Newsletter – Issue 51

A few of these top links might be a slightly dated since I delayed publication of this issue:

Afghanistan Has 700 Military Bases Now – This is rather unbelievable.  Can ANYBODY explain why on earth the United States would require 700 bases in Afghanistan (other then oil of course)?

There’s more on this here, and here.  If you want to know why were dead broke and why we’re going to stay that way, there’s plenty of reason to find that answer in these articles.

Greece Outlaws Cash Transactions Above 1500 Euros – Hahaha, told you so!  Governments are getting so damned desperate now that they’re going to outlaw cash!  We can only wonder what other countries will try to follow this insanity next.  Or how Greeks will revolt and riot and tear the country apart.

I strongly suspect that this “move” is no accident, but planned event of a kingpin domino.

Colorado Cops To Use Biometric Eye Scanners – More police state tactics.

Feds Push For Tracking Of (all) Cell Phones

United Kingdom To Use Robot Drones To Monitor Civilians

Desdemona has a writeup on one of those nasty multinational companies (Chevron) polluting the environment in the worst possible way.   There is much more on this story here at the ChevronPitt.  And some here, Chevron In Ecuador.  It’s pretty disgusting how American companies treat the people of other nations.

Not unrelated, ConocoPhillips, BP and Caterpillar quit USCAP.  The “unfair” claims are simply a coverup for the demand that they operate business as usual and damn the environment and the consequences to the people (of the entire fucking planet).

I am SO SICK of the lies these companies spout off. They never did have any intention of reducing their pollution and environmental damage as evidenced by how they treat the “natives”.

Be sure to catch up the ice shelves disappearing on Antarctic Peninsula.

There is HUGE glacier floating off of the coast of Antartica, large enough to cause disruption the thermohaline (ocean currents).

Some observations are in order as considered during my short ‘vacation’:

A) Critical resources are going to be “locked up” for specific nations and elite groups.  Count on it.  You will need to do everything you possibly can to ensure that there will be enough for you. The easiest way to do thi is to learn to live with less.

B) Nothing is “accidental”, this has all been carefully planned out.  The manipulations we are witnessing are deliberate, methodical, meglomaniacal.

C) This is ALL related to climate change, this is the tactical response I wrote of before, and the orchestration and manipulation of “public opinion” that we are seeing is part of the manufactured distractions.  The so-called “debate” actually isn’t a debate at all.

D) The people in charge are quite willing to destroy everything left to remain in power. They do not see this as problematic either, because they are going after a limited society solution.

E) They have no interest in doing the right thing by the rest of us (none whatsoever), and this accounts for the lip service we have seen.

F) They are paying to stir up the right wing and to create a non-sensical smoke screen over the climate change issue, but the reality of what they know and how long they’ve known it is a very different reality.

This is creating a huge distraction right now, but this is not working as well as they desire.  This is because the climate itself is not subject to human demands and dictates, not even by these people.  They cannot manipulate these things to where we cannot see, experience and even feel what is happening outside our own windows.

G) This will create more desperation and more totalitarian response, as they will see the growing disbelief and unrest as a threat to their power base and continuance as global exploiters and polluters.  Therefore, they will attack everythng that they possibly can, any sort of dissent or disagreement, or growing movement.  They will undermine, infiltrate, disuade or even assassinate these efforts and individuals as quickly as possible. They are utterly ruthless and uninterested in anything else.

H) They are in fact monitoring everything, including this newsletter.  Every website, email, fax, phone call is being monitored for signs of dissent and a “departure” of the status quo.  Our every move is being watched by them.

I) They are going to force “down” the middle class (and the lower class) to subhuman standards of living.  This is one of the methods on “how” they are going to preserve the remaining resources for themselves.  The economic collapse is no accident, it is a designed “free fall” to force down the standards of living and consumption of goods.

The Absolute Insanity Of It All

We live in a time when an not one, not two, but three skyscrapers can be blown up on live television, with American citizens still inside, and passed off as “terrorist attack” (by cave dwellers no less), justifying all kinds of crimes against humanity, including not one, but two regional wars and millions of civilian deaths in foreign lands (where there just happens to be lots of oil).

This is the Road to Armegeddon, foisted upon the entire world by religious fundementalists and greedy corporate monsters, hell-bent (and demon spawned) on destroying everything that they touch.

Watch Mysterious Deaths of 911 Witnesses – oops, YouTube has mysteriously removed this video already. I watched it, and dozens of eyewitnesses are now dead of plane crashes and suicides, so many now that it boggles the mind and belies the possibility of “coincidences”.


