Legalized Destruction and Human Induced Collapse

The Intercept has a interesting and disturbing article about a new film to see on HBO (watch the trailer). I would definitely like to watch this, but don’t get HBO, so will have to wait until it’s streamed somewhere else. The racial genocide practiced all over the world is at the very heart of the insatiable greed for power and control and the non-stop attempts to dominate the world.

There is some video of the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre murdering (quite badly) a bull elephant (watch the video) for ‘sport’. This is the same demand for total domination found in people that exhibit racism. Kill off the ‘beasts’. It can even be fun for the sick minded bastards that enjoy killing ‘lessor’ creatures.

Killing off nature is second-nature to some people who think nothing of their murderous activities for ‘sport’ or misguided ‘management’. Absurd and desperate attempts to curtail wildlife poaching have been attempted, such as this desecration: Rare falcons are tattooed to escape being sold to Arab sheikhs by poachers.

Protecting people usually receives higher priority then protecting the environment or wildlife, but in the end, both are murdered and destroyed. Historically it depended upon skin color, location and culture, and whether or not there were resources in demand under their feet. This continues to this day, but now also encompasses economic control of entire regions and countries. Not far from me, British Columbia’s Copper Mine is cross-polluting two countries, Canada and the United States for more profits. I’ve fought this battle before with another Canadian company attempting to put a toxic silicon smelter right here in our town.

If you need something to fight for, or against, there are ample ‘opportunities’ for battle. Individuals and citizen-activists generally fare badly in these skirmishes and almost always can only claim temporary victory if they do manage a minor win. Literally billions of lives are being lost, human and non-human as powerful corporations, rapacious murderers and greedy politicians enable genocide and poison to be ‘legalized’ activities protected under the color of law.

It’s a lop-sided war where one side uses murder, legislatures, law enforcement, courts, arrests, prison, and asset forfeiture, along with propaganda, lies, deception and media control. It’s the reason the world is the way that it is today, facing inexorable decline and ultimately collapse, because rapists and murderers have run amok all over the planet. This is the core practice of ‘civilization’ – enable the destroyers and kill off the real protectors while enslaving the rest who must now be ’employed’ (enslaved) for their daily sustenance.

I’m not pretending to compare indentured servitude and wage-slavery with the actual slave trade millions have endured, but the vast majority humans are still slaves to the global economic exploitation and control practiced today. They’ve perfected this practice and legalized the ‘harvest’ of life itself, insulating themselves against meaningful resistance and ensuring perpetual profits, or for as long as that particular resource will last, which is usually when they pivot, either filing bankruptcy or finding new resources and labor pools to exploit. You are now a ‘zek’, a slave in their system of control, ownership and profit, your very life subject to their demands and decisions. We all now live and die at the behest of the plantation owners controlling the entire planet.

It should be obvious to anyone who is astute enough to know what is really going on that this is all a gigantic game of epic proportions. Control the currency, control the resources, control life itself. The quality of your life, even the meaning of your life is being dictated for you. The pretend “choices” you have are summarized as this: How are you going to survive in a world controlled by rapists and murderers?

They all wear suits and ties and pretend to be in charge, presuming authority and authorization, while coveting as much as they can gather in. They’ve never cared about what happens to the rest of the world, everything is viewed through a lens of profits and losses. Millions, perhaps billions try to emulate these men and women, hoping to achieve for themselves the ‘good life’ and the security that riches and wealth provide in a world that has lost all reason and sense long ago.

The only thing these people are creating is a wake of death and destruction behind them – evidence which I have piled up here for years as have many others. Boardroom decisions to expand a mine, exploit new labor in a foreign country, produce more useless products, level yet another forest, or fund another politician, it’s all death and destruction. The mechanics and mechanisms that turn the wheels of ‘civilization’ are churning out endless mountains of destruction and waste, the consequences which are now imperiling future survival on an overheated planet. Absurdly, humans have stupidly devised a system that profits from this behavior, rewarding those in power and control with obscene levels of wealth for which the entire rest of the world is held forever hostage to by the arms of government and laws.

Do you know why the rapists and murderers in suits and ties are almost never held to account? Because the laws are designed to enable their injustice, protecting their immoral activities. Corporations have more rights then real humans. Profits almost always wins except in exceedingly rare cases. All of the destruction in the world, all the pollution, all the extinctions, all of the crimes against nature and humanity has all been legalized in one form or another to ensure that this activity continues.

