It’s Not Over

Just for an ‘exercise’, go to YouTube and type in “Gulf Oil Spill”.  Then, check the dates on the posted videos.

Look closely.

Notice anything?

The “web scrub” has been more effective then the Gulf cleanup.  There is a rather big gap of “silence”, for something that is as major as the Gulf disaster, very noticable.

This is a widely unreported story, which fits in pretty good with this video:

I’ve reported earlier that the Net was being scrubbed of stories, videos and photographs.  This is still occurring, they’re trying very hard to suppress the scope and magnitude of this disaster.

It’s not over.  The environmental disaster is huge, beyond anything this country has EVER seen.

Don’t look to the media to keep you properly informed on this issue.  They’re being prevented and in other cases, complicit to the coverup.

Americans have extremely short attentions spans and quickly forget anything not right in front of their faces.  Which is also why I will leave this post very short — it’s not over.  This is a generational disaster of huge proportions.

Don’t forget.


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