The more I read about the Gulf Disaster, the more angry I get.  The Obama Administration and British Petroleum and Transocean officials continue to flat-out lie about the size of this “spill”.  By doing so, they are compounding the problem, seemingly deliberately, with malice and foresight.

There is already enough solid evidence, and eyewitness reports, and satellite coverage to prove that the figures used by the Administration and BP are 10 – 100x smaller then the actual events taking place.  Still taking place.

Environmental effects of a oil spill of this magnitude are going to be catastrophic.  To wit:

a) Already, the affected area shows a 30% reduction in oxygen. This is catastrophic for sea life.

b) Gigantic oil plumes in the ocean have been found, some as large as 10 miles long and 300 feet thick.

c) The chemical dispersants used are toxic to sea life (and banned elsewhere).

d) BP has attempted to force employees to sign non-disclosure agreements.

e) BP was exempted from an environmental impact study.

f) BP claimed it could handle 17.6 million gallons per day if a spill were to occur.

g) BP went ahead with operations despite faulty equipment, including the blowout preventer.

h) “the entire spectrum of the energy industry,” BP and US military engineers have no idea how to stop the flow, calling efforts to plug it a “joke.”

i) there are 3500 – 4000 oil drilling platforms in the Gulf already:

j) oil leak could gush for years and years.

k) other platforms are also leaking and have not been stopped.

i) the Ixtoc Gulf spill in 160 feet of water took 9 months to cap off.


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