Leading Scientist Warns an Irreversible Arctic Tipping Point May Already Be Triggered

Leading Scientist Warns an Irreversible Arctic Tipping Point May Already Be Triggered

Well, this is a no brainer. Doesn’t take 300 scientists drifting for 389 days to figure out either. CryoSat satellites made this clear years ago. As I’ve often said, “you can’t replace the missing ice” despite all the ridiculous promises, claims and conjecture still bloating science articles.

And what part of “irreversible” do they not yet understand? Irreversible means unstoppable. Irreversible means that the ridiculous 1.5C target is already blown.

Global peatland dry-out could release 860 million tons of carbon dioxide per year

This is yet another example of scientific dishonesty.

It’s not too late to stop this from happening. In fact, many countries are already establishing peatland restoration projects.

Yeah, how’s that working out? How much peatland is being “restored”? .001%? Or just 1%?

Lying optimism leads to global inaction. We just saw how pathetic the G7 meeting was on climate (again). Can you blame them when science itself just lies and lies?

I do – because if a blogger can figure this unfolding disaster out years ago, they can too (and should have, already). But they haven’t, or pretend not to. They’re ALWAYS erring on the wrong side of optimism and delayed actions, always. That’s why these “tipping points” have already been “triggered”. They’re pretending that they don’t even understand the physics yet, when it is already plainly clear that if it’s “happening”, then it’s already “triggered”. It’s not rocket science.

The lack of scientific honesty in publications depicting the truth state of affairs for the global environment is appalling. Scientist or editors or both are interjecting hopium and bogus claims that humans have got a handle on this, when in fact, they don’t. Not even close. It’s always worse and worse every year. Assessments are updated, timelines are tightened and disaster is always closer and closer. There isn’t any improvements that are stopping the decline. Every year, we lose more forests, more land, more beaches, more ice, more fresh water, more critical resources, more wildlife, more everything. And yet, these science releases always claim that they’re going to fix these issues because someone in the world is “working on it”. They are lying.

You can’t find a honest article that actually admits to non-stop decline and that nothing adequate is being done to stop it. The phony optimism is always there, and yet the data never supports these claims. Any tiny improvements in one small area are absolutely overwhelmed by the larger picture elsewhere. It’s like trying to stop a dam leak with your fingertips when the dam itself has a gigantic crack running all the way through it. And they won’t admit to any of this.

Science advisors and science reporters would do well to stop lying to the public about how bad things really are. Politicians should of course do the same. Their fake optimism is wasting incredible irreplaceable time that will lead to global extinction of the human race.



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6 thoughts on “Leading Scientist Warns an Irreversible Arctic Tipping Point May Already Be Triggered

  • June 16, 2021 at 2:21 pm

    I’m sure there are plenty of genuine scientists who are not using the words ‘may’, ‘could’, ‘it is possible’ etc. but are using the words ‘will’, ‘have already’, ‘it is not possible’ etc. But such people are never allowed anywhere near the media, and the producers of journals and magazines etc., have a short-term vested interest in keeping the masses uninformed (misinformed) and deluded via the promulgation of half-truths and lies.

    The problem with being a truth-teller is that you have to walk around with a huge target on your back and be prepared to be faced with denigration, insults and potential loss of employment …..in a system that cares very poorly for the unemployed. Been there, done that!

    On the same theme:

    ‘New Zealand

    People have an over-attachment to their cars’: where is Auckland transport going?
    Aucklanders are driving more than ever and it’s bad for their health – but efforts to get them out of their cars are failing’


    Yeah, well, the reason the ‘efforts are failing’ is because they are pathetic, whereas the effort to keep people using cars is monumental.

    All we hear from the LINO government and the so-called opposition is ‘build more roads’. So we do. And huge car parks for when cars are not being driven.

    The fact is, the pubic transport system (not that even that is sustainable) was decimated decades ago, and nothing was put into it when the window of opportunity to save humanity from greed and stupidity was still open.

    It’s the same with practically every aspect of the system: the loot-and-pollute gang rammed their short-term agendas down the throats of society via bought-and-paid-for politicians and the outright lies promulgated by the advertising sector -Bernays and all that.

    We live in The Age of Consequences.

    Sorry folks, The Age of Entitlement is over.

    Most people are STILL yet to realise.

