Katrina – the good news

There is an up-side to the hurricane disaster.The good news is, the Bush administration will never recover from the stigma of gross incompetence. Already, efforts are underway, which rightly point the blame on the responsible parties. “Don’t look for Bush to complete his term in office.” Hah!  We can always hope.

That’s the good news. If only now the country can survive it. The ineptness of the disaster rescue-recovery effort also points out to the inability and effectiveness of government. This too, is “good news” for those who believed otherwise. The true nature of government and its limited ability to govern only within the defined bounds of the status-quo has been exposed for the fraud that it really is. It’s all an illusion really. As long as the people believe in the illusion, all is seemingly well (it’s not, but the obedience and compliance of the people continues according to the belief in the illusion).

For many people, the veil of illusion has been painfully ripped away. The “system” failed them, rather badly I might add and it’s not over yet. This awakening can be cultivated among those who are now rising from their slumber. It will be important to guide this new awareness in the right direction. And that direction is to teach the people that what is needed is less government. Less intervention and oversight, less involvement and federal funding, less “dependency” upon a whole host of services and funding.

The New Orleans disaster is an example of bureaucracy ineptitude at its darkest hour and the very thing that has hindered the recovery efforts. Let that be indeniably imprinted upon your brain. Big government = gigantic incompetence. Big government = people die. Never forget that.

For every gigantic blunder made by our grossly inept government officials, they are only adding more fuel to the fire of their own destruction. 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and now here at home, New Orleans. The blundering Bush Administration has undoubtedly made it’s final mistake. Or at least we can hope so – before too many more Americans have to die.

I’m sure there are other items of good news. I’ll keep thinking about it.


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One thought on “Katrina – the good news

  • September 2, 2005 at 3:26 pm
    “For many people, the veil of illusion has been painfully ripped away.” Unfortunately, the people suffering in New Orleans (mainly poor African Americans) never had the veil of illusion shrouding their vision. The people who voted for Bush will see this on TV, listen to Bush’s inane speeches, and more or less promptly forget about it. After all, Bush can’t declare war on nature. Well, he could — he’s dumb enough to try it, but that’s probably only going to become a reality at the Onion.

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