It’s legal to pay your ’employees’ (bond slaves) a non-livable wage while your company rakes in billions (in some cases, per day). You’re expected to give up 40+ years of your life to their ridiculous demands and expectations, laboring your life away for their profits. It’s legal to rape and pollute and even utterly destroy the environment if your company can make a profit from the activity. It’s legal to displace entire peoples if your demands outweigh their rights to exist and retain their homeland. These utterly absurd ‘legalized’ authorities protecting these rapists and murderers are commonplace throughout the world.

Did you know that all the suffering and injustice people endure today is also all legalized and protected activity? The means to fix these problems (homelessness, health care, poverty, disease, etc.) exists, but remains unresolved because it is more profitable to not rectify these issues. Like any good merchant of death, they choose to fund whichever ‘side’ they want to ensure maximum profits at any time.

Industrialized and legalized activity leading to the destruction of the biosphere has now led to human-induced collapse of Earth’s habitat. Collapse like this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Collapse of industrial civilization is not a natural event. Collapse of civilization is human-induced, the result of bad practices and worse behavior, all of which was increasingly legalized for the past several thousand years.

Legal ‘authority’ to rape, pillage, pollute and destroy Earth’s habitat and poison the lives of billions is a highly refined art form of doublespeak and deception. The Courts have enabled these gross deceptions to flourish and fester, entire institutions and schools of instruction exists to perpetuate this preposterous monstrosity of legalized death, churning out armies of corporate attorneys and protective agents of death. Legalese ensures that the common man is restrained from resistance until it is much too late and the damage is done. Like the early church, they don’t want you to read what is written and they crafted their own language to ensure you would not understand it if you did.

This is the game being played. You, me, everyone else is being played for the fool. It’s is plainly obvious that a double-standard of life itself exists for the have’s and have-not’s, and that the practices and activities of industrial civilization and the world’s corporations have razed the Earth to the bedrock and even below, trailing a wake of destruction leading to a collapse of the biosphere. We have all been induced, bribed and coerced into going along with this, including being recruited into killing those that don’t. We’ve accepted our “lot” as it were and the gross disparity of privilege and wealth against those who have labored to make them wealthy, the exploitation of lives and livelihoods, the exhaustion and servitude of the “serfs” and slaves eking out their living on their factory plantations.

We’ve exchanged the real meaning of patriotism for paper worship of an outdated document, ignorantly proclaiming the empty words of racists and privileged ‘forefathers’ as our mantra and self-deception, ever the willing serfs to do the bidding of the masters in control, manipulating the masses through propaganda and brain washing.

We allowed it all to happen, in fits and starts, from long ago until now, despite objection and finally, different revolutions (all with the same outcome), yet now perfected into a byzantine art form of privilege and protection, legalized slavery and resource exploitation to the point where it is now utterly irresistible. We are along for the ride now, on this highway of death and destruction, deceit and manipulation, powerless against the pillars of power, unless we finally come to our senses and resist, somehow, someway before it’s too late and human survival on this planet is no longer possible.

There is a common theme that runs through every marginalized or enslaved people throughout the planet. We all have this in common irrespective of race or the color of our skin. Do you know what it is?

We all insist on the right to exist, unmolested and unharmed, free of coercion, respected as to who we are and born as. Instead, we are now all born into slavery and servitude, manipulated and marginalized, branded as ‘consumers’ or ‘others’ of undesirable traits and characteristics, disrespected as human beings, fit for nothing more then to work and be ’employed’ in the servitude of the Empire for our daily sustenance, forced into enriching those who lord over us, objecting little and risking everything if we do.

We are not human beings to the agents of Empire and their battalions of enforcers, we’re categorized, stamped, taxed, regulated and restricted, molded and manipulated into willing slaves to labor away for the furtherance of the Empire, coerced into participating in the ongoing destruction of the Earth. It’s quite clear that we do not have the same rights, privileges and protections that they do. We’re supposed to be ok with that, but a growing number of us are not. Obstructionists and trouble-makers that raise these issues are dealt with, usually murdered or imprisoned. The rest are intended to be satisfied with discarded crumbs and occasional offerings to appease their discontent, while the masters dine on in sumptuous pleasure.

