Some people still find other ways to live:

This is how we all used to live:

Lots of people have no idea that the world is changing and believe that they can continue to cling on to the past. Americans that relied upon timber harvesting and mining are still belatedly discovering that these industries in some regions are over. I grew up very near to Susanville and saw first-hand the incredible devastation of the logging industry. At the time, I thought nothing of it, being ignorant. I trapped, fished and hunted the region extensively. A few years ago, I went back, it had all burned to the ground, every bit of it.

Blaming “liberals” is really the hallmark of even more ignorance. The world has changed, always for the worst, as humans continue to plunder the planet. The so-called “renewables” that many think just spring right back up actually don’t. A healthy forest isn’t something that supports a logging industry – it’s supports diverse wildlife and can take centuries to recover properly from human activity.

Our ethnocentric viewpoints have us deceived into believing that everything there is for human use, which simply isn’t true. Life can only flourish where life is allowed to exist, and by that term, I mean all life, not just humans. Cities are devoid of all life, what you see is carefully curated life that is extremely limited of diversity and fauna. Trees that block power lines or even the site line of an office are cut down routinely. Parks are monoculture plantations of a single species of grass. Flocks of birds depend upon food garbage and handouts to survive. Human waste becomes habitation for rats and mice.

This is all highly unnatural and totally unsustainable. There are other ways to live.



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  • September 18, 2021 at 9:55 am

    From my own experiences trying to get folks to pull together for a common goal tends to fall into.

    1. Slackers / freeloaders / escaping / babysitting adults.
    2. Too many Roosters in the hen house (men) wanting to hold the upper hand.
    3. God Syndrome, my words and rules, period! …

    Then their are folks like myself, we run on our own clock and tend to work better alone, don’t require much interaction or want with others, tend to thrive better alone, need my own me time and need my own space, just to function and just think clearly. His concept sounded great, come and do as you want but when the reality sets in you’re still stuck with yourself at the end of the day and your problems, you’re still no freer or better off. We are our Worst enemy!

    • September 18, 2021 at 11:44 am

      You also wind up babysitting their kids (tell me about it). “Unrealized expectations” is another definition I learned long ago.

      I like the idea of simply saying “no” to society, people, rules, regulations, etc., and often wish we all had more freedom. For me, the biggest issue is asinine idealism. But I think Arthur is right about the ownership problems and what this creates. Everyone is immersed in this world (literally drowning) and you can’t escape far from it. Which means you pack your own baggage everywhere you go. People joining up with a freeland concept still have all that baggage. Newcomers bring in more. Old timers that learned long ago to let the crap out of their lives (and thoughts and deeds) would find newcomers spoiled little children, replete with ideas and idealism incompatible with a freehold land sharing.

      I looked all over the world for ecovillages that actually worked. Every one examined had imploded over time. This tells me that our own baggage is highly toxic and incompatible with tribal living acceptance. All of our expectations (expressed and unexpressed) are likely wrong. All of our demands are likely wrong. Even here, living a ‘normal life’ I find myself often working alone, doing all the work, by myself, even though this work isn’t be done for me, it’s being done for my own kids (who are grown adults). They won’t participate and resent being asked. I suspect they will be horribly prepared for the future and what it’s going to mean for a work ethic, life skills, and the “can do” attitude it’s going to take. And this is coming from someone who writes this blog, spent YEARS trying to get them up to speed on what’s coming their way.

      Humans did not evolve in large groups, tribes were fairly small 10 – 20 people, interactions with others were limited, exchange of members was also limited except for marriage. Now we pile millions of people on top of each other and create entirely artificial fabricated social structures and endless “rules” to force their behavior, totally unnatural, totally ridiculous.

      There are indeed other, better ways to live your life.

  • September 18, 2021 at 4:49 pm

    I would love to live off grid and be rid of this toxic civilization! I’d keep my motorcycles, I ride alone as it is. Seems like every good idea out there always gets squashed back. Living without ownership was how the Indians lived and other tribes around the world for tens of thousands of years. Now weve got taxes, wages and labor camps (office buildings full of robots). Not much improvement there!

  • September 19, 2021 at 2:18 pm

    I’m not saying anything clever or new when I say the complete collapse will commence in the large cities, where EVERYTHING has to be imported from either the surrounding area or from overseas. And with people piled up on top of one another disease and squalor will multiply very quickly. No wonder the ‘powers that be’ don’t want to talk about any of it and keep pretending that the system has a future [when it is abundantly clear it doesn’t].

    Whether we can establish living arrangements similar to those of the 14th century is yet to be seen. We’re more likely to end up with stone age living arrangements; that is if the Planetary Meltdown doesn’t wipe out the entire population.

    The descent is going to be gruesome. But I guess that knowing what is coming is better than not; those who do not know (i.e. 90+% of the population) will be utterly devastated -firstly by the loss of value of everything thought had value, and secondly by the abject failure of governments to ‘rescue them’.

    • September 19, 2021 at 4:29 pm

      There is no rescue coming. Once the people realize that, it will be utter chaos imo. I don’t expect any help from anyone, the level of selfish behavior here is truly monumental.

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