January 1, 2011 – Looking Back

These links below are some of the 2010 top pictures / and 2010 year-in-review.

These pictures depict brutality, oppression, greed, gluttony, indifference, environmental devastation, economic collapse, natural disasters and much, much more.  Events and circumstances, engineered and accidental throughout 2010, but all depict at the deepest levels of what we are.

Most are meant to inform and educate you I’m sure, but when I review the year in review through picture sites like this, I keep thinking “why?”.  Why do we treat each other like this?  Why is their so much brutality and suffering?  Why do we accept despair and defeat so easily? Why must we oppress, kill, slay, slaughter and govern over every nuance of life itself?

And most importantly, to what end?  How can we possibly even imagine that this will work out?  Or ever get any better?
While looking at them, think about the human condition being portrayed, and the real reasons why this is all happening.

Top Pictures of 2010 – Part I

Top Pictures of 2010 – Part II

2010 In Pictures – Part I

2010 In Pictures – Part II

2010 In Pictures – Part III

I think that a lot is actually missing from these pictures, such as the underlying true stories, and going deeper, the underlying cause and effects of our collapsing civilization, and how the ruling elitists really “care”, and how humanity is still suffering through some of the most brutal times in human history.

The fact that we are still here gives credence to the indomitable human spirit and the strength that we all have despite the rising global oppressions being inflicted within every nation.

Soon, it will be a crime to continue to make such statements as this, so understand why you are only being shown these small shreds of the truth, there is much, much more that should be shared, that needs to be shared, but we have entered into the Dark Ages once again, where oppression of the real truth is now institutionalized throughout the world.

Instead, we are all well accustomed to being infotained with glitzy glamour and highly sanitized sound bytes and photo op’s which seeks to hide the true ugliness of what we have become, pathetically shielding the glaring realities that none can now fully ignore.

I believe that we are at the very apex of civilization and what we “see” in these pictures is the actual end-result of that civilization.  And I see nothing at all that gives me reason to believe that we will change.  The real truth is quite obvious — it’s all falling apart and 2011 absolutely promises to be just as bad and even worse then 2010.

The reasons are the same as they have always been.  We won’t change.  We refuse to change, deny or even acknowledge the truth and continue to ignore the human and non-human conditions we have caused and created.

Therefore, it is only reasonable, sensible and logical, what I prefer to call “common sense”, that we can only rightly expect more of the same, but even worse, because the collapsing forest of dominoes we have kicked over do not fall alone.


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