Newsletter – Issue 59

Tin Foil Hats On Sale Now!

There’s a really great deal going on right now for your very own tin foil hat! Special pricing now includes fear mongering, fabrication and custom engraved ball point pen!

Hawkers and hucksters may want to make bulk volume purchases while inventory and public interest remains high. Imminent attack from multiple EMP devices could negate all sale prices and product availability.

Liberals, conservatives and Republicans can take special advantage right now of the liberty fire sale going on right now. Don’t delay, rights and privileges as connedsumer shoppers are at stake! Be the first on your block to take advantage of ours special low, low pricing and fear mongering paranoia!

Al-Qa’ida recruits that were a part of the Noah’s Ark discovery in Turkey may be exempt from this offer.

Offer void where prohibited by law or by government decree, edict, fiat or instrument.


In other mundane news, a new fungus is killing some species, including humans. Future crop productions must more then double to accomade our ongoing population explosion.

Since the Earth still hasn’t stopped shaking, we can expect more earthquakes with a real doozy coming up (again).

That’s a picture of Deep Water Horizon, or what was left of it, as it is now sunk. This gigantic drilling platform exploded and sank into the Gulf of Mexico.

Thousands of barrels of crude oil are now leaking into the Gulf and threatening several wildlife preserves and thousands of miles of shoreline. Oil may spew for months, making this one of the largest environmental disasters in human history. British Petroleum (BP) is now facing multiple lawsuits for the human deaths caused, negligence and environmental damage while reaping in mega-profits.

It’s also raining in the Arctic and ocean acidity up a whopping 30% in just 200 years. Carbon capture is not going to work according to a new study. So much for a “technology fix”.

Time lapse proof of extreme Arctic ice loss (cool presentation). I’ve shared this before on the old blog. This fits in well with the Arctic Report Card from NOAA.

Predator drones will now patrol the U.S. / Mexico borders according to Fatherland Security Janet Napolitano. Ifeel safer already.


My garden boxes are built, placed and soil has been added. The recent deluge here however has prevented me from going further. I did get my front lawn area graded, raked and seeded and already, some new grass is popping up. Ipretty much hate lawns, or rather the sheer waste of what a lawn represents in water and labor to maintain it, but my front yard was in desperate need of something. We’ve got a lot of mud when the water comes, either from snow melt or rain, so a lawn it is…. for now. One day, it’ll be uprooted as space requires for more garden boxes. For now, I picked the better locations for the garden.

I also have fifteen new chickens, all of them quite small and am having to watch the crows that are trying to catch one of these little guys. I have no doubt the crows would kill them if they could, but so far, all fifteen are doing well. We had a chicken house fire and lost all of the adults we had, so I’m starting over.

I lost an entire week of work-time due to something else I had to do, but that’s ok. It has been a beautiful spring here all in all and I’m glad for the break in outside projects. This is the time when I also cut most of my winter firewood and let it season for the rest of the summer months. By fall, it’s in good shape for the woodstove.

I was recently asked this:

if it is possible, we would sure love to see you do a blog on what are the most critical items people need to purchase and stock up on immediately.We have been stocking up on items, but are not sure its the items we will need the most. Another prospective on this would be awesome, and incredibly helpful to alot of people who want to do what they can to prepare at this late date.

I’ve seen lots of lists on things to buy, but don’t really believe in such things to be honest. If you don’t know what you should be doing or the things you need, just do a quick Internet search and you’ll find plenty of experts who will provide such lists. Here is what I wrote in return:

Make sure you have a place to “be” (get land). Can’t believe how many people overlook that one. I’m pretty outspoken against the “bug out into the woods” theme, it won’t work like people think, and around here, would get you dead. Pick a spot to do your thing and stay there.

Other important thing(s) to do is

a) create a portable income (ability to work or make money anywhere)
b) emphasis skills over “stuff”
c) stay debt free
d) drive as little as possible
e) homestead (raise food, animals, self-employment, the “works”)

Anybody can “buy stuff” and fill lists. I don’t see this as the answer, it’s just a temporary remedy for a much bigger problem and creates a terrible dependency. You’ve got to develop the skills (and the time) to meet all your own needs, ie., financial, physical, etc.