  • June 16, 2021 at 2:37 pm

    On the matter of USA versus Russia, I personally do not believe one word of the widely promoted narrative that Putin is an evil bastard who holds on to power by locking up or assassinating political opponents. I personally think it is all bollocks (propaganda) churned out by the ‘great lying machine’ to keep the proles in the Anglo-American camp compliant, as per ‘Two minutes of hate’ in Orwell’s 1984.

    If anyone has evidence I am wrong, I’d love to see it. But for the moment I’m with Dmitri Orlov and Pepe Escobar on the matter.

    I believe the huge gulf between the the positions of ‘western leaders ‘ i.e. of the US, UK, and their satellite state, was vividly demonstrated at the 75th anniversary VE Day, of the end of the Second World War in Europe.\:

    The Anglo-Americans and their puppets stood on platforms surrounded by security guards, with everyone in the vicinity scrutinised.

    Putin walked solemnly along the street with those whop carried photographs of fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts etc. killed in the war, and not a security guard in sight.

    • June 16, 2021 at 3:01 pm

      I can only wonder why you don’t believe any of it. Plenty of factual stories about Putin’s enemies being locked up, murdered and just disappeared. On this topic, we will definitely disagree.

      I only know one Russian immigrant who has nothing but horrible things to say about Putin. Putin rules with an iron fist and suppresses dissent, Russia’s prisons are still full of political prisoners. Torture still happens in Russia. These are all clear signs that Putin isn’t above corruption, to say nothing of his enormous wealth and associations with Russian mafia organizations. Suspect you need to read more.

      His moves to stay in power are also quite legendary. He even managed to get their constitution changed just for him. Any other country would recognize these as the moves of a dictator.

      Putin knows he’s untouchable, so his acts of bravado in public are meaningless stage posturing (grand standing). And yeah, I doubt the claim that there was no security guards on site, just because they were not uniformed doesn’t mean they weren’t there or nearby. The security apparatus in Russia is absolutely enormous.

      Putin is a monster by all accounts from people who have had dealings with him. Look at what they did to Nalvany. Trumped up charges, poisoning and now imprisonment. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of Nalvany himself, it’s the actions against him and his movement that are being measured, and they are not good.

      Putin enjoys impunity – and he got there by being a brutal monster. Like any other career politician, he’s held onto power through corruption, extreme wealth and nefarious deeds. He’s not a good person – good people rarely reach the pinnacles of power and they certainly aren’t allowed to stay there for decades and rule with impunity because they’re “good”. That never happens.

      • June 16, 2021 at 9:11 pm

        We outsiders don’t really know anything when it comes to North Korea, Russia, deep inside the communist state of China etc. You have to live there are listen to the gossip to know. And even that may be just gossip.

        I do know, from several years teaching students, that most of them are delightful, but a few are lazy, manipulative thieves.

        The story of the great famine tells how Mao did a deal with the USSR for machinery that China could not make; payment was to be made in wheat.

        Zealous party officials tried to outdo each other currying favour, and extracted from their regions more what than the local people could produce as a surplus; so they starved. One woman told how she was pregnant and unable to work as hard and as long as others, so her food ration was cut by the local party official.

        When Mao did a tour of the regions, he was taken to places where the peasants were not starving, and lots of normal or slightly plump, smiling peasants were instructed to line the route and wave flags.

        My parents used to tell me that, during the early days of WW2, the BBC always declared “all our planes returned safely,” even as they saw them falling from the sky.

        There’s a plaque in the room I’m in at the moment which lists the names of ‘gallant New Zealanders’ from the district, who ‘served’ in the Boer War -Britain’s successful war to expand its empire from the southern tip of Africa into previously Dutch territory, to get hold of the gold and diamonds etc. known to be there, and to form a continuous chain of territories from the cape to the Nile delta.

        All governments lie, some more than others.

        Even as we go into severe, and accelerating, meltdown of the planet, the NZ government continues to promote the entirely false narratives that we can fix the predicament by switching to electric cars powered by windmills etc. Recently announced, a subsidy for the purchase of electric cars!

        No money for rotting children’s teeth or for flood protection of vulnerable locations. But always plenty of money for scams and corporate non-solutions to the predicament.

  • June 16, 2021 at 9:17 pm

    I guess they will generate a new graph with a lower x axis for Lake Mead, since the 2021 line is about to cross the x axis, maybe in just a few days. 1070.76 on a graph with a 1070 x axis.

    Or cease reporting the level because it is unmentionable.


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