to live in certain prescribed manners and more importantly, our very spirit is being crushed into conformity and compliance.

This is all occurring not just for profits (which is a very big reason), but also because of the increased competition for available land, food, air, water and natural resources. Technology made this competition against indigenous people a foregone conclusion, but now, technology has created an unlivable world. At the same time, technology has taken away our very identity, that which makes us who we are. We’re all on the reservation, oppressed, stripped of our identities and cultures and forced to accept the handouts we are being given.

All of this is occurring on the physical plane, but on the spiritual plane, that inner essence of life that gives us hope, joy, motivation, peace and happiness, that essence is trying to grow, and it’s being quickly suppressed. However, it’s not been extinguished. In fact, despite the oppression coming from multiple fronts, found in every aspect of life, the desire for “something better” then this techno-dependency at the hands of a corporate monopoly and corrupt public officials is growing.

You could say that our oppressors are actually fueling this growth because of their actions. And this growth is realizing the interconnectedness and interlocking dependencies of the various life-forms on this planet. There is a great deal that divides us, but there is even more that unites us. But this isn’t what is being emphasized today. Our lines of division are being drawn and redrawn, depending on the political climate and present state of xenophobia.

Just how much longer this sense of divisiveness will continue is anybody’s guess. Probably a long, long time, since it’s so deeply embedded within our culture. “Us” and “them” is a very common theme, permeating every aspect of daily life. I’m very guilty of this myself, seeking to distance myself from “them” whom I find reprehensible, immoral and bereft of responsibility and accountability. “They” are the enemy, destroyers of nations, people, places and the planet. They’re not my friends, nor my fellow workers, in fact, I think they’re some of the most irresponsible examples of human beings to walk the earth.

Where some of us are growing, they are oppressing. We seek enlightenment and understanding, they seek to suppress knowledge and information. To them, the enemy is everywhere (including us), but to us, there are other human beings and life forms that are co-inhabitants of this planet. We know we can learn from them, from each other and from our past. To them, they believe that the present defines our existence, forgetting the past and suppressing what it can teach us.

It’s not hard to see where the darkness is coming from, and who is responsible. Documenting the collapse is relatively easy, as the evidence abounds for those who can see. What’s hard is figuring out how to change this pathway of destruction before it’s too late.

Enduring to the end isn’t something that is only found in religious texts. We’re going to have to endure the stupidity, wanton destruction and incredible wastefulness of the human lifestyle until the end of this madness is finally realized and abandoned. The better life we seek is definitely out there. Now getting off the reservation they have created for us is the task at hand.


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