Learning How To Grift

I’m a fan of MiedasTouch on Youtube because it’s a legal-oriented exposé of the asinine, stupid, ridiculous and flatly false claims emanating from the usual political sources, which today means Trump, Republicans, Fox News and so on. Here’s one on Tucker Carlson, media whore and traitor to his country:

If you don’t already know, Tucker has been caught out many times, including behind the scenes rants against Donald Trump who he admits he absolutely hates and despises. MiedasTouch has the goods on this in the video above (and several other clips).

Carlson is a media whore like most media today and will say anything to remain relevant. Privately however, he admits that he doesn’t agree with what he publicly says, so what does that make him? Just another grifter, of which we’ve seen many.

MiedasTouch has done countless videos showing the legal jeopardy that Trump (and family) is in, including countless videos on the “Big Lie” claims of a stolen election and so on. I stopped writing about this because it became just too much (stupidity) to wade through. If you believe the election was stolen – you’re a fucking idiot.

Most of the insurrectionist have been sent to jail, although there are still some trials left to prosecute. Indictments are definitely coming for Donald Trump, Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and many, many others (most of the Republican leadership I hope and every one of these bastards that endorsed the stolen election lie). America needs to rid itself of these traitors and prosecute their actions to the fullest extent of the law. Pretty much EVERY lawyer used by Trump is going down too for spreading non-stop lies.

But this is all way, way overdue. The entire country has PTSD from Trump Derangement Syndrome. The man is deranged, unhinged, out of control and still an ever-present threat to the well-being of the country. I simply cannot wait for him to be rotting behind bars where he belongs.

ALL of the lies, dishonesty, grift, deceptions, frauds and fakery behind the past 5+ years needs to be exposed. It’s exhausting work and we’d love to forget, but it’s necessary and overdue. Despite the exposure and coverage, there are still plenty of Americans who remain unconvinced, stalwart (ie., “stupid”) in their insistence that it’s all a lie. Never mind them – move on. Nothing is going to change their mind. But don’t tolerate their bullshit, I certainly don’t and neither should you.

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