Newsletter – Issue 60

IRS Health Insurance Enforcement – Good luck with that.  Idiots.  It will be cheaper to refuse to pay the mandated premiums and simply pay the fine.  This will also cause a gigantic blackmarket to spring up for medical care.  It is already far cheaper to leave the U.S. and seek medical treatment elsewhere.  This is still legal, but anybody want to bet that they’ll close this down too?

Sent in by Darren, Antarctic Ice Changes.  A great video of the extremely rapid events now taking place in the Antarctic.  Changes in the Southern Ocean depicts what is happening to the bottom of the food chain in the southern ocean.

Verifiable Records of Climate Change Impacts – Nice set of graphs. Not shown is what this will mean for water availability, as snowpacks decrease, temperatures heat up and acquifers, rivers, streams and lakes dry up. A lot of U.S. farmland is being deeply impacted by this already, with crop yields falling (some farms simply can’t be planted any more).

Craigslist Ad Kills Father – This kind of thing will happen more and more.  Sometimes people object when I refuse to allow customer pickup at our Washington location — now you know why, and it’s not just from the fear of robbery either, but the realization that many people are planning on surviving their hard times by going after the food stash.

INDEGENOUS PEOPLES’ DECLARATION – Indigenous people all over the world have always recognized the Earth as being their mother.  They rightly recognized that any assault against the Earth is an assualt upon themselves.

We have been divorced from this knowledge, alienated and utterly cut off to how life truly supports itself on this planet. “Civilization is inherently brutal and being a ‘civilized person’ is actually being complicit in mass murder – genocide and ecocide.”

€œWe mine, we bomb, we pollute, we steal, we kill, we poison and we destroy – Forests, oceans, lakes, mountains, land, the air and our very souls.

Everytime we go to shop, fill up our cars with gas, use any convenience that we associate with modern life. There is a price to be paid, someone will die or has died due to you your consumption. Think of the rivers of blood that have been spilt over land, water, power and oil. And the rivers of blood that will be as we begin our climate descent. Today’s consumption and gratification means that someone, somewhere else will suffer and probably die.

Large parts of the world have been built on the backs of slave labour, including America and resource exploitation and the decimation of local/indigenous peoples.

Civilization is inherently brutal and being a ‘civilized person’ is actually being complicit in mass murder – genocide and ecocide. We deny this reality though, people choose to ignore this reality, absolve themselves of any blame, blame the banksters, the governments, the idiots in charge, anyone but themselves.

When you stone a child, does it matter whether you have thrown a smaller stone? Because this is exactly what we do, on a day to day basis. It is the root cause of the evils that we face in the world, the scars of death and murder, the trail of blood we leave is palpable in our very souls. It rots us from within.

No wonder then that denial is such a wonderful option. Living in our bubble is much better then ever admitting our role in civilization. We are a rapacious and greedy species, with an infinite blood lust. So remember this when you have your next meal, your next dose of medication, the next movie you watch or the next time you surf the web – Your existence has led and will lead to the deaths of many – take a pause and reflect.

Many times at night, this keeps me awake. I drown my sorrows over large amounts of whisky. Their is a madness in this world, one I can not relate too. We all like to think we are better, good, kind, generous. In reality, I am just a cold blooded killer. I don’t even know who I’ve brought suffering too, I just carry on though, as a hypocrite and a charlatan.

So the next time you are happy from consumption or think you are happy? Ask yourself this – what blood price had to be paid to cause that happiness? Suffering brings us a deep connection – to the reality of our world and to ourselves. The unhappiness, the existential torment and emptiness is a sign from the earth – why do you kill me child? Why do you destroy that which bore you, why do you lust for your brother’s heart?€

I can complain about this until the day I die.  For ten years, I have written about our destructive habits and wasteful ways and it has largely fallen on deaf ears. I have joined an army of people who have tried and tried to reveal how destructive we have become as a species, as a culture, as a “way of life”.  Nothing has worked.

Humans do not produce anything that was not already here, but they create gigantic mountains of waste and endless ecological ruin.  We’ve all been taught that this is necessary for the greater good, but the explanation of what this actually means is never defined.

Who’s greater good?  Humans? What if human activity is killing the Earth?  Is there any doubt whatsoever that this is exactly what is happening?

Sometimes people write to me and complain that I should publish more “survivalist” oriented articles.  Really?  Isn’t that what civilization is doing?  Teaching everyone the “survivalist mentality”?  Why should I argue for the survival of the human species, when it is this species alone that is driving the destruction of everything on the planet?  Do I really want to see humanity “succeed” with even more then it already has?

Of course I don’t. Along with my writings are articles on living entirely different lives that advocate we stop destroying the places where we live.  “Survivalist” are just like many other human-oriented movements today, who seek a return to the days of abundance, freedom and (capitalist) opportunity.  But that is exactly the mentality that has made the world an increasingly dangerous and fragile place to live.

We’re never going to see a return to the “good old days” because all the abundance is already gone, we’ve made very sure of that.  All that low-hanging fruit has been plucked from the tree (which we’ve now cut down and burned).  All the easy oil, the best land, the best soils, the fresh water, the minerals and the best forests have all been occupied, strip mined or cut down.  What’s left is what remains and none of it is the best, it’s all marginal “production”, 3rd and 4th growth, requiring significantly more energy and effort to coax into human use.

