‘Life can recover from drastic climate shift. Humans cannot’: UN draft report

The next IPCC Report was allegedly leaked, and the dire warnings are said to include the title above.

‘Worst yet to come’ for today’s children, grandchildren: UN climate draft

I’ve tried for many years to get people to recognize the unfolding dangers as have many other people, but it has all been woefully insufficient and broadly ignored.

But in true scientific fashion, the report authors are quick to add this is not the final word.

Someone Leaked The Next IPCC Report. Here’s How Experts Are Reacting

So that’s science double-speak again. We’ll get this thing watered down to prevent panic before the final ‘approved’ version is released.

The IPCC is well-known to be a day late and a dollar short with its reports, missing critical feedbacks and important assessments entirely. The publication has gotten slightly better, but it’s still NOT the defining assessment many may think it is. It takes years for the data to make it through their selection process and literally every single word is wrangled over before publication. In essence, this means that they set out to keep out the most damning information from the most alarmed climate scientists and reviewers, so what the world gets to see is but a watered down version of what is actually happening to the planet.

I am not a fan of the IPCC or the reports produced, or the methods used. It’s too bureaucratic, too slow and too cumbersome. We need a Rapid Response Team to produce the best scientific assessments in a timely manner. That doesn’t exist.

We also need scientist to break ranks with the ‘approval process’ and ‘journalistic standards’ on how, when, why and where they present their findings to the public and to government leaders. The rank and file methods being followed rarely do justice to the global emergency we now find ourselves in.

We also need some mavericks to step out and speak out about what is going wrong with science reporting, and why the climate emergency MUST be immediately declared.

But I’m not holding my breath. We’re still following the business-as-usual approach to dealing with a deadly situation, including the glacial pace of informing the public, officials and global leaders.

And lest anyone forget, the status-quo must be maintained at all costs, including career tracks, positions, practices, approvals and procedures. Let’s not rock the boat in other words, these things are far more important then worrying about our own species extinction! Plenty of time to address the climate crisis! Plenty of time to postulate, ponder and debate the meaning of words, sentence structures and chapter revisions!

Meanwhile the planet burns, roasts, bakes, dries out and dies more and more every day.

Human institutions are poorly adapted for real emergencies. They’re too cumbersome and too slow. They insist on mountains of paperwork and justifications. Budgets must be approved, people must be appointed, politics must be decided and interpersonal role playing must be all worked out. That takes serious time (years). Bad actors must be removed and agendas must be agreed upon. Professionals are well aware of these obstacles and accept them as normal. It’s how it’s done.

But what if there is a real emergency?

Why don’t we have such a Rapid Response Team now, or something similar that can provide accurate, up-to-date assessments and advice?

Why haven’t climate scientist closed ranks and objected to the way they are being treated by hostile industries, hostile governments and inept politicians? Do their jobs matter more then saving the human race?

Exactly what are we willing to do to stop this insane arrangement of civilization that is hell-bent on self-destruction? Anything? Nothing? Let the pundits and political hacks decide this for us?

Just exactly how versed ARE our leaders in what it means to heat up the climate beyond survivability? Do they truly understand what wet-bulb temperatures will do to most of the food supply? It’s painfully clear that fully one half or more of the U.S. Government ‘leadership’ is comprised of self-serving traitorous ignorant bastards. They have virtually NO idea what it means to heat up the planet beyond human survival rates. A basic science test would flunk them all out, and yet these morons are deciding the fate of billions (what the US does or doesn’t do effect the whole world).

Historic heat (in June!) is already breaking records in the Pacific Northwest, with the South West facing critical water shortages. We have an emergency, but it’s happening in other countries too as they drown, dry out or starve. Who exactly is holding the ball sacks of our leaders and preventing them from doing the right thing here? Assuming that they even want to…. which is exceedingly doubtful. We’ve had YEARS to set this all up and be prepared to deal with it to the best of our ability – and it hasn’t been done.

The whole process is a fucking joke, a sick, sad, pathetic, human extinction level joke upon our species. We are not ready, not prepared, not adequately informed and making no significant preparations at all. Mitigation efforts are stupid, pathetic and ill-advised. Build a sea wall so you can drown a few years later? Build more fossil fuel power plants so you can keep elevating the global temperatures? Expand urban areas so that you can pile even more people on top of each other? Advocate for more children to prop up the economy? Perpetuate the status-quo and present ‘business arrangements’ to ensure we go extinct from stupidity?

Seriously, humans a fucking stupid beyond belief. We’re facing utter disaster and can’t make any of the essential choices that are so bloody damned obvious because we don’t want to.

We’re acting as if our desires and demands are going to stop or delay what’s coming, but they won’t. Nature is absolutely irresolute, immutable and completely unstoppable, and extinction is forever.


