Let’s Make America Fail

Would you like to watch another propaganda piece on why “America is failing”?  Or what Big Oil would like you to believe, while protecting their absolutely obscene profit margins?

Notice the narrative in this piece of crap video — a slick, well-funded presentation based on the assumption that making “America fail” is the real agenda (bullshit):

Another Big Oil propaganda piece, incredibly inaccurate and misleading to the real truth. It begins with “If I wanted America to fail“, an assumption that is utterly wrong from the get-go.

Wanting “America to fail” defies all known economic theory and the entire purpose to this country, the desire of its people, leaders and the entire business sector, GLOBALLY.

Yet the rather uninformed author (paid actor) of this garbage bases ALL of his specious straw arguments on this erroneous assumption that “wanting America to fail” is the “reason” we have laws affecting energy and the environment.  The attempt it to get you to forget WHY such laws exist in the first place.

Due to the incredibly bad management and protection of public lands and resources by major polluters, including Big Oil and the energy industry, many laws were enacted over decades to start putting a stop to the destruction of this place we all try to call “home”.

The narrative “To suffer“, “not prosper“, “feel guilty“, is ad naseum propaganda and a bald-face lie. The only guilt I feel is I’m surrounded by utter morons that get their intelligence from the nearest propaganda platform (the media).

Only absolute fools could believe such propaganda, undoubtedly coming from Big Oil. I bet if we were to look at the funding and players behind this propaganda piece, that is exactly what we would find.

Wake up America. Can your really afford to keep on protecting Big Oil, who raked in absolutely obscene profits last year (41 percent increase over the same period last year and a 161 percent increase over 2009), see this link:

This exactly what Big Oil and the energy industry does — create an utterly false narrative, based upon straw arguments and misleading information and appeal to your emotion and alleged patriotism. Rather then refute the facts or the science regarding the environment, or even address a single issue, the narrative is stupidly assumed to be “let’s make America fail”.

If you believe this garbage, then you are an absolute fool. The energy industry is very afraid that their obscene profit margins will suffer, and they don’t care a damn about the environment (or you). Their track record proves it — as does their lobbying, funding and underhanded dealings with an army of in-their-pockets Congressmen and Senators.

This is probably the worst piece of propaganda I’ve seen this year.  Utterly disgusting crap.


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