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I’m taking it slow these days with the newsletter.  Our early, but wet spring has made it possible for me to get many important outside projects done.  My garden / greenhouse / shed project is one important step for my own self-sufficiency.  All my garden boxes have been built, including deck boxes that will be used for other plantings.  My greenhouse was waiting on the relocation of my shed, which is really a small building, it’s 24′ x 12′ and had to moved.  I achieved this backbreaking chore but broke my tow chain and several steel bars in the process.  This thing must have weighed over 7000 lbs.

I can can now build the greenhouse from those glass panels I’ve been saving all these years. I also have several old windows that I expect to use.

I can’t plant here still, apparently we’re supposed to plant our crops in mid-May.  Our season is short and the greenhouse will help immensely with this.  I have until fall to get this built, as it is simply a bit late this year to worry about finishing it for this spring.  It will probably take several weeks for me to build using recycled materials.


I’ve taken down the old blog for a long-term project.  Several thousand blog entries have been mothballed for now, including all the prep series of articles.


I’m still waiting for those new prices changes from Rainy Day (sigh…) , so the site remains unchanged for the moment.  Oops, they’re all done now.  New stuff, new prices, see below.

A couple of pointers on food orders.  Order volume and order size has been declining dramatically, across the board at all the canneries.  I’m guessing that the economic / credit collapse is partly why.

I also think some folks are ‘holding back’ with a “wait and see” attitude when it comes to food storage and the necessity of doing this.  I’ve long warned about this topic, we’ve seen gigantic price increases in the past seven years.  If this country experience a catabolic, widespread collapse, don’t expect to get any food outside of your local growing area.  Transportation and agriculture, i.e., “food production” will be as hard hit as any segment of society and probably worse, since it also demands upon climate, water, and lack of predatory pests, making it rather unique.

The Iceland eruptions have shut down portions of Europe as a current example of how things can suddenly happen and transportation is grounded.  The long term effects are already being discussed, wtih years of lowered rapeseed production (biofuels) in Europe.

There are about 100 new products up on the website, freeze dried fruits and vegetables from Van Durnen Farms, and a bunch of price changes were made too. Now would be a good time to take advantage of the lower prices I’ve posted.

We’re shipping orders out in mere days now, a sign that all the canneries are also experiencing the same “collapse” in order volume as I am.  Overall, this is not a good sign.  It means that people are really hurting.

City Collapse

As predicted, cities are now going after their citizens slaves for more and more tax money, in bizarre ways.  Taxing haircuts, tanning salons, 911 calls, pay toilets on airlines, you name it, they’re dreaming it up and expecting you to pay it.  This was predicatable too, government doesn’t know when to quit (downsize) and when to realize that they aren’t needed (or wanted) anymore.

Los Angeles is having a hard time of it, facing a possible shutdown.  Emergency funds to keep critical services running are being requested.

America always was a pay as you go, land of the fee kind of country. The so-called “free health care” isn’t going to free either, but is going to come at a terrifying price.  To manage this boondoggle, you’re going to have to open up the most private details of your life including your wallet.

Here’s a prediction for you –  a gigantic underground economy will blossom even further as more taxes and more “requirements” of the slaves, err people are enacted upon.  We’ll figure out a way to survive outside of these demands.  It’s what people do, it’s what we’ve always had to do.

There are going to be opportunities here, but none without some pitfalls.

Bad Weather Everywhere

You’ve either experienced a heat wave or your having monsoon weather or severe drought.  It’s monsoon here in Washington after a non-winter of no snow and no precipitation to speak of.  Right now, the rain is coming down sideways and it’s mud everywhere.

Rio weather (Brazil) was so bad that 147+ people died.

Cultural Survival has a writeup on the killings going on in Samburu, Kenya.  The reason? Climate change.

Since February 2009, Kenyan police forces have assaulted at least 10 different Samburu villages, ranging in size from 150 to 1,500 people. In each case, hundreds of armed police conducted well-coordinated, military-style attacks.  They killed, raped, beat, and robbed Samburu villagers completely at random and set homes on fire. In one attack, they seized all of a community’s cattle””4,000 head””leaving the community with no source of food during a devastating drought.


The causes are complex, but they involve politics, guns, and global warming. Climate change is causing more frequent and more devastating droughts in northern Kenya, and pastoralists are fighting over scant water resources and pasture for their cattle. Civil wars in surrounding countries have led to weapons being introduced into the region, and the pastoralists’ traditional back-and-forth cattle raiding has become deadly. The police, who should be curbing this violence, are instead adding to it by committing crimes themselves.  Politicians manipulate the volatile situation for their own political advantage.

There’s a short YouTube clip here.

CO₂ Goes Up

If you haven’t noticed, Desdemona has a CO₂ applet on his site — and this figure has gone up again.  We are now at 391.06, well past the so-called “safe limit” of 350 ppm.  Some scientists claim that this is too high, and 280 ppm is the safer figure.  In any case, we will probably exceed 400 ppm by the end of this year or thereabouts (we see 2 ppm per month on average), not a good sign.

I like promoting that site — because there are daily important environmental updates on collapsing dominoes, so be sure to check it often.

