Listen To The Message

Cindy Sheehan has a farewell message you should read. Listen to (read) the message. She’s 100% right. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have lost a son to the senseless wasted slaughter still going on in Iraq. Try to imagine it. Try to come to grips with it. Then try to imagine how the Iraqi families feel as foreign troops continue to invade their land. Continue to torture their sons and daughters, haul their fathers off to prison camps and rape their woman.

Is this happening? Of course it is, it has been widely reported. The message that Sheehan is saying is Americans simply don’t care. They don’t even care enough about their own dead to band together and force this corrupt evil government to stop this insane war. We already know if we were honest enough to admit it, that we do not care one whit about the Iraqi dead. That number is now over 1.2 million people. But what about our own dead (and dying)?

This blog covers a lot of stories and issues that pertains to collapse. Now I want you to think about the devastation that has gone on in Iraq and realize that this is also the future of America. Think about having your door kicked down in the middle of the night. Having your daughters yanked half-naked out of bed by leering soldiers to be hauled into back rooms, screaming. Having your husband, bound and gagged and dragged out into the night, never to be seen again.

Rumors of torture, assassinations. Property confiscated, bank accounts raided. Having your power cut off for months, years. No gasoline in a country swimming in oil. No food, no clean water, having your crops and your fields napalmed and blown to smithereens. Having your supermarkets flattened, your food stalls destroyed, your factories bombed and your coworkers simply shot or ‘disappeared’. Having your children blown to bits because they accidentally found unexploded munitions in the back yard. Or having your babies born by the tens of thousands, horribly deformed, disfigured and blind.

Would you be angry? Would you be mad? Would you do anything more then complain? Would you fight back?

How DARE America call these Iraqi’s “insurgents” as if they are supposed to simply bend over and take it up the ass and act like they enjoy it as their country is ripped apart. To expect them to stand silently with welcoming arms as their sons and daughters are shot to pieces and strewn about in the city streets, their bodies feeding the dogs. If there is a definition of mass psychosis, it is found in the homes of America that blithely watches the daily carnage and does nothing to stop it.

Sheehan was right and damned if we don’t all know it too. I’ve long said that political protest is useless. We are long, long past that point when the demons in charge gave a damn about what the people think or how many protest. I utterly reject the asinine notion that a ‘democracy’ is working in America. Go examine Congressional behavior if you do not believe this. Or better yet, go examine Presidential behavior if you still don’t get it.

We have a defacto dictatorship in full operation today. The Executive has executed with swift precision the demands of Herr Fuhrer and nothing and nobody has been able to stop him. All we’ve seen is smoke and mirrors, grandstanding and bluster. Hundreds of millions have protested around the world, including tens of millions in this country and it changed nothing. I cannot even begin to calculate the monies that were spent to try and stop this insane juggernaught.

But it was all for naught. Look around if you think otherwise. Our cowardly and crippled newly selected Congress refuses to execute the will of the people, which makes them morally and legally corrupt, part of the same evil machinations that are destroying everything they touch. Each and every month we’re presented with more images of slaughter and destruction, but we have become inured and immune to it’s stench of death. We’re no longer enraged, many of us aren’t even mad, we’re just ‘disappointed’ and hope the next roll of the dice things will change for the better. Nothing is getting ‘better’, look around!

Now go look at the mainstream candidates that are being offered for our next (s)election. Think long and hard about this as you stare into their smiling faces and candid photos. Remember that these are the same ones that voted to bomb the hell of Iraqi citizens and are still supporting the war by refusing to do everything possible to stop this madness. And there is much, much more to remember when you examine their voting records on health care, taxation, global warming, corporate handouts, lobbying and ten thousand other issues.

These are the people that are full of dead mens bones, walking evil personified, stealing life, liberty and happiness from whatever and whoever they can. It doesn’t matter if your American, Iraqi or Venezuelan either. If you oppose the American juggernaut, you’re just grist for the grinder, destined to be ground to powder, or like Sheehan, worn down to nothing by the sheer weight of it all.

I don’t hate America. I hate what America has become. We’ve become soft, complacent, irresponsible and demanding. Like a petulant child, we think the world must cater to our every whim while we pissed away our entire good will, economic standing and integrity. And for what? Nothing. America has none of these things left anymore. We’ve allowed ourselves to become a nation of slovenly slaves, addicted to government handouts and Chinese imports.

