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Sudden Mass Awakening – video.

MIA Video – (warning, graphic, disturbing content).

Spencer sent this in:  Cheat Neutral – well worth watching.  Also follow their website links, won’t take long, gets the message across perfectly clear except for the most obtuse…

Gigantic deluge in Tennesee – More, absolute concrete proof that climate change does not exist.  Thirteen inches of rain may be considered normal in the days ahead.

We’ve had a ton of rain here, preventing me from doing much outside work except try to keep things dry. I’m only barely suceeding most of the time, the winds have hit 70 mph today, crashing trees and bringing down powerlines.  Several people were killed in related accidents due to the high winds.  My smoke signals of things to come were literally blown away.

I don’t buy into the conspiracies that Deepwater was brought down by sabatoge. First off, this theory seems to emanate from that gigantic blowhard and secondly, where are the Israelis?  The body count isn’t high enough to suit their interests, and you have to keep in mind the areas affected. Or are we all just pigeons?

What happened was human error, compounded by corporate greed and malfeasance. The same old, same old.  BAU is not without impacts, and this time, we’re seeing up close and personal, instead of halfway around the world where we can convienently forget about it and go on pretending, “it ain’t happening”.

In the days and months to come – denial, blame, obsfuscation and a cleanup gone wrong, again.

From Natural News and another thanks to Spencer (click image for original article):

That’s the world we all dwell in, like it or not.  Soon, they’ll patent the air we breathe, claiming clean air is not a fundemental human right, but one that we “owe” to the corporations.

How corporations intend to enslave the human race

In the future being created by these corporations, you will not only have to pay money to reproduce, you’ll also have to pay to grow crops, to fertilize those crops, and to harvest those crops. And once that season is gone, you’ll have to pay all over again to buy seeds and pesticides for the next season. Forget about saving seeds or self reliance. The wealthy corporations of the world want the entire population to be dependent on them for food, medicine and even human reproduction. There is no human action that cannot be exploited by corporations for intellectual property claims.

While I totally agree with the above, I don’t agree with the futuristic implications (at all).  All this is already all here, every single bit of it.  Corporations rule the world — and life as we all know it on this planet.  This is no secret either, most of us receive our sustenance through corporations.  Food, clothing, housing, transportation, jobs, medical benefits, retirement — all of these things are “ours” at the behest of the corporations.  Even if your business is a tiny mom & pop proprietorship, it is what the corporations produce that keeps you in business.

There has been a massive race to patent the human DNA, with 20% already patented, so all of this isn’t “futuristic” at all, it’s here, in your face, demanding of you and your time and even your life.

I’ve long argued the point that they own us, lock, stock and barrel (quite literally at the point of a gun), and that they are the true “owners” and controllers of this world, governing even over national governments themselves. Supranational organizations are comprised of multiple corporations, each themselves multinationals, working in concert to control every nuance of life on this planet. They have become the plantation owners of the modern world and we have become their indebted slaves. See this link for a typical history of their evolution.

So when things like Deepwater sink into fathoms of water and an entire national coastline is polluted and desecrated, don’t get too excited that justice will be done.  It’s already much too late for that.

The injustices that abound throughout the world exist to hold the world environment (human) in deliberate tension.  The opposing forces are deemed good, even though most of us would point out to all the “bad” that this causes, like war, genocide, destruction of human life, rights and property and environmental obliteration.  But this is all “good” for business, it creates all types of opportunities and markets.  This is why we often find both sides of a war being funded or supported by the very same people.  They’re not particularly interested in who’s going to win since they control it all anyway, they’re simply interested in making sure that you buy from them, or that the resources remain or wind up in their hands.

This underlies the reasons why I think street protests and marches don’t work.  All those Greeks having a field day smashing windows? What’s the point to that, when they are throwing rocks at all the wrong people? The movers and shakers behind Greece’s downfall  aren’t hiding behind storefronts, hoping the crowds will pass them by and not tear the place up.

Most protests utterly fail to identify the real culprits behind their objections. In America, we blamed Reagan / Bush / Clinton / Bush / Obama / next-guy-in-line in an endless procession of pointless venting. Sure, these dudes are all guilty of complicity, coverup and crimes galore, but they’re also all appointed to these positions of privilege and power.  You think your vote actually counted?  Anybody that still believes this should look into vote fraud — America is a bad as any banana republic.  Any why shouldn’t we be?  They control the software, the voting booths, the ballot boxes and the candidates (s)election!