It is not their wealth that I am objecting to, it’s how they got it, and their indifference and selfishness and the double-standards that they’ve created. They created the world as it is today, with all of it’s problems and issues and they did it with impunity and callous disregard. They rigged the courts and the entire economic system to protect their power and control and then outrageously, expect the rest of us to go along with it.

Why should we stand silently by as they poison the air, the water and the soil beneath our feet? Why should we watch our children die from their toxins and poisons they released into the environment? What gives them the right to ruin the world and make it so that the Earth itself is uninhabitable and unfit for human existence? Why should we stay silent as they destroy the only home humanity has? Just because some stupid law says it’s okay? That’s absolutely insane. We might as all just march into the gas chambers and get it over with. The same ‘legal’ justification existed then too.

They want us to stand like stupid sheep, bleating away on the success of reaching Mars and performing tiny experiments as if this was the salvation of the human race. It’s not, it’s a gigantic distraction of epic proportions while the Earth simmers and burns, ignoring the real habitat for humanity and the immediate need for survival of our species (and every other life form now threatened with extinction).

Billions of humans desperately need to wake up and loudly object, departing from the servitude and exploitation of the own lives, refusing to further cooperate and perpetuate this global system of injustice and death. Global resistance is now an extreme priority for every human being while we still can.


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11 thoughts on “Legalized Destruction and Human Induced Collapse

  • May 2, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    It is interesting for me that you have independently written a very similar narrative to what I wrote about a decade ago in the last book I wrote -‘The Easy Way’ (as opposed to finding out the hard way), in one last attempt to wake the ‘sleeping’ masses. Needless to say, I failed. The masses remained asleep or in denial.

    The mind control systems of the owners of the ‘slave camp’ have been so successful many of the slaves actually self-censor and actively avoid becoming informed about ANY of the factors that will determine their own immediate futures!

    ‘A slave in chains will be encumbered by the chains and will seek to escape. A slave not bound by chains but threatened with severe punishment if escape is attempted will be less troublesome and will work more productively. A slave bound by invisible chains who thinks he/she is free will work at the optimal rate, and in many cases will defend -even to the death- the slave owners right to run a slave camp.’

    It’s also rather like ‘The Matrix’, in which the human livestock is being used as a resource but the vast majority don’t even know it. Plugged in and semiconscious. When confronted with red pill or blue pill, “Give me the blue pill that keeps me in The Matrix, thanks.”

    And, as you have point out, it’s dangerous being an ‘outsider’. You will be tolerated if you don’t cause too much stirring of the masses. But if you pose any real threat to the power and control systems you will be heavily stamped on…as per Julian Assange, persecuted and effectively imprisoned without even a court sentence, and mentally tortured for years for revealing just a few of the dirty secrets of The Empire.

    I learned several important lesson from my various attempts to get sane economic arrangements established in Auckland, including enduring trumped-up charges and a court appearance.

    Back in 2001 I used the analogy of the Titanic in the first book I wrote (Burn Baby Burn) in which I pointed out the world would be made largely uninhabitable for humans by 2100 if the systems that were destroying everything were not changed; “Stop. Enough!”

    No way, as far as the ‘powers that be’ are concerned. There is never enough. And, as we know, the systems were not changed and the rate of destruction has increased. The rudder is still welded in position, the engines are still set at full speed ahead. But now the ship has hit the iceberg, water is pouring into the hull, the engines are spluttering, and the third-class passengers are drowning…at which point the compartment doors are firmly closed to prevent the third-class passengers moving from the flooded decks, and the crew are issued with handguns to maintain control.

    Now we are looking at a largely uninhabitable planet mid-century or before, rather than the 2100 I had in mind two decades ago..

    The subtle difference between real life as we are living it and the Titanic narrative is that not only are there not enough lifeboats but also the lifeboats that do exist are unlikely to get to any safe haven, and there certainly are no ships coming to rescue survivors of the sinking.

    None of the above stops me doing what I know to be the right things in the short term: reducing fossil fuel dependence; rehabilitating soil to make it productive; planting food-bearing plants; considering efficient utilisation of water etc.

    Indeed, knowing the system is on its last legs provides me with a great incentive for rapid disengagement.