Sheehan was right. Not only did her son die for nothing, nobody even cares. How much nothing is that?

The reality is, when you take nothing from nothing, you get a big fat zero. It doesn’t seem to matter in which direction I look, I keep coming up with zero. No effective foreign policy, no real security for citizens and their welfare, no meaningful efforts to curb global warming, no serious protections to preserve the remaining species and habitat, no population control agendas or measures, no effective immigration polices and protections, no curbing of consumer spending and ‘unlimited’ growth, no control of the federal budget or deficit, no future plans to deal with climate change, no respect for life, personal liberty or property, no control over the judiciary, no limited government as required by the Constitution, and no respect for law, treaties or international agreements.

All we have is a sham. A sham government that pretends it is behaving lawfully and with integrity. You’d have to be doubly deaf and blind to swallow this lie. I can barely choke on it anymore, I’m literally gasping for air. American behavior, both internally and externally has become so bad, so atrocious, so shocking and assuming a perpetual air of irresponsibility, that it has become quite impossible to accept anymore.

America has no redeeming qualities left. It’s not just about an illegal war and a campaign of genocide, it’s about everything. Sheehan claims she’s finally woken up, but I doubt this very much because she’s only scraped the tip of the iceberg (as bad as that is). What she hasn’t yet woken up to is this isn’t anything new in America, but something that has been lining the seedy underbelly of our government for a very long time. But it’s all out in the open now, in all its sordid disgusting glory.

Talk to a veteran, find out how they are being treated by the VA. Listen to their stories of corruption, denial, misdiagnoses and outright rejection. Visit the homeless, many who happen to be veterans, learn from them their experience of trying to survive in a nation that simply doesn’t care anymore. We’re moving too fast and all of it in the wrong direction. Sheehan will soon figure this out. It’s much bigger then the war and the loss of her son, or even 1.2 million Iraqi people. This entire world is heading over a cliff with it’s insatiable greed, insensitiveness, irresponsibility and absolute apathy. And each and everyone of us is going to go with it.

Sheehan’s story is tragic and I’m not making light of it. Imagine how the Tillman’s feel when they learned their son was shot by his own side. It’s a story that will be found throughout America and most of the world very soon. As heartbreaking as this is, the real tragedy is how our refusal to enact some common sense, use some simple reasoning, and act with responsibility is the reason this is all going to happen. But when you want something from nothing, what can you reasonably expect to happen?

Suffering teaches humility and respect, honor and integrity follow. This is what America lacks. And this is why it will suffer, terribly. We cherish nothing, becoming nothing, but want everything. Soulless, empty, hollow shells, hardened and heartless, demanding everything but giving nothing.

The end result will be our terrible suffering as the wheel turns against itself, grinding it’s makers into powder by it’s own inertia and momentum.

Self destructive behavior isn’t perpetual. A day of reckoning will come.


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4 thoughts on “Listen To The Message

  • May 30, 2007 at 3:49 pm
    *disclaimer*- this is just a whimsical kind of hope of justice for these horrible people.
    God, the universe, fate, whatever you call it has a twisted sense of humor and likes to provide what you want just not how you expected it. I like think the Christian’s idea of the Rapture and all that crap (actually most of their crap is crap) might end up coming true, but with a comedic twist. My point is, how funny would it be if “they” (the masses of of evil, unfeeling, uncaring people of the world) got their wish for the end of the world with the good people “going to a better place,” while they get “left behind” with their demons/masters. This is based on the slant of civ collapse, the detention camps, and those of us preparing while most just consume. Oh and those of us preparing being left alone by TPTB since we will be few and far between.
  • May 30, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    I suspect you’ve actually read the *book*! This is indeed one interpretation of how things will turn out (the evil are taken “out”).

  • May 30, 2007 at 8:59 pm
    your best work yet

    either you and I and both INSANE
    or our entire species is
    or both

    perhaps it’s cognitive dissonance,
    but it’s becoming increasingly challenging for me
    to ‘give a flying bush’ about the affairs of and
    inevitable fate of contemporary humanity anymore.

  • May 30, 2007 at 9:20 pm
    You are one of the best blog writers on the Internet, and my personal favorite. You tell it like it is, with a down in your guts level. Have you considered syndication?

    The lack of feedback to most of your posts indicates that there is too much truth in what you say and it makes people uncomfortable. I read your blog to hear someone, finally! say it like it is.

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