Laying Waste

Here’s a video of what we are doing to our planet (disable your browser blockers to see video):

A small army of dump trucks are deployed to Bali’s beaches every morning to clean up the accumulated debris for the tourists.

Every year it’s worse – and every year, politicians claim they’ll do something. Nothing much happens. The sources of these plastic pollution pieces remain unaddressed.

Laying waste continues in Brazil, as the new President Jair Bolsanaro ramps up his murderous campaign against the indigenous. Keeping to his campaign promises to engage opponents with brutality and murderous tactics, Bolsanaro is true to his word. It’s okay now to “kill”.

In the modern world, nothing is sacred except the almighty dollar. Everything is for sale and when it’s no longer useful, it’s discarded. The piles of pollution and endless destruction being wrought upon the world is being widely ignored by producer and consumer alike. All that matters if whether or not profits are being made and entertainment and leisure are still possible.

We’re killing the planet of life, laying waste to the only home life has in this solar system. We keep pretending that living in this toxic soup doesn’t have any real effect, but this isn’t true. Our wastes are accelerating our own demise and shortening our own lifespan and affecting our health.

There is also the waste that we can’t see – invisible electromagnetic radiation. We’re all constantly surrounded by this man-made radiation, and it’s also being ignored.


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