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3 thoughts on “‘Life can recover from drastic climate shift. Humans cannot’: UN draft report

  • June 25, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    With criminals and clowns running the system, I suppose we can expect nothing other than obfuscation and deceit; that applies to the money system, the energy system and the environment, all of which are in the early stages of collapse.

    I see things are going to get rather hot in the northwest of the US:

    “Unprecedented Event” – Pacific Northwest Set To Shatter Heat Records This Weekend

    FRIDAY, JUN 25, 2021 – 05:20 PM

    A “historic” heat wave is set to transform the U.S. Pacific Northwest into a furnace this weekend. It has the potential to shatter long-standing temperature records, according to Reuters.

    “This will be setting the stage for the beginning of a potential historic heat wave for the Northwest this weekend,” the National Weather Service (NWS) said. Excessive heat warnings are in effect for much of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and northern parts of California. ‘


    I do hope you are not going to be seriously affected, my friend ‘S.A.’

    I see Lake Mead water level continues to fall.

    No surprise there.

    We need this corrupt, toxic, unfair, omnicidal, suicidal system to collapse fast.

  • June 27, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    It’s getting really ‘interesting’ now:

    The level of Lake Mead continues to fall.

    The price of oil continues to creep up.

    The delta Covid variant is ‘causing concern’.

    And the truth about fracking is coming out at long last (albeit a decade late):


    ‘Wastewater Problem Could Cap U.S. Shale Growth’


    I think it was Jason Fox who did an expose of fracking, and how in some places people could set fire to the gas coming out the water from their taps, and livestock was keeling over because of the toxic chemicals dumped by frackers into inadequate ‘collection ponds that overflowed into streams. Hmmm!

    I suppose somewhat higher oil prices will make it a little more financially feasible to fuck-up ecosystems and increase the release of both CO2 and CH4. But interestingly the above articles notes:

    Now, someone with a grim sense of humor might say quakes are a good indication of the recovery of oil and gas drilling after the worst of the pandemic, but the 2020 number is worrying because it was recorded in a year when drilling activity was severely depressed because of the pandemic. Indeed, the Rystad data showed that last year oil and gas drillers disposed of 11.3 billion barrels of produced water, down from 12.4 billion barrels a year earlier and 11.5 billion barrels in 2018. Yet seismic activity increased even further last year.

    Drilling activity is also increasing now that oil prices have recovered faster than many expected. The increase is still cautious as upstream companies still remember the devastating blow their industry suffered last year. Yet demand is growing. This could lead to not only higher prices still but more drilling and, consequently, more wastewater disposal. Alternatively, it could lead to more water recycling and reuse.

    A local Texas daily reported this week that one water recycling and reuse company was expanding its operations in the Permian in anticipation of a further rise in drilling production. The company, Breakwater Midstream, operates ten water recycling facilities in the area and plans to build another two. The company’s CEO, in comments on these plans, noted increased seismic activity in the region as one of the reasons for the growing demand for produced water treatment facilities.

    Indeed, recycling and reuse is the most obvious alternative to dumping billions of gallons of water in wells, some of which would trigger increased seismic activity.

    But this is not cheap.

    “To maintain water disposal at 2020 levels and offset its coming growth, the amount of water that is treated and recycled must instead grow going forward and the cost of doing that could accumulate to above $1 billion annually for oil and gas producers. The costs can vary per region, but the Permian Basin has very competitive economics compared to other areas,” said Rystad shale analyst Ryan Hassler in the consultancy’s report on seismic activity in the U.S. shale patch.

    Related: China Starts Production At Massive Deepwater Gas Field

    What’s more, this amount will be growing as more drilling leads to more water use and therefore, more demand for produced water treatment. At the same time, in some positive news, as Rystad notes, Breakwater Midstream is by far not the only company expanding its water treatment operations. The more companies offer these services, the cheaper they should become. Yet, there is a twist.

    A Democratic Congressman this month tabled a bill that could reclassify wastewater from oil and gas drilling operations as hazardous waste. This would obligate companies producing it to dispose of it in specially designated Class I disposal wells. To compare, currently, produced water is disposed of in Class II wells.’

    Don’t you just love the language these people use?

    ‘Oil production.’

    Well, actually it is nature that produces oil. All humans do is extract it and burn it or make toxic stuff out of it.

    It was safe when it was underground. And is decidedly unsafe, deadly even, once it is extracted.

    ‘Produced water’:

    Hmm! Methinks fundamental chemistry produced water some time after the Big Bang, when the system had cooled enough for atoms to combine and stay combines most of the time.

    Methinks ‘produced water’ is actually water that is loaded with toxics that are costly to extract (both in terms of finance and energy) and it’s a lot easier and much more profitable to dump it somewhere, and pay someone to keep their mouth shut about it.

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