It’s The End Times – And Trump Is Here To Save Us

Once again, we have true idiots posing as spiritual “leaders” trying to hawk their list of lies to the gulliable (mostly Americans).

Baker has been at this particular scam for years and years – but it’s always funny to see this clown go at it again, and again, and again, trying to fleece his flock for thousands of dollars. And the really amazing part is – they keep falling for it. I cannot explain it. It’s a phenomena that seems to be particularly American.

And for only $4000, you can get a Banquet In A Bucket – which I already know is crap “food” that is severely overpriced and a terrible choice.

Whatever happened to true religion in this country? Does it even exist anymore? I know that my home town, where I met my wife, has become a cesspool of religious stupidity. The entire town is at each other’s throats because of it. The community is severely divided, fractured and angry.

I’ve watched a bunch of the videos people have posted on this – and I’m quite shocked at just how bad things have gotten. Utterly ridiculous and stupidstitious claims are being fabricated whole cloth (reminds me of Alex Jones) about the “end times” and new religious doctrines. It’s absolutely crazy, but it’s also a reflection of what seems to be happening all over the country.

We’ve entered into a totally new era of “stupid”. And it’s now making headlines on the national news, daily. The country is embracing stupid in a major way. I don’t know where this going either, but it can’t be good.


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