I am constantly amazed at the lack of cognitive ability to how things really work in this world of ours.  The human side of life on this planet is all so very organized and regulated, right down to the dotted lines where we sign our names to endless “contracts” and “agreements”, never even realizing just how much we have lost and are still blindly, willingly giving away.  We’ve lost the war before their was even a battle and we don’t even know it (still).

Sigh…. this has all been a monumental task for me, and sometimes I could just quit doing it.  I don’t really know what I should “expect”.  All of this information is freely available to anyone who is actually interested, and I’m not the first, nor the last writer that will proclaim these things as being true.  You can find these things out for yourself and I suggest that you do.  But when you do — then what?  What can be done about any of this?

I suggest you quit.  Quit being meekly complicit to everything that is going on.  Quit going along with it all, quit “going along to get along”.  Kick up your heels and simply stop helping it all happen wherever you can.  Object.  Stop funding the Beast that this has all become.  Stop working for these vampires, quit your jobs and go do something else to keep yourself alive.  Go do anything else, just don’t keep feeding the beast(s).

But even I recognize that this isn’t going to be enough.  Somebody else will gladly step into your shoes, but at least it won’t be you.  You can take some satisfaction in that.  Your life will become immensly more difficult when you face up to your true responsibiliites in this life, but it will also become immensely more satisfying.

I once worked for the beast, did so for many years, and found that my life was hugely disappointing, pointless and ultimately, self-destructive.  I was helping destroy everything that I believed in and I finally got up enough courage to quit.  To simply walk away and stop.  I gave it all up, my house, my retirement, my career, everything and as cliche as it sounds, I never looked back.  I never regretted it, I never wished I could change my mind and I never thought that I made a mistake.  Since then, I’ve learned so much more that has only reinforced this decision, making me wonder why it took me so bloody long to quit.

We think we have security in this world and in this life is we stick with the “team”.  Doesn’t matter which team you’re on, but you’re not supposed to break ranks, step out of line and go it on your own.  The world teaches us this and reinforces this concept all of the time.  It’s in every commercial, every advertisement, every job promotion, every corporate logo, every broadcast.

But who’s team are you really on?  Is it yours, or something that you have come to believe in and accept?  And what does this team actually do?  Does it promote life, health, happiness?  Or is it all about making money, gaining property, growing indefinitely?  Does it support war or life?  Does it make the rich richer and the poor poorer?  Does it exploit, oppress, possess and control? Or is it enabling, encouraging, uplifting?

There is a team few have heard about in this age of corporate control.  It’s called Team Life.  Team Life is about you and your individual freedom, your rights and your responsibilities, your connection to all the life all around you and to each other.  Team Life accepts applicants from all walks of life, young or old, rich or poor, black or white.  In Team Life, you get to be whoever you want to be, but on the other hand, Team Life expects you to stop being what you are told to be.  You get to choose for yourself your own path rather then a career path.  You get to be a true human being instead of an programmed automaton, doing what you are told, when you are told, how you are told, as much as you are told.

In Team Life, you get to support causes and projects that are meaninful and important instead of wasting your time and your life on things that are pointless or destructive.  You don’t compete for money in Team Life, you strive for contentment and satisfaction, but you don’t do even these things only for yourself, you do this for the life that is all around you.  You connect to the living instead of competing for the dying.  Things like money, power, prestige, position are anathema to Team Life.  Only the essentials are fought for, the rest is not.

Team Life is looking for new recruits.  Team Life needs you, and you need it.  Team Life will free you from slavery, drudgery and toil.  Hard work is a requirement, but slave labor is not.  Team Life offers everyone all the things that they don’t presently have: happiness, satisfaction, meaning, connection, spirtuality, freedom from debt. Team Life is real, as opposed to that artificial caricature of “living in the corporate world”, that plasticized, supersized, ego-dripping existence in towers of glass and steel and fake murals.

I’ve been writing about Team Life in my own way for over ten years.  I’m not seeking any converts or disciples, just sincere individuals who are fed up, pissed off and put out by what ‘existence’ has become on this planet and how destructive it has become.  People who are ready to cash in the old and embrace the new.

I’m not the leader of Team Life, you are.  I can’t offer you a position, but you can.  Team Life makes no promises other then that it is real.  It’s not easier the Team Corporate, but it is better in inumerable, but measurable ways.  It won’t save anyone from anything, except your sanity, where the battleground has always truly been.

Team Life is still possible for everyone that will choose this existence over all others.  It is an offer to anyone who has had enough and who seeks something more.  It is your choice, nobody else can choose this for you.

Choose wisely.


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