The good old days are gone — forever.  Humans have spawned like locusts all over the planet, taking up and gobbling down everything in sight. If a forest was in the way or “needed” it was simply cut down. Entire mountain chains have been bulldozed flat for minerals, suburbs and cities, swamps and low lands drained and ducted into gigantic resevoirs and then surrounded by even more cities.

Any political group that embraces the “advancement of civilization” will never learn to restrict human activity.  These concepts are diametrically opposed to each other and will always fail.  Civilization will kill the planet first — have no doubts whatsoever about this, because civilization produces absolutely nothing, but takes everything to exist, to expand, to “advance” its boundaries and dominion.

Civilization is a bloodsucking leech, living off the host of the Earth, infectious and vile, morally reprobate and casting out an evil eye filled with greed and lusts upon any untouched or unexploited land, people or resource.  Civilization takes, takes and takes, incessently, unerringly, blindly with a documentable, verifiable and historical bloodiness that should make you stop dead in your tracks.

We’ve all been lassooed into this gladitorial arena, bamboozled and browbeaten into meek acceptance and connedsumered participation.  Most of us think that this is required of us, accepting the lie that since all men seem to live this way, we should too.  We even believe the deception that we can only advance ourselves and our lives by actively participating in this death-spiral of domination and destruction.

We act and think like human lemmings, do what they do, go where they go, act like they act, never once wondering about the sheer insanity and self-destructive nature of it all.  The cliff that lies ahead is obscured by media brainwashing and government lies.  There’s no cliff — we’re in recovery!

Our culture teaches us to triumph over our fellow humans, treading underfoot all the lesser-earthlings, scarcely even noticing their rapid extinction and the obliteration of their habitats, all sacrificed on the bloodsoaked altars of “human development” and progress.  Unknown to us all is humans have not advanced at all, we have gone backwards, making ourselves sick, diseased, obese and enslaved.  We are all dead men walking, headed in the wrong direction, ensuring that our practices of survival as a species will ultimately wind up in our extinction and the extinction of most other life forms on Earth.

Participation, acceptance, cooperation, these concepts of support to this still-expanding insanity are constantly bombarding our minds through media, through government, from each other.  Verticle “news” and information outlets programs our minds to see and believe only what is permitted through authorized channels and distribution outlets. The U.S. is hugely influential in this regard, catering to corporate America and business interests through carefully timed and well funded media programming.

Once again, I write about what is happening, where we are going, what will become of us all.  And I assure you — it falls upon deaf ears.  We are so far gone now that we cannot admit to what we have become, where we are going and what will become of us.  Some would rather I teach them how to “survive”, selfishly believing that their survival is somehow more important than our survival, the species.

But I have no interest anymore in our survival, why should I? We don’t deserve this beautiful place, we treat it like trash, we kill off its life and beings, we voraciously consume everything we can lay our hands upon, we selfishley act as if we are the only life on the planet.  Our survival would only ensure that we would do more of this until we leave the Earth a blasted, burnt cinder, with the rotting skeletons of billions of beings behind.  Who wants to survive that?

Many science fiction novels are now being written oriented around this theme.  Is it any wonder?  The environmental crisis is stupendously huge now, the survival of humanity is at stake, but greed and gluttony and profit-seeking remains.  Plundering our planet seems to be the only thing we are actually good at (besides war).

I came to recognize that real survivalism is not rooted in what each of us can do, but whether or not we can learn to live with the Earth instead of against it.  Survivalism is not soley a human-oriented issue as everyone seems to think, but a biosphere issue where all beings can exist and “survive”.

Most people mistakenly call this environmentalism, or stupidly “green fascism” or some other such absolute nonesense.  I call this human survival, because we cannot live here if nothing else can.  We cannot live here if we insist on killing everything else, including each other.  We cannot live here if we treat the place so badly that it become unihabitable.  We cannot live here when we cannot breathe the air for fear of radioactive contamination or drink the water because of human pollution or eat the food because of mercury poisoning or even stay warm and dry and fed because of human-induced climate change.

Cutting to the chase, we cannot live here if we keep living the way we are living.  This lifestyle is rapidly dwindling, with tens of millions of environmental refugees already in the world today.  America imports its lifestyle while exporting its pollution and destruction. But I just read that the United States has more deforestation now then Brazil.

The Earth does not need us to survive and admittedly would be far better off without any humans living here.  But if we are going to insist on staying, then we’re simply going to have to insist on living a lot more wisely then we have.  There are far, far too many of us for this to happen.  We’re going to have to do something about the human population problem.  We’re also going to have to dismantle capitalism, which can only survive if there is constant growth.  Humans lived on this planet for many thousands of years without capitalism or politics or corporations of any type.  We could do so again — if we were allowed.

If you REALLY NEED SOME SURVIVAL TIPS that are oriented towards selfish survival – then read this – 20 things you will need to survive.  This is poorly written and some of it absolute junk “protection”, but of the type and quality expressed by many armchair survivalists who can’t see past the bridge of their nose.  Of course, they’re all stop-gap measures too and will only last for a time, so good luck with that.


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