    As I wrote nearly two decades ago:

    Survivors know the truth about money, energy, food and the environment, and are preparing for the meltdown.

    Perishers don’t know the truth, or don’t care, and still believe the system will provide, even as it starts to collapse.

    Keep up the good work. We need an oasis of sanity in a world gone mad!

    • May 2, 2021 at 2:36 pm

      The crew at it were, was issued assault rifles! Along with the private army hired by the murderers of the Earth and all of its inhabitants, the lackey State to the corporations has become extremely adept at silencing effective dissent (up to and including murder). The zeks are so thoroughly brainwashed now that they happily celebrate the deaths and injuries of those who are trying to save them!

      Armed With Assault Rifles

      Related – zeks by the millions are still stupidly protesting protective health measures against their own best interests (examples abound world wide). Nearby, these morons bragged about their ‘liberty’ and now have spread the pandemic to 10% of the local population: Indoor events bring virus outbreak in Republic, Washington

      These cursed idiots don’t give a goddamn about anybody but themselves – not the healthcare workers they are putting additional strain on, not even their own neighbors, and they’re still stupidly claiming their “rights” to spread the virus!

      America is infected with a severe terminal case of stupid throughout the entire country. There is no hope for this country, none at all. I remain convinced that this is also true for the rest of the world too, having seen no evidence to suggest otherwise.

      • May 2, 2021 at 6:03 pm

        We like to think that stupidity is primarily confined to the cities, and that people living away from the cities have a few clues. After all, with two decades of very clear warnings (almost five decades of warnings if you count ‘Limits to Growth’, 1972) you’d have to be particularly stupid to remain in a city.

        One often-overlooked aspect is the phenomenon of shifting baseline, whereby each generation accepts whatever living conditions it encounters in early childhood as being normal.

        I grew up in post war Britain, and there was still rationing until I was four years old. Only the very rich had telephones, cars, refrigerators, televisions etc. in early 1950s Britain. There were numerous bomb sites around the city and temporary buildings until the late 1960s. Meanwhile, people living in New Guinea were primarily tribal hunter-gatherers, whilst most Asians were peasant farmers.

        I have spoken with Chinese who remember the Great Famines and the Cultural Revolution. Those firmly-grounded people produced a generation of hard-working people with eagerness to become educated, and almost zero environmental awareness. The youngest generation seems to consists of highly educated ‘soft’ people mesmerised by technology, with an increasing portion of spoilt brats.

        Contrast that with America, which saw no devastation during WW2, and after a brief period of crisis associated with demobilisation of the military leapt straight into the consumer society that charcterises life today. With free money coming out of the ground (oil) and military and global financial dominance that facilitated further looting a polluting, why bother to become educated or even work?

        Under the new paradigms that ‘racing up the beach like a tsunami’, the higher you were flying, the further you will fall .

        One of the many problems we have in NZ is that we are governed by ‘children’ who have known nothing other than neoliberalism and lives of privilege and pleasure: they exude cluelessness.

        Biden, on the other hand, is a career politician with a long history of serving banks and corporations whilst helping himself to plenty of the pickings of privilege and power over many decades.

        I believe Russia will fare better than most other countries over the troubled period we have entered because Putin is firmly grounded in reality, and Russia has a vast store of resources and a relatively low population.

        • May 2, 2021 at 6:28 pm

          I live in a very rural area. It’s filled with stupid people. Trump flags are the dead give-aways, but in conversation, it’s also very evident. Real world awareness is appalling. Americans think the world revolves around their bias and ignorance.

          I don’t subscribe stupidity to ‘city’ or ‘rural’, but to the unwilling and uneducated. Self-education is possible for virtually anyone today, but not many people will bother to engage in this endeavor. Too few insist on inhabiting echo-chambers of bias and validation, it makes them feel as if they ‘belong’ to something (ignorance, mostly), never venturing forth even online to learn something.

          I definitely blame ‘social’ media (which isn’t social, it’s propaganda mostly and carefully crafted brainwashing techniques disguised as ‘information’ while they incessantly spy on you). Social media is extremely dangerous to a healthy mind, which is why the best minds utterly ignore social media. Right now, it’s the worst of the worst (until something even more evil comes along), but all media is pretty bad.