One big overlooked area is to extract oneself from the ‘system’ as much as possible, thereby learning how to reduce your own dependency and reliance (and stop feeding the beast).
I’ve really come to disbelieve in the “bug out” theme more and more, and in fact, think this is going to be exceedingly dangerous for people to try this. It will get you dead pretty fast. Either you will never make it “there”, or run out of things you need soon after you arrive, or decimate the local wildlife so quickly and so completely that you’ll starve anyway and then you’ll be competing with your fellow ‘survivalists’.
Or you’ll get sick, injured or lonely or miss talk radio (or the Internet). But there’s one other thing nobody talks about — the locals will hunt you down and kill you.
Think about it. What would you do, or rather how would you feel about hundreds if not thousands of outsiders invading the countryside around you? What are you going to do when things show up missing? Or crops or livestock are stolen? Or if you get robbed? Or squatters move onto your land? Or people are assaulted? Or beggers come knocking, again and again and again? How long do you suppose any of this would be tolerated?
Bug out is basically a dumb idea all around. Everybody needs someplace to be, but being a refugee is bad bad news for you and everyone else. Refugees never fair well anywhere, and I’m sure they don’t call themselves “survivalists”, but that’s what they really are. Survivalists usually include the current crop of self-prescribed experts in “living off the land”, which they will quickly overwhelm and then will fight each other for the remaining scraps of sustenance that can still be found. And when that doesn’t work, or is too dangerous, they’ll come knockin…. or robbing… or join forces and raid… or worse.
Count on it. You can prove this out pretty easily by looking at how war-torn countries and refugee populations have destabilized the regions and areas where they are found and what happens. Nobody wants them and they only receive sufficient, if meager help from large and well-funded organizations. That won’t exist for the “modern refugee” armed to the teeth who has decided to leave home and head to the woods. You’ll be outlaws, unwanted and unappreciated by almost everyone. You’ll also be highly demonized by media and government, which will turn the majority of the population against you. This is what happens to any marginalized group.
There are examples, even modern day examples of fighters living in the jungles and woods, but they have the support of the people in sufficient numbers that they are permitted to exist there. That’s is not something any collapse refugee can actually count on. There are conditions and requirements outside of the scope of this article that existed for them to do this for periods of time (such as revolution).
The collapse that most people are preparing for is not what is probably going to happen. This country remains extremely divided against itself and it won’t be any better when the collapse “event(s)” happen. Outsiders won’t be trusted, tolerate or welcomed in most parts of the country and more then a few of them would be agent provacateurs — a technique already being widely used everywhere, making trusting outsiders doubley dangerous.
I’m well aware that this goes against the group-think that permeates survival circles today, but then so does a lot of what I write. Don’t come here — the locals think that the deer belong to them. And there are a lot of locals that feel exactly like that, all over this country.
Don’t be a refugee — and don’t make yourself one either. If you’ve not found a place to be, do so now. And make your stand there. You will be far more effective. It takes time, effort, patience and practice to develop the skills and experience you need to become self-sufficient. But it also take a “place”, which is your home. The notion that we will move our home off into the woods one day is pure fantasy and for the people that try this — a death trap for most of them.
To make sure I am not misunderstood, Istill believe that a simple lifestyle is better, but the groups of people who think they’re going to leave their desk jobs or assembly lines or janitorial service and go off and live in the woods when “the collapse happens” are smokin’ something that is clouding their brain.
If you’re not in a good place now, a place where you can meet those points above — move. Get your toes on some dirt where you can practice some self-reliant skills and raise some of your own food.
The other points Imade above are just as valid. Don’t get caught up in the “buy stuff” meme. You don’t need everything. I can’t believe the crap that I see for sale for “survivalists”. Most of it is crap and you’ll never use it. You need what will keep you alive: water, food, clothing, shelter and the tools to do that. You will also need a means to generate an income, whatever it is. Barter, work or trade, but the need to make money is still going to exist (or whatever you’re using for money).
Make SURE you figure that one out (keep making your living). I cannot begin to tell you how many Y2Ker’s screwed that one up as they waited upon their mountain of gear for society to collapse all around them. They listened to those tin foil hucksters above and all their ilk — and they lost everything in the process (and these clowns are still shoveling the same old b.s. as always, hands out, grinnin’ all the way to the bank). They had no plans for a future — even their own, except “survival” and it made no damned sense then and still doesn’t.
