Last Statement

The Live Free or Die is the motto of the State of New Hampshire.

But all is not well in New Hampshire: Last Statement Sent

It’s a long read, so here is the short version: man sets himself on fire and dies in front of the county courthouse. His last testimony is about why he did this.  You should read it.

You may not agree, but that isn’t my point. He was clearly fed up, like

the guy that flew his plane into the IRS building. There was also that other guy that immolated himself protesting animal rights.

The growing dissension in this country, even in the Live Free or Die state is palatable.

And it is about friggin’ time.

I’ve long wondered when people would say “enough is enough”.  Everyone has the right to decide that for themselves.

Anybody that does however, will be painted in the worst possible light, so expect that.


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