          Today, I worked myself into the ground and finished up cutting my entire wood supply that I had stored (logs). It’s done. Still work harder at my age and physical condition (serious injuries) then the young slugs that won’t lift a finger to help themselves, take no interest in the future or how they intend to make a living if the world falls apart (and it will). Most young people are too busy with inane activities and worthless self ‘entertainment’. My own kids are useless in this regard, they’re content to let Dad work himself to death doing all the hard projects alone that need to be done. Try as I might, I failed to gain their attention to issues that really matter. I’m now in a lot of pain, more then usual, but not just physically.

          Inside, I cringe at the very thought of what the future means for the ‘young’ (and willfully ignorant) who have virtually no idea how to take care of themselves without everything being provided for them. They think that as long as they can enslave themselves and earn money, they’ll be ok. I think not. Lacking the skills and experiences necessary to actually know what to do, when to do and how to do it, they are already dead men walking. And so are my grandchildren. There is nothing I can do about any of it.

          If your books are available, point me in the right direction and I’ll read them.

          • May 2, 2021 at 9:49 pm

            I know the feeling, and there are plenty of idiots living in the country areas of NZ. But they don’t do much flag-waving. Their expressions of stupidity usually centre around drinking too much beer, spinning the wheels of stationary vehicles to see how much smoke they can generate, and watching corporatised sport.

            Unlike people living in America, people living in New Zealand have had it tough in recent times, and an increasing portion are having it tough now.

            Sorry to hear you don’t get the family support you need (and deserve). I am fortunate in that my son spent several years in the army…everything from forced marches carrying huge packs and weapons training to survival training and dealing with improvised explosive devices. On overseas service (non-combat) he saw the nastier side of humanity. He is currently self-employed in the field of water supply in rural areas, and puts his hand to almost anything if there’s money to be made (never a lot but a comfortable living), felling trees, cleaning chimneys.

            Unfortunately the alarms that were sounded in the early 2000s regarding peak oil were circumvented by fracking, and my son now thinks everything is further down the line than it is. He’s a ‘glass-half-full’, rather than a ‘glass-half-empty’ sort of person, and me pointing out the glass is three-quarters empty doesn’t have much impact.

            Sadly, my daughter is trapped in England for the moment, and has a form of leukemia. I’m hoping she can get back to NZ with husband and son before it becomes impossible to do so.

            The grandkids are addicted to electronic devices but are also very keen on physical activities…anything from rock climbing to caving, and know how to collect wood and light a fire and cook things, so I think they will fare better than most of their generation when the shit really hits the fan (later this year?, next year?)

            My main problem at the moment is insufficient digits in computer systems to do what I want to do and buy what I want to buy.

            Like you I am in constant pain but just get on with it. And I am probably fitter than most who are half my age. Not a lot of speed but a lot of endurance.

            • May 3, 2021 at 8:10 am

              I saw this a day or so ago – Avocado discovery may point to leukemia treatment. Maybe they’ll make a breakthrough on this disease.

              The flag waving is far, far worse in the countryside and rural areas then the cities here. Signs in yards, trucks, bumper stickers, bravado bragging and chest thumping bullshit. Empty-headed fools.

              My grandkids are too young to understand anything of importance right now. They’re going to inherit a hellish Earth, an inhospitable planet. I don’t hold them responsible for anything at this age, they’re too young. It’s on us to save them, if we can, which I have severe doubts about, but that has not stopped me from trying. Their parents are doing a shitty job of preparing them for what is coming.

              I often wonder about the ignorant parents that (apparently) don’t give a damn about their own kids and how the current lifestyle / living arrangements are creating worse and worse outcomes for their children. Even worse is their non-response to the global rapacious activities going on all around them, very few object or pay attention. Their total 100% dependency on the present civilization and what it provides to keep them alive is scary. They’ve no skills, no experience, no knowledge, no awareness, no resources, no land, no houses and no desire. They would swiftly die if the power went out and somebody didn’t come along and save them. If the water stopped flowing. If the stores stopped providing food. If the social safety net (welfare, food stamps, food banks) failed along with their ‘jobs’ (slavery). If the monetary system were to collapse, everything else would too and they would die as soon as the food ran out (mere weeks).