For me, this round began a month ago, when Dr. Glikson sent me a paper about Rising Seas and Climate Skeptics. In it, he said that our current CO2 levels of 388 parts per million already commits us to 3 or 4 degrees of heating in the tropics, and ten degrees in the polar regions.  Never mind what emissions may come in 2100 or 2050 – the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere will drive us beyond the tipping point, beyond the possibility of human controlAre We On The Road To Mass Extinction?

I spotted something over on this last link – The Obituary of Nature.  That’s what this newsletter has become.  And that’s what the blog became.  And that’s what two former forums became.  Seems like there isn’t anything I can do to change any of this, and the utter futility, the insanity of it all is mind-blowing.

We are facing a hellish future, every human on this planet.

CO2 is 28 times more soluble in water than is oxygen. Above critical threshold CO2 becomes toxic for certain organisms. Marine organisms are more sensitive to changes in CO2 levels than are terrestrial organisms. Excess CO2 reduces the ability of respiratory pigments to oxygenate tissues, and makes body fluids more acidic, thereby hampering the production of carbonate hard parts like shells. Relatively modest but sustained increases in CO2 concentrations hamper the synthesis of proteins, reduce fertilization rates, and produce deformities in calcareous hard parts. The observed pattern of marine extinctions is consistent with hypercapnia (excessive levels of CO2), with related extinction events [4].  CO₂ Mass Extinction And Climate Change

Now you know why the oceans and the life within them are dying so fast.

Pacific Northwest Dead Zone hypoxic events unprecedented

Coastal Ocean Hypoxcia Events

There have been reports of whales dying in increasingly larger and larger numbers.  New Zealand reports euthanizing 28 pilot whales that “mysteriously” beached themselves.

Sea Level Rise and City Flooding – A must see graphic of how rising seas are going to affect human habitations.

The following article is the most important article I have ever written.

The Death of the Biosphere

The world is already tracking at 460 ppm when CO2 emissions and methane levels in the atmosphere are combined.

Calculating the amount of CO2 absorbed by the worlds oceans with atmospheric CO2 also reveals 460 ppm of CO2.  Combined with methane and we are already well over the maximum threshold for human survival on this planet.

This commits the warming of the Earth to above pre-industrial levels of 3 to 4 degrees C in the tropics and 10 degrees C in polar regions, commiting the planet to an ice-free Earth.  Since the 18th century, a rise of 0.8 degrees C has occured, with another 0.5 degrees C masked by industrial-emitted aerosols (SO2), and a further rise is ensured by the current melting of the ice sheets and sea ice.

At 4 degrees Celsius leads to the total melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, causing sea levels to rise tens of meters higher than at present. Further rise of CO2 above 500 ppm and mean global temperatures above 4 degrees C can only lead toward greenhouse Earth conditions such as existed during the Cretaceous and early Cainozoic.

This will also trigger a further rise of atmospheric CO2 concentrations as deforestation and the burning of vegetation (forest fires) releases even more CO2 into the atmosphere.  The world’s boreal forest are the largest carbon sinks on Earth, and they will burn.

Methane levels released will increase from the melting permafrost and ocean floor (methane clathates / hydrates).  A sudden release of up to 50 gigatons of methane is expected to happen at any time. That would increase the methane content of the planet’s atmosphere by a factor of twelve,[16][17] equivalent in greenhouse effect to a doubling in the current level of CO2.

Any of these factors (plus the climate feedbacks) will push the climate well past the 500 ppm CO2 levels that allowed mammals to exist on the planet.  The tragic truth is, we are already “there” no matter how you measure it.

The oceans have already become carbon-saturated, without which we would already be far past the “tipping point”.  But the oceans are now dramatically falling in their ability to absorb the increasing levels of CO2.   Since 2000, this decline has been 27%.  Signs of severe ocean distress is evident in the hundreds of dead-zones and decalcification of marine animals and dying coral reefs throughout the world. The oceans can also emit carbon dioxide once they can no longer absorb more when temperatures increase just 2 C.

Melt waters at both poles and throughout the world’s vastly shrinking glaciers melt more ice, with ice loss resulting in albedo loss (solar reflection).  More exposed water absorbs more infrared heat, resulting in an amplified feedback cycle.

Humans will not be able to live on an ice-free Earth. Nor will any other large mammal.

The global currents of wind and water (thermohaline) will stop.  The oxygen in the ocean ceases.  Most sea life will die as the oceans become stagnant.  This can cause hydrogen sulfide and at very small concentrations – parts per million – this can kill humans.

