It’s Hot

Officially, it was 108 here today, but my thermometer read 110. Tomorrow through Tuesday is supposed to be worse.

I don’t agree with their “1 in 1000” year event claims. No way. This is the new normal people. Know it, plan for it.



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4 thoughts on “It’s Hot

  • June 27, 2021 at 7:26 pm

    When lobsters get tossed into a pot of boiling water, and one brave lobster tries to climb up the walls to sweet freedom…

    Do you know what the other lobsters do?

    They grab their friend and claw her back into the pot of boiling death-water.

    “No way are you getting outta here. You’re staying right here with us.”

    I would like to think that human beings are slightly more “evolved” than bright red crustaceans, but the truth is… sometimes? We all behave like sea-bugs in a pot of boiling water……Death never taste so good…

  • June 28, 2021 at 8:33 am

    The heat wave baking the U.S. Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, Canada, is of an intensity never recorded by modern humans. By one measure it is more rare than a once in a 1,000 year event — which means that if you could live in this particular spot for 1,000 years, you’d likely only experience a heat dome like this once, if ever.

    The media is going apeshit over these ridiculous “once in a millennium” claims. Complete bullshit. More likely as not to happen EVERY year from now on. I can’t see how this isn’t a real possibility, with a greater then 50% chance of this being a yearly occurrence and happening more then once per year. That’s what happens when the Earth absorbs too much heat.

  • June 28, 2021 at 3:31 pm

    It’s not just the extremely hot conditions that occurring with ever-increasing frequency, it’s also the wild swings, which come ‘out if the blue’ (though predicted decades ago0.

    So far this year we’ve had extraordinary drought, extraordinary flooding, and now extraordinary cold….hail and snow, and wellington getting battered by high winds.

    It’s all good stuff for bringing the rotten-to-the-core money-lender system to an ignominious end.

    Charles Hugh Smith again highlights the fact that everything in the financial world is now held together by egregious fraud perpetuated by the Fed (US Federal reserve, which is neither federal, nor does it have any reserves).

    Even as we endure the early stages of Planetary Meltdown, the focus of governments is almost entirely on protecting the accumulation of fiat (fake) wealth by the few at the top of the pyramid.

    ‘When Expedient “Saves” Become Permanent, Ruin Is Assured’

    …’To save its cronies from the catastrophic losses that should have been taken by those making the bets, the Fed instituted one expedient “save” after another: backstopped global banks with $16 trillion, dropped interest rates to zero, eliminated truthful reporting by ending mark-to-market pricing of risk, flooded the financial system with free money for financiers, all designed to signal that the Fed will never let its cronies suffer the consequences of their risky bets, i.e. the perfection of moral hazard.

    The Fed’s perfection of moral hazard has now spread to the entire market and populace: it’s not just the skimmers, scammers, fraudsters and embezzlers who are supremely confident the Fed will never allow them to experience the consequences (i.e. crushing losses) of super-risky bets going bad; the entire American populace now shares that supreme confidence that one can put all of one’s life savings on any roulette number (GME or AMC option, Doge cryptocurrency, etc.) and the Fed will guarantee every roulette number is a winner–a big winner.

    As a result of the Fed’s perfection of moral hazard, systemic risk has exploded to unprecedented levels. As risk cannot be extinguished, it can only be transferred, the Fed has transferred geometrically expanding risk to the system itself.

    The Fed’s fig-leaf for this vast transfer of wealth to the top layer of gambler sociopaths is the wealth effect: if the Fed triples the value of stocks, then all that new wealth will encourage people to borrow and spend feeely, keeping the economy from the cleansing of a recessionary contraction of risky credit…..

    By making expedient “saves” permanent policy, the Fed has ensured the destabilization of the entire financial system. If you promise no amount of risk will ever deliver any consequence other than “every roulette number will be a big winner,” then risk rapidly approaches near-infinite heights. If the Fed attempts to backstop and bail out every institution and punter who believed in the Fed’s power to extinguish risk, that expedient “save” will collapse the system.’

    So ‘we’ are destroying the planet for the sake of maintaining for just a little longer a financial system that has no long-term future, no medium-term future and from we are witnessing no short-term future.

    Another year or two of this shit?

    I see the Americans are busying themselves fighting off ‘insurgents’ who don’t want Syrian oil stolen by America.

    Gotta keep the industrial monster fed with black stuff, and ensure catastrophic environmental meltdown as well as financial meltdown.

  • June 28, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    Presently 33F above “normal” temps for this day and location. Literally feels like a baking oven outside. Temp is 110F, so it’s worse elsewhere. Small fire nearby too, hope they get it out asap. Now we’re being told the heat dome will last past July 12th. Yeah, I’m worried. Nutters do stupid things.

    The new “normal” is going to suck.

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