              People are not being taught anything that they actually need to know. Civilization, controlled by the State and the world’s corporations, has become Big Brother, the support system that enables billions of humans to survive, without which very few actually would. They have no practical skills, no means or even desire to actually practice and learn what they need to know how to do. Playing video games is not a life skill, neither is pushing paper or tapping on a keyboard or carrying ‘student debt’. Colleges are turning out unskilled and ill-prepared people to live in a world that will be very, very different.

              What I’m seeing is they are growing up to just become another cog in the system, another “zek”, cookie-cutter molded into the slaves that they will be all their lives, furthering the destruction and death of the biosphere in a myriad of ways through the life choices that they are destined (forced) to make. They’re not part of a solution, or a reduction, or anything more then just yet another ignorant connedsumer 100% dependent upon the survival of this civilization as we know it today, totally brainwashed into believing the lies of the State and the system that feeds them. If that changes, and it most certainly will, they are all dead men walking, lacking all the skills, experience, know-how and resources to be able to take care of themselves.

              Urbanized, highly developed countries are the worst off for what is now unfolding. Cities and suburban regions are full of people whose only real competency is how to shop and manage their credit cards. They’re utterly addicted to the present systems of dependency and consumerism keeping them alive. What a shitty existence this is, a meaningless, valueless existence where your only real concern is “how to get ahead” and virtually nothing else really matters. It is a massive cultural failure.

              No country on the planet should have allowed this sort of dependency to reach this level. Each nation that has done this is only as strong as those who provide the food and the power. Specialization can be taken too far. Entertainment companies have exploited psychology and know that they can addict billions of people to their electronic shit boxes. Humanity has been distracted from the business of survival and how humans should be living on this planet. Entertainment has become everything when in reality, it is nothing at all, just idle wasting of life itself.

              I just read “Do what you want, when you want” in an article this morning which is a common theme today. This is stupid, short-sighted, ignorant and deadly in the end. If you do not improve yourself, educate both mind and body, learn life skills that will help you and assist you, take care of what needs to be done, then you are just another idle human drone only interested in self-appeasement. Selfishness isn’t a worthwhile goal or objective in life.

              • May 3, 2021 at 12:06 pm

                The world most of us live in is a meld of ‘1984’ (George Orwell, 1948) and ‘Brave New World’ (Aldous Huxley, 1931).

                In ‘1984’ there is permanent war, and the state spies on the populace continually, and regulates every aspect of their lives via continuous propaganda and enforcement. Almost everything is the opposite of what it seems, and anyone who steps out of line is rendered a non-person by the system, to be vanished without trace after self- denunciation. One of the state’s objectives is to make independent thought impossible via deliberate dumbing-down and reduction of the number of words available.

                In ‘Brave New World’, starting from conditioned ‘test-tube babies, children are conditioned to become mindless members of a layered society of alphas, betas, gammas, deltas and epsilons. Alphas lives are primarily concerned with personal pleasure and management of the system; betas down to epsilons do all the actual work, graded downwards from running the machinery to menial tasks. Everyone is regularly doped with ‘soma’. A ‘savage’ from the wilderness region, where people still live naturally, is brought into the ‘civilised’ region, and he immediately sees what is going on but is powerless to change any of it and ends up being a curiosity to be pitied and laughed at.

                Neither Orwell nor Huxley foresaw the environmental collapse and energy depletion that are increasingly dominating modern living. But back then world population was below 2 billion. Now there four times as many ‘greedy apes’.

                In 2021 we have ‘alphas’ who own far more than their fair share (acquired through inheritance or exploitation) and who are primarily concerned with self-indulgence; ‘betas’ do the actual day-to-day organising; ‘gammas’ keep the system running in practical terms; deltas do heavy lifting, and epsilons do nothing because machines have replaced them.

                And talking of machines, ‘The Machine Stops’ by E.M. Forrester is well work reading/listening to. Because the machine will stop in the not-too-distant future.

                • May 3, 2021 at 12:35 pm

                  Most writers didn’t foresee environmental collapse (they should have, there has been ample evidence for a long time). They often chose to predict a sci-fi future of technology, development and advancement, isolating humanity from the natural world. This was always and will always be forever wrong. As biological creatures, we are no different then every other life form on this planet. We depend upon bacteria to survive.