The best way to of think of collapse or the breakdown of society and what you should be doing about it is to start thinking a bit like the pioneers did and what they had to do in order to survive. Land, water, food, shelter, a place to “be”, a place where you can dig in and survive. You need to get to this place now, (right now), not after some “trigger event” when the roads will be jammed packed and the gas stations bone dry. Go live there now and learn exactly how — and make your life there.
The wanna-be wandering mountain men living off the land in the 21st century will probably exist for a time and in small numbers, but this probably won’t be any of you. And if there are too many that try this (and there probably will be as they thunder down the highways and byways in their R.V.’s and 4×4 trucks, jockeying for space, guns bristling), they’ll quickly find themselves unwanted and almost with a 100% certainty, woefully underprepared. A gigantic “reality check” will be waiting for them, and the bill will be very steep. Most will forfeit their lives (and their belongings) far, far sooner then they might expect.
Dump Your Dependency
Our society is real quick to point you the way to happiness or entertainment or satisfaction or even survival by selling you something. Everything is for sale, including news, stories, entertainment, education, self-help and of course, mountains and mountains of “stuff” — all of which you “need” if you’re going to be happy or be properly taken care of or some other such nonsense.
It seems that behind every message is the real message we’re all supposed to understand but complicitly go along with, and that message is “buy my stuff”. Send me your money and I promise that: you’ll be young again, or you’ll feel better, or you’ll get your health back or you’ll lose weight or you’ll be sexier or you’ll be better looking or you’ll lose your worries, fears and anxieties, or you can find true happiness at last, and on and on and on. You can’t got ten minutes watching the idiot box before being bombarded with glitzy advertising claiming to do all of these things — if you’d just buy something.
Why do we tolerate such nonsense? Can’t anybody see what this is doing to us all?
A society that is so hell-bent on making you all into a connedsumers army mindlessly buying up every possible thing offered up is one seriously screwed up society. You could rightly say that it is a pathological society, solely interested in one thing and one thing only above everything else. A sick society, that must drug and drown itself with rivers of mind-inducing chemicals and alcohol in order to prevent the madness from becoming uncontrollable (which often backfires).
Unspoken is how this creates nation after nation of hundreds of millions of highly dependent people all over the world who are totally, 100% dependent upon the markets and production of society. Their entire existence, even their very life is only possible because they buy everything that they need in order to live. In turn, they tirelessly feed the machine that keeps them alive by incessantly working, working, working to pay their “bills”, which is just another euphemism for what is really going on here (“will work for food” and trinkets too).
It shouldn’t come as any surprise that this is not how it used to be. The exchange of human labor (work and time) for the needs for existence is as old as humanity. But not like this, oh no, it was nothing like what we have today. Today every nuance of life, every requirement, every essential element and nutrient, every possible combination of essential needs comes at a price, which notably is established by total strangers who are quite adept at making sure it’s a profitable price (never mind fair or equitable), which you must pay through forced volunteerism to this system of fraud and abuse (this is called extortion).
You can only exist or even claim the right to exist through participation in this system of exploitation and corruption, a system which benefits nobody except a privileged few (the “owners”) and exploits the many (the people) while laying waste to an entire planet. This is why there is such a thing as a “price tag” upon everything you might possible need in order to live, even on the garbage you must take out. This system of dependency is designed to keep you enslaved as a working slave for the rest of your life, forever addicted to the lifeline of sustenance and toys that this society “provides” for you — at a price of course.
But this is not how it used to be… and you can undue quite a bit of this forced servitude if you learn how. It’s not that hard, but it will require you to put in at least as much effort as you do now at your “job”.
I already mentioned how — get on some land (by any means possible), create a portable income (you should always be able to make money anywhere, even if you’re traveling), emphasis skills over stuff (and practice them), stay debt free (or get there, asap), develop a homestead (wherever you are – just do it).
You will learn by doing — and by doing you will discover many other very valuable assets, such as hard work is rewarding, simple living can be very satisfying, living debt free is disabling to the voracious society and system that is so controlling, healthy living comes from raising healthy food, skills are fantastic “tools” to be used wherever you may find yourself, and homesteading is really a great way to live.
You will also learn frugality, competence, conscientious living, planning, patience and more then a bit of truth, and you will also unlearn the many dependencies that kept us chained to the slave-posts, rowing away all the days of our lives.
It’s late, I’m tired, so off to bed I go. G’nite.


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