But long before that happens, we’ll have already ceased to exist in anything like our present form.  Our cities will collapse from multiple reasons; salinization of acquifers, failing food production, dramatic climate extremes, energy collapse and socio-economic collapse.

We are well on the road (right now) to mass extinction of the entire biosphere. It’s all happened several times before (10 – 13 times before in fact). All coinciding with rapid global warming, and volcanic events.

This is an open secret with government and the military, they know and understand the developing danger that is now occurring.  The impending disaster, known so well by biologists, physicists, paleoclimatologists, ocean specialists, even cloud specialists – is not part of the general social mind.  The message has not reached the public.  Perhaps, the possibility of extinction cannot be communicated, using the minds we have now.  Without any memory of such an event, do many lack the inner ability to comprehend it?

It is EVIDENT that suppression of this knowledge and evidence is the clear agenda – to prevent mass panic, government upset and loss of control.  The climate “debate” / denialist campaign is a part of this agenda to supress the population’s knowledge of how severe things are going to get (and already are).

This is why Copenhagen was sabotaged (before the meeting even happened), the knowledge of how bad things are going to get cannot be made public.  The industrial / militarized world has no intention of saving humanity through any sort of “climate response”.  Watch and see, the evidence is already there.

Nor is there any real “point” to be made by implementing carbon emission controls, which as proposed are immensely futile, weak and ineffective. This is why the leading carbon emitters like the United States and China refuse to restrain their pollutants. Even if they could and were somehow sucessful in policing this activity, it is already too late to stop climate change. At most, we could forestall the effects by a extremely short time (perhaps a decade).

The reality is, the world cannot support 7 billion humans in a hotter world, it is not even remotely possible.  Food and fresh water will become impossible criteria for such numbers. But the same can be said for 5 billion, 4 billion, or even 2 billion people.  Population will be dramatically reduced as global food supplies plummet (and by “engineered solutions”).  Attempts to migrate north are going to run into severe problems.  Northern regions don’t even have the soils to support the necessary food production for a refugee population.

Securing critical resources has now become the clear agenda for nations who are actively preparing for climate wars.  But even this is not the truly terrifying truth, as horrible as it all is.


The Earth as we know it is going to die. We are already past the point of no-return.

What do you do when, after absorbing the best assessments from a multitude of sources, determine that the fate of the Earth, and all of the lifeforms upon it today, is destined to die, and that this will happen very, very soon (most likely within one or two generations)?

Most people cannot and will not accept this, as it is just too incomprehensible to consider.

This is not conjecture, but a growing body of scientific evidence that we are facing mass extinction of the biosphere.  The Earth will continue to exist, but not in a form which we would recognize, nor in a manner in which we ourselves could exist.  The die-off “event” that this assessment reveals will be massive, unrelenting and all-encompassing. It is already happening right now.  We are being reminded daily in news stories, reports and assessments from locations all over the world that the biosphere is in fact dying at a rate ten thousand times the natural.

We can comprehend the extinction of certain species, such as the dodo or even the tiger, but we cannot seem to grasp the meaning of the extinction of the biosphere, even though we have ample evidence already pointing to this fact.

The truth is, when they die, we die.  We cannot possibly hope to “replace” them and the millions of essential roles that they played in the circle of life on this planet.  The planet is already reacting violently.  Humans are probably the most vulnerable species of all to this violence, because we are so poorly adapted to a changing physical environment.  Up to this time, we have relied upon technology and harvested energy sources to protect us, sustain us, provide for us and to feed us. We are also reaching the end of that road too, as widely documented with peak oil and energy collapse.

What will we do when climate collapse overtakes us?  When the concentration of atmospheric gasses becomes so overwhelming that life on the surface of the Earth and in the oceans cannot survive?  What happens to us if this occurs suddenly like before?

What do we do when the very forces of nature overwhelm our best technologies and efforts?  When the seas stop producing food and the land itself cannot sustain us all?  When the mass extinctions occurring now are so overwhelming that entire ecological systems are effectively destroyed?  When even the very basics of life, food, water, shelter are no longer guaranteed or even available to us?  How can we hope to exist, eat, and procreate when nothing else can and nothing else survived?

The signs of all this are happening right now and should be carefully considered by everyone. We are on the road to self-extinction in ways which we have only barely begun to imagine in our worst nightmares.

Listen to Radio EcoShock – On The Road To Mass Extinction (mp3 file).

Also see Arctic Ocean Seafloor Methane Venting


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