                  I was explaining this to my wife. Mars will never be habitable until they populate the habitats with bacteria. As a ‘life boat’ idea, this would apply to all outer-planets found anywhere in the Universe. A tiny habitat of a few to a few thousand humans on Mars has no chance of long-term survival without solving the issues of bacteria, oxygen, decomposition and waste removal, recycling in all of its forms (natural and mechanical), and food production, along with all the essential materials required to create survivalable habitats (domes or underground). Tiny ten-cent parts will become life or death issues for the entire ‘colony’ when broken or worn out.

                  We need planetary defense systems more then we need Mars. Yet we utterly fail on this one too.

                  Everyone should be seriously angry at what is getting priority and funding right now – our ‘leaders’ are fast-tracking the world to destruction and death, utterly failing to do what needs to be done. We should be fixing what is wrong here (what we’ve done) FIRST, then protect the planet from asteroids, and only THEN, consider outer-planets (for anything).

                  These people are fucking nuts – stupid beyond belief.

                  • May 3, 2021 at 2:51 pm

                    The ‘mission to Mars’ project has nothing to do with getting to Mars and establishing a colony there and EVERYTHING to do with keeping the proles misinformed and believing in the system and believing the system has a future -which it clearly does not have.

                    Humans couldn’t even manage to live in a bubble here on Earth without massive inputs derived from fossil fuels. And there is absolutely no way that the substantial payloads required to construct a dome on Mars could ever be carried by existing rocket technology. You just have to look at historical footage of Saturn V rockets carrying miniscule payloads into Earth orbit to see it’s utterly impossible to get anything large to Mars.

                    What all this talkfest does is provide opportunities for greedy sociopaths to make short-term money out of suckers or government subsidies.

                    I’d personally be very surprised in the shit doesn’t hit the fan bigtime this Northern Hemisphere summer. As well as the mega-drought that is affecting around half the land area of the US there is the matter of rampant price rises of goods that affect most people. As I said to my son when he raised the matter of rapidly increasing prices here in NZ, “I’m glad I bought what I did when I did.” I couldn’t afford half of it now. And nor can other people.

                    I did say to him “I’ve been expecting this for a while.”

                    Is what’s going on in India and Brazil a deliberate attempt to reduce the numbers of ‘useless eaters’? Or is it simply a result of gross incompetence that characterises all governments?

  • May 2, 2021 at 2:43 pm

    ‘Which Lifeboat Will You Choose?
    April 30, 2021

    I’m sure it’s no surprise that the next five years will be risky and challenging; to the degree that we will be reliant on those closest to us, we are sharing a virtual lifeboat.

    Consider a scenario in which we’re on a ship that’s sinking, and the lifeboats have been launched. Being some of the last still on board the doomed vessel, we can scan who’s in each lifeboat and choose which one we’ll clamber into.

    It’s a consequential decision because the currents and weather are already separating the lifeboats, and so each lifeboat will be on its own. The seas are increasingly treacherous, and the nearby islands are surrounded by reefs which could shred the lifeboat’s hulls in seconds.

    While we don’t know everyone on board, we’ve met many of the other passengers and crew and made the acquaintance of a fair number of our fellow castaways.

    So who do we choose to join? Our knowledge is imperfect: we only have first impressions and intuitions about the people who will potentially impact our life in a very direct and consequential way.

    Do we choose to go in the lifeboat with a friend? This is certainly more appealing than a boat full of strangers.

    Do we choose a boat with an experienced sailor whose skills in the open ocean would improve our chances of surviving the ordeal ahead?

    Or do we choose a boat which is already under the control of a natural leader? If we understand that dithering and unresolvable conflicts can lead to disaster by default, then having someone in charge might be worth the risk that their leadership will lead to a catastrophically bad decision.

    If we feel we have the experience to take charge and bring a lifeboat to safety, then perhaps we look for the disorganized, leaderless boat.

    Alternatively, we can weed out those boats we’ll avoid as potentially dangerous because of the presence of domineering individuals with traits that have poor survival outcomes.

    When The Little Prince hopscotches to various planets on his way to Earth, he encounters the King who desires a subject, a conceited man, a tippler (addict), a businessman who claims all the stars as his possessions and a lamplighter busy lighting and extinguishing the lamp every minute. These are parodies of human types, of course; The Little Prince found some modest favor in the lamplighter because he was the only one who was not self-obsessed / self-absorbed.

