Killing for Food

There was an interesting question on Peak Oil forum regarding killing for food: Would you kill for food?

My reply:

We already kill for food.

And I don’t mean the animals we eat (or the plants).

Stop and think about it. Our entire way of life is built upon exploitation of the earths resources — including people. The future will only be more of the same, only worse. Much worse.

Killing for food is already at the heart of western civilization, although not just limited to western civilization of course. It’s all about the transference of energy (and greed).

We steal resources so that we can grow our food in a superabundance. We have to kill people to do this. We manipulate governments and countries to get what we want (resources and control). We demand and enforce economic boycotts so that food and medicine are not available, killing even more people. We offer them ‘loans’ for economic development, provided they meet our conditions, and when those conditions aren’t met, we destroy their economies, killing even more people. And if we really don’t like them for whatever reason we can manufacture, we invade killing lot’s of people. But it’s still all about resources and the transference of energy.

Ultimately, it’s about your resources for my food because I simply don’t want to have to work too hard to get my food. It’s just easier to kill you and take whatever I greed, err, need.

Killing is very much a part of living. We just like to pretend that it isn’t true.


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