License To Kill – Brazil Swings To Extrajudicial Murder

Please take several minutes and read this article, “License-to-Kill Policing to Get a Trial Run in Rio de Janeiro”.

Up to 120 sharpshooters will invade Brazil’s slums and murder anyone they find with a gun. That’s unbelievable.

No trial. No other evidence required before assassination. No proof that you really are a dangerous criminal. Could be your brother, wife, mother who picked up your gun for whatever reason (maybe to defend themselves). But if you’re seen – your dead, by a police assassin.

This is coming from the extreme right-wing Jair Bolsonaro, the newly elected President of Brazil. Didn’t take him long to put some of his craziest ideas into motion. This is the guy that believes in dictatorship, violence against gays, mixed races, women and minorities. Oh, and rape is on his “to do” list too.

Anybody want to bet that the gang elements and criminal types will start ambushing the police sharpshooters? That’s probably a bet you’ll lose. Which means civil war is going to break out in Rio.

I’m sure we’ve all fantasized about getting rid of the darker elements of society (no racist meaning intended), the criminal types that prey upon everyone else. But extrajudicial assassinations by police? It’s not just over the top, it’s insane. Martial law would have been a better choice (if needed), that way, the boots on the ground could control everything – without having an unlimited license to kill on the spot. Criminals could be apprehended and brought to trial.

But this method, I can’t see it actually working. It’ll be fairly easy to circumvent the sniper teams by simply using cell phones and lookouts. And what happens when the police get a taste for more murder? Then what? Who’s going to control them then?

It puts into the hands of individual officers the Judge Dredd code: judge, jury, executioner – all to be decided in a fraction of a second. Does this actually sound like a good idea?

This is the same guy that Donald J. Trump admires. Trump hopes to be more like him. So does Trump think this is a good idea? Wait and see.



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