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The Katrina disaster will very likely be overlooked in one of the most critical areas. The lessons learned here (if ever man can truly “learn his lesson”) will be to offer faster disaster response, more decisive decision making and better funding, among other things. But what is really needed is to acknowledge that the disaster in Katrina need not have happened at all.
The fact that New Orleans sat below sea level was not lost on anyone – but what was lost before the disaster was that for every modification mankind makes to his environment, there are staggering consequences to his actions.

Katrina should be a lesson learned, but probably won’t. Learning sustainable isn’t that hard. It is the obvious that we are choosing to ignore. While we are fixated on the same replayed images and stories being churned out by the MSM, the real lesson of a sustainable city and the reliance of people is being utterly lost.

Why were the survivors unable to help themselves? At one point, it was raining and the stories of severe dehydration and death from dehydration abound. There are very simple techniques for making potable water, such as boiling and solar stills, or simply catching rainwater – but I have not read a single story where this was utilized. I’ve read countless stories where bottled water was taken, or fought over, but I am not reading any stories where the people were conscientious enough to help themselves with some simple survival skills.

First off, I don’t trust the MSM to report the whole story, so I will never know whether or not people did more then scavenge whatever they could find. But people dying from dehydration while surrounded by a flooded city surrounded by levies does not make a lot of sense. It’s long been known that many people have died of starvation in times past while surrounded by edible things to eat, so this is nothing new. But this modern mass-tragedy emphasis that the vast majority of people have no concept of self-sustenance. If it’s not available on the grocery store shelf – it doesn’t exist.

Reliance upon an increasingly fragile system for sustenance – or die, is insane. Is that then what we are witnessing today? Mass psychosis? Nobody is immune to disaster, natural or otherwise. Mankinds constant quest to subdue his environment is leading to greater and greater tragedy and the obvious lessons still aren’t being learned.

Intrinsic to the distancing of man from his environment, is the interlocking dependencies it creates. We have become utterly reliant upon these dependencies to provide us with food, clothing, shelter and the very basics of life. If anything shatters this interlocked chain of sustenance, we’re dead, quite literally, because we have simply forgotten how to take care of ourselves.

This also creates massive overpopulation as exhibited today. Many people simply wouldn’t exist in a more balanced world if they hadn’t had the benefits of modern civilization. The farther we deliberately unbalance our world with man-made intervention, the greater the propensity is for disaster – and the (now obvious to all) lack of a proper response, by “officials” and victims alike. We get further and further away from the essential knowledge of self reliance, common sense and sustainable living.

Learning to do for oneself isn’t a lesson you should have to learn in the middle of a national disaster. This should have already been a way of life.

Update — Apparently a few others have now caught on to this. In a Land of Sheep”Lady Katrina, Bearer of Hard Truths


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