Leaving Leviathan

There is an ongoing thread on the bulletin board regarding future plans and strategies.

I am not currently seeking anything along the lines of an eco-village. I have always thought that my set-up would lend itself to a small multi-family living arrangement.

I like the idea of an ecovillage, but I can easily envision other social / living structures that are much different. I am certain that this is not the only way to approach present and future living (as an alternative to the insanity we have today).

I have (briefly) examined primitive living, but remain unconvinced that the environment permits this except for a very few (and it’s illegal, but that’s another issue).

I see a particular problem developing for anyone who steps out of mainstream living. This attracts the interest of the government, which is desperately trying to retain control on the crashing systems. Groups that are doing this will be of particular interest. Heck, any group, organization, effort, etc., that steps “out of line” to the lockstep of death is being targeted, the Net abounds with such stories. They’re investigating the Quakers for “anti-war activity”! No point in grousing about it (here), but I’m bringing this up because alternative lifestyles are not afforded any special “protected status” and in fact, only paint targets on themselves.

So, we need to think about that and what it means and how to best cope with this forced fed “reality” (no pun intended). Neighborhood cooperation may actually work best. NordicThora has described in detail the problems associated with working with newcomers who have relocated, it’s a complex issue that reveals the true nature of our dependency on Leviathan and our inability to truly be “tribal” because of massive conditioning for generations. I’ve personally seen this too – and even find it in myself. I’m not immune either, I don’t think anybody is.

The problem as I see it is multi-layered. We know we need a new culture and new way of living, but we are neither educated, conditioned or experienced in how this should really work and function. Our efforts to create these new cultures are permeated with our “old” conditioning, expectations and hidden agendas, all the while the dominant system still exist, thereby offering a “fallback” (escape route, but a lousy one). In other words, since we were not truly born into this new culture, we are torn in half (well, in pieces really) by the demands and expectations of the old and the new. Quite literally, we are “homeless” and do not fit in either place.

This causes great confusion, dissension, discord, disagreement and failed expectations and realizations. Most of these groups have high failure rates.

To be fair, the fault is not ours, not directly. Leviathan has so permeated and invaded our conscious thought, actions, beliefs and waking moments (I mean really, does anyone even dream “new culture?”) that we are crippled from the very start of our efforts to leave the system and live differently. Add into that the devastated world we live in, the overbearance of the Leviathan monster in absolutely everything and what do you get?

A sure fire recipe for disaster and failure (imo).

I’m not saying we shouldn’t try – but I am saying that we are severely wounded and handicapped from the very start. It will take more then a generation for this to be “undone”, but there is no guarantee that will happen either, because Leviathan will be fighting like hell to continue its existence and presence (to the death).

I am convinced that we are at a huge turning point in human history, but our success is by no means assured. We are facing cataclysmic changes and disruptions in everything. It goes without saying (imo) that it is utterly pointless to try to hang onto the predominant paradigm, but what of it? I’m just one man and I will be quickly crushed by any opposition that I might offer.

It will take massive numbers of people to embrace a new paradigm before it can truly take root and have any hope of survival and continued existence. Those numbers do not exist today. All we have today is a “thought” experiment by the masses of people who are considering these things. There is little “on the ground” effort being actually done.

I am not discounting the thousands of villages, groups and counter culture movements – but this is tiny compared to the overbearing omniscient presence of Leviathan throughout the world.

The truth is – we are making little difference. Most grassroots efforts when truly assessed are making very little difference. Nobody likes to talk about this, but it’s true. Our world grinds on, destroying and plundering and thundering ahead like a bear in a china closet, breaking, smashing and damaging everything in it’s path, despite everything that has been done by these groups.

The question then becomes, how do you stop Leviathan? Well, you don’t, not directly, it’s probably too big, too massive and has too much momentum. You do what you can, irregardless of Leviathan’s momentum. You keep going, you keep plugging away, you keep struggling for what you believe and what you want. And you hope Leviathan implodes, crashes and destroys itself.

There is plenty of evidence that this is now happening. Frankly, I’m glad to see it, because the alternative is unacceptable. Humankind’s “way of life” has been to destroy everything with complete and utter impunity and it is reflected in our cultures today. There is no regard for human life, for the environment, for the animals species, for the air we breathe, for the soil that sustains us, or the water we drink. We’ve assumed that we can master the environment and force it to behave as we dictate, but it’s all backfiring now because we assumed far, far too much.

In our arrogance and indifference and incredible callousness to the real world which sustains us, we did the same things to each other. We beat each other senseless and kill anything and anyone that stands in our way, justifying our actions as pure, good and well-intentioned. We are so horribly maligned as a species that our humanity is in serious question today.

But not everyone is like that, not everyone is willing to go along with this insanity. Therefore, finding others that are of the same persuasion and of the same commitment is very important. The ecovillage is just one way, but certainly not the only way. The Kogi Indians in South America is another way. There are numerous ways to leave Leviathan, but one thing is for certain – leave we must. We cannot live otherwise.

Somewhere, somehow, we must establish the tiny little enclaves of resistance where the true human spirit can flourish. To stay in Leviathan is certain death for the entire human race imo because it is thundering off the cliff and is too ignorant to even realize it.


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