Know Thy Enemy

Apparently, 132 million Americans want to be tortured, according to the new poll conducted by Raw Story. What they don’t know if that they are the terrorist suspects. Too bad, because there appears to be a ready supply of torturers too, no less then 3,000,000 are willing to do the job for “any reason”. They’ll probably work for free too, or just for meals.

Fast forward a few years as collapse deepens. The ground work for torture has been laid, ‘dissent’ is now outlawed (or taking a picture – you’re all al Qaeda suspects now), anyone caught disagreeing with the State, standing around, hoarding food or chewing bubblegum is an ‘enemy’ of the State. Now fully 1/3 of your neighbors believes that you have a right to be tortured. They will do nothing to help you and will probably actively work against you. Welcome to the future.

Update: Definitely related — US to carry on military trials at Guantanamo despite ruling

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One thought on “Know Thy Enemy

  • June 25, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    You have to ask yourself, what if it was they were the ones in the torture chamber? This just shows the stupidity of the sheeple. Of course, if you watch any mainstream news, you’ll understand the way they are misled, disinformed, and outright lied to.

    Hold on a minute – breaking news… Christie Brinkley plans to testify in her divorce hearing. I gotta run… This is really important.

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