Laugh or Cry

I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry at this story: Artist Live In Mall For 4 Years

On one hand, who’d want to do such a thing? I can think of no bleaker blight on civilization then the mall.  Living there would be a prison sentence.

On the other hand, who’d care if someone did this? Other then being “private property” (only at night, apparently), they weren’t really doing much harm. In fact, their video documentary might be somewhat informative — an indictment against the inane reasons for even having malls.  Who knows?

“Illegally eating” was one of the ridiculous claims made in the article.  Don’t they serve food and drinks in malls?

The publicity alone is worth a mint to the mall businesses. If they were thinking, they could have rented the place out as their own publicity stunt, or even made a new version of the Living Dead or something.


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2 thoughts on “Laugh or Cry

  • October 3, 2007 at 4:26 am
    Simply amazing!

    Not exactly on the same level, but when I was a young man (age 20), for about 8 months while struggling economically and technically homeless I somewhat illicitly and clandestinely lived upstairs in the movie theater where I worked (as projectionist/assistant manager), sleeping in a corner of the main projector room, washing up in the upstairs (private) bathroom, etc.

    During the day, I continued to attend classes at the local community college, then reported for work in the late afternoon (always early, not surprisingly).
    I kept my meager belongings stored in an area of suspended ceiling, carefully packed up anything that might give me away before leaving each day, did my homework in the business office, laundry in the sink, and so forth. As I had the key and alarm codes, I could come and as I liked, and neither the manager nor owner ever discovered the truth, although they came close on a couple of occasions. Meals often consisted of popcorn and soda, as neither were inventoried.

    The self-induced stress from such a lifestyle is severe, to say the least, but pales in comparison to what others have done.

  • October 3, 2007 at 8:10 am
    Gee! never thought about a mall… But I always had the back seat of my car. Others I knew used to sleep in cars on dealers lots at nite, not all used ones were locked back then…

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