    The boats I would avoid are those with wealthy, powerful people who confuse their position and wealth with competence, when actually there is no connection to competence beyond whatever specialized niche they used to acquire wealth and power. Their assumption (a form of privilege beneath the surface) that their specialized competence grants them universal competence is disastrously wrong-headed.

    These are the types who will steer the lifeboat onto a reef despite the warnings of the less wealthy/powerful because their confidence in their judgment exceeds their grasp of risk/reality and their general life competence. They fail to understand the extreme narrowness of their experience and competence and have an overly high opinion of themselves due to their success in a narrow niche.

    I would also avoid boats with individuals who triggered my BS detector, our intuitive animal assessment of the trustworthiness and self-absorption of individuals. For those who don’t automatically filter out their negative assessments as “bad” and therefore “not allowed,” this assessment is remarkably rapid and remarkably accurate.

    Boats filled with self-important, self-absorbed people I would avoid as death traps. I would also avoid boats with do-gooders / would-be saints whose motivation (above self-preservation, until it’s too late) is to defend the rights of the weak as the most important principle, even in life-and-death circumstances. These types are especially dangerous because their life experience is that Somebody Will Rescue Us. They thus conclude we can devote asymmetric resources to the weakest because Somebody Will Rescue Us.

    They are incapable of recognizing the difference between making the vulnerable/dependent as comfortable as possible given the resources available and devoting the primary effort to saving everyone but if this can’t be done, then saving as many people as possible. They are unable to recognize the need for difficult decisions that may well have asymmetric outcomes for the individuals on the boat. In demanding equal outcomes, they will lose everyone’s lives–an outcome that is certainly equal but foolish.

    Choosing a boat with an experienced open-ocean sailor is an obvious choice, as the sailor has experiential skills that apply specifically to the challenge at hand. But let’s say that obvious choice means that boat is already filled to capacity.

    So if the obvious best choice is not available, then what boat do we cast our lot with?

    I would look for a boat with low-key individuals with high situational awareness and experience in responding to crises and danger. Combat veterans come to mind, but there are many others with training and experience (or natural abilities) that aids their situational awareness, risk assessment and responses to rapidly evolving threats. The OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is an example of this process.

    I would also look for a boat with the increasingly rare individuals who do what they say they’re going to do, and do it without self-obsessed drama/trauma or childish excuses. These individuals have a healthy awareness of their own limits and the limits of human nature. They don’t overpromise to make themselves larger than they really are and they won’t burden the rest of the boat with their self-absorbed histrionics or adolescent excuses.

    Since I’m not qualified to lead as a sailor, and the only boat with an open-ocean sailor is full, I would look for a boat with a balance between hierarchy and self-expression / advocacy. The ideal situation is a boat in which every individual’s advocacy of a particular action or strategy is carefully considered but the consensus reaches a decision and grants leadership to those with the best qualifications and most persuasive argument for their decision.

    Once the decision of a strategy has been made, then the boat unites behind pursuing this strategy.

    It’s instructive to consider the greatest open-ocean, open-boat voyages that have been recorded. Some had existing military hierarchies (for example, Captain Bligh’s epic 4,000 mile voyage in a severely overloaded open launch) while others were castaways lacking a strict hierarchy.

    Whether the united effort of cooperation is imposed or agreed upon, this cooperation is key, as is a strategy based on the realities and risks.

    Going it alone is a high-risk strategy. So is becoming dependent on self-important, self-absorbed people who are incapable of viewing reality as anything other than It’s All About Me.

    I’m sure it’s no surprise that the next five years will be risky and challenging; to the degree that we will be reliant on those closest to us, we are sharing a virtual lifeboat.

    Choose your boatmates carefully.’

  • May 3, 2021 at 8:14 am

    Examples of part of the sheer insanity unfolding:

    Ethereum’s 27-Year-Old Creator Is Now the World’s Youngest Crypto Billionaire

    Kroger Joins Drone Delivery Race With Pilot From Ohio Store

    Many police officers spurn coronavirus vaccines as departments hold off on mandates

    Are you a victim of the ‘chameleon effect’? Looking at your phone makes other people do the same, study finds

    These are signs of the Empire in collapse. These are not worthwhile developments or advancements of our civilization, just the opposite. Speculation and greed as the Empire collapses into a fiery failure.

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