Carbon trading “profiteering” continues to dominate some of the news, but I stand firmly on the “this won’t work” side of things.  I don’t report on this topic much because it’s like arguing about the stock market — it’s manipulated information.  The actual effects of carbon credits / carbon trading are unknown, but like most human-managed idiocies, it’s not going to be hard to see how this won’t work.

Geoengineering is another topic that is growing in volume. Most ideas are exceedingly dangerous for humanity and the biosphere and several small project attempts have backfired.  But the reality is, humans have already geoengineered the planet.  The widespread conversion of lands to agriculture (monoculture), diversion of water sources, heat sinks from city and urban sprawl and of course, the ubiquitous pollution and dead zones all over the world.  Lest I forget – deforestation and “rehabilitation” of lands for human-exclusivity.  We have already widely geoengineered the planet and the climatatic effects are making themselves widely known now.


I’ve been giving a lot of thought and time to the idea that humans are going to be able to engineer something so large and so vast as the planet which we live on. More specifically, that we can do a better job of regulating and managing the biosphere then nature itself can.

The flip side of this coin is that we can simply ignore what we’re doing and go on pretending that nothing we do has any real impact.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We live in a dramatically different world then our forefathers did, and our general ignorance of this fact is being encouraged by “managers” who have appointed themselves as experts.

I picked up a very interesting book on American Indians.  Flipping through, I came across a section where coastal Indians lived and the description of life there.  There was such an abundance of food is this one location that they had piled up empty clam shells covering 70 acres, over sixty feet deep!

In other research that I’ve read, it only took 1 – 2 hours a day to provide for food.  Wildlife and plants were in such extreme abundance that food production was only a small part of daily life.

There were of course bad times, with famine and starvation.  But it was Western civilization that is better known for these events, most of which were actually “engineered” when you uncover their root reasons.  Either we deforested and raped the land or failed to protect what was already there, or our wars or economic attacks on other nations caused these things.  In other words, we were really the responsible parties, bringing these calamities upon ourselves.

We can’t seem to leave well enough alone. This is tragic and the cause for human hubris. It both drives us and destroys us and the final outcome is none too certain.  If you’re pessimistic like I am, then you believe that we will destroy ourselves.  Optimists believe we will manage ourselves into a “better future”, but I don’t see it.  I do not consider totalitarianism or fascism or any “ism” a better, more secure and safer future at all.

I am personally trying to distance myself from all this hubris, in case you haven’t noticed.  That isn’t what life is all about.  When you consider the generations of humans that have lived upon this planet, and how so much of what they have done has been utterly forgotten, it tends to put your own life into perspective.  What you do with your life and how you choose to live this life is NOT what the world “orders”.  Most aspects of our society and our civilization acts as if we are nothing more then ignorant connedsumers, bred and designed to do nothing more then breed, produce and consume.

What an incredibly wasteful existence that is, and how utterly pointless. I believe that our ancestors had fuller, richer lives then we do today, even though we are surrounded by all these material comforts and “opportunities”.  Like Hubberts Peak, we are on the downward slope, where we are losing freedoms, opportunities and future.  We’ve been continually promised that things would get better, but the reality is something far different.

Those empty promises were predicated upon several very negative points: constant consumption, endless energy usage, total compliance and acceptance, abandonment of individuality and personal freedoms, and the eventual and total destruction of the biosphere.

This is where human hubris excels and lies, lies, lies to us all. The promises of all this hubris is enslavement and sickness and eventually death.  Enslavement of body, heart, mind and soul (orchestrated by all the “isms” that abound).  Your time is not your own, you are “owned” in everything you are and do, you are fed garbage and toxic chemicals and encouraged to mindlessley consume, consume, consume (we’re even taken our toxic sewage now and using it as fertilizers on our food), and eventually this leads to the death of everything — not just you, but everything alive and organic: trees, forests, water, soil, fish, humans, animals, even the very air we all depend upon.

That is the real promise of our hubris and why I hate it so, because it’s killing me, and you, and everything else that exists.   I’m only interested in finding a better way to live, which is not in accordance with the way the world demands that we live.

That makes me opposed to most of what is going on in our world today, and in the future direction we are heading.  I also don’t accept the idea that we are going to (finally) manage our way to a better future “for all”, because I don’t see this has ever having happened at any time in human history.

We’ve have manage to create class divisions and social inequities, rich people and poor people and produce generations after generations of an entire slave class of servants tasked to a lifetime of endless (and useless) toil for their mere existence, even for the simple right to exist, but we have not managed to make the world a “better place”.  You have to blindly ignore the devastating consequences that surround us all to believe that.

Most people consider this a “fair exchange” in reality, that we’re better off now and we can’t go back.  Unsaid however is what this one-way ticket really means (and how we got here), and that is what I’ve long pointed out here and in the blog.  It is not a fair exchange and never was.  It is rape, pure and simple, rape of everything we are as humans, and everything that we rely upon to exist, and everything all future humans and non-humans will require to exist in their future too.

Not many people see civilization as rape, the violation of all that is pure, sacred, essential, healthy and beautiful.  But I challenge my readers to consider this if just for a moment and maybe your eyes will open to another reality that is trying to come through.


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