It’s Not A 97% Consensus Now, it’s 100% – And Rush Limbaugh Says “Ignore It All”

As it turns out, the 97% “consensus” on human-caused climate change from our emissions is…… actually 100%.

A study of the 3% “deniers” that did not agree with human caused climate change reveals that they were all flawed in ways which demonstrated “non-repeatability” (their conclusions and results could not be repeated, making them non-scientific).

The researchers tried to replicate the results of those 3% of papers—a common way to test scientific studies—and found biased, faulty results.

Repeated efforts to replicate their methodology only produced agreement with the other 97% consensus!

“Every single one of those analyses had an error—in their assumptions, methodology, or analysis—that, when corrected, brought their results into line with the scientific consensus,”

A review found them all flawed

For those that do not know, scientific conclusions must be repeatable. This proves that the results are in fact valid. In the 3% of papers that claimed that global warming was not human caused – none of their conclusions were repeatable – by anyone. In fact, it revealed that they used flawed methodology, assumptions, cherry-picking and bias to obtain their conclusions. Once that was corrected and removed from the methods followed – their results agreed with the other 97%, therefore there is in fact, a 100% consensus that the global warming we experience today is human caused by our activities and emissions.

Ok you idiot Republicunts – wake up and pull your heads out of your asses. It is YOUR party that is destroying any possible hope for a habitable planet. You stupid fools continue to live in la la land and are standing around waiting for a magical rescue from the invisible Sky God. Your ‘escape plan’ to the problems you’ve caused is never, ever, going to happen. We need you idiots to come back down to Planet Earth and wake the fuck up and realize what you’re doing. It’s time to get REAL. Lay aside your fantasies and start addressing REALITY.

We are fast approaching conditions where it will be too warm to survive here.

Analysis shows that if what’s known as the “wet bulb” temperature (WBT) reaches 35 °C, the human body will be unable to cool down naturally through sweating, even when seeking refuge in the shade. If the WBT climbs to these dangerous figures, healthy individuals will die within six hours. Asian countries, particularly India, will be those most at risk as their carbon emissions continue to rise.

Don’t think this is just limited to Asia and Africa – most of the American South and Southwest is expected to become uninhabitable too because of extreme heat and wet bulb temperatures. This will trigger massive refugee and immigration, global crop losses and extreme crowding and competition for food and critical resources (like fresh water).

All unfolding right now. But then you got this shit-for-brain fat-assed moron babbling on. Does anybody at all listen to this blowhard? He had to evacuate – and I don’t mean his bowels. His ‘advice’ is among the worst in the country. But he’s part of the brain-dead shit-for-brains evil Republicunts that I’ve come to absolutely hate because they’re doing enormous damage to America and any hope for any kind of a future here.

We’re all learning the real truth – we have to outlast you fucking idiots, and whatever disasters Mother nature throws at us too. If you have not prepared for this new reality – you definitely should.


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