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The Nutcase Behind Idaho’s Governor Bid – Mix a climate change denialists with a bible-thumping Mormon and what do you expect?  My major beef with these people is little that they stand for is the truth, it’s all based upon lies, misrepresentations and distortion of facts and history.   I cannot imagine a worse scenario then putting in charge someone who would create a (new) American Taliban and deny the environmental catastrophe that is now occurring.

Well, yes I can imagine something worse…. but that’s beside the point.  The point is, why would we (s)elect someone into office that doesn’t know up from down, fact from fiction?

The points that Rex does have right will not change anything anyway.  But what we find when people like Rex (shades of George Bush) are put into office is their personal views of how the world should be .vs. how the world really is overrules common sense (and facts), and then we get saddled with the fantasy world they’re trying to create, which is to say we get to beat at shadows in an endless repetition of the past failures, and thus my total “non-support” for people like this running for office.

Besides, “reform” of the system is a fools game, anybody with any common sense should well realize this by now. We are allowed to change the players every few years, but nothing ever changes. If you are over the age of 25, you should realize this through and through.  There are far too many vested interests in making sure that the status-quo stays firmly in place as long as possible.  There is ZERO possibility (less then zero actually) that political “reform” is going to change anything.

US Special Forces Cover Up Murder – Nothing will come of this. The ‘settlement’ for a wrongfully killed civilian is a couple of thousand dollars at most.

But contrast that article with this one – NATO admits killing civilians.  No mention whatsoever of hiding the evidence, or digging bullets out of bodies, or lying and trying to cover up this atrocity.

This is the kind of ‘reporting’ we have been long receiving, and how people are being spoon-fed brain sludge (b.s. and disinformation).

This is the CATO Institute’s Map of botched raids in the United States. Take it for what it’s worth, it’s out of date and missing information, but still shows how often this happens in our own kountry.

A Layman’s Guide To Climate Change Fact, Myths and the Truth

I have been seriously been considering writing a “layman’s guide” to climate change, which would reveal the facts, expose the myths and establish the truth on this critical issue.

But upon reflection, I do not think that this would change anything.  All of this information is already readily available for the Net enabled, and it only engenders more endless debate and disagreement.  Special interests groups are having a field day distorting the facts.  The “disinformation offensive” is a great term to describe what is really going on.  But you only need to look outside to see the other, more pervasise reality.

Dealing In Doubt

I could write this guide, but deep down inside I do not think it would matter much.  This recent effort by Greenpeace is nice to know (pdf file, Dealing In Doubt), and a very important read (please do, from top to bottom), but the polarization of people’s beliefs and attitudes isn’t going to change because of another report, even when it exposes the bare-bones truth.

(By the way, I challenged “Lord Monckton” to financial disclosure, he refused and instead suggested I ask somebody else to do this!  I have copies of these emails.)

I believe that it will take “mega-effects” in real life to persuade the persuadable.  By that I mean severe climate impacts causing disruptions and changes causing real physical and significant financial problems.

This will help persuade the persuadable, those who are not benefitting by special interests, or on petroleum company secret payrolls, or who are receiving special funding for propagating lies.  This group of denialists will never change, having sold their souls to Satan for thirty pieces of tarnished silver.

That last link by the way, is something I found by reading the “Canadian Free Press” (not!) website, and their promotion of global warming disinformation.  Dr. Tim Ball is an absolute kook, and this is the best they could do for their CFP Speakers Bureau (read the above link for facts).

I’ve found Rogue Government (Lee Rogers) to consistently misreport the facts regarding climate change, and although he has been shared the science links that disprove this (by me), he’s still unrepentent and still headlines stupid stories that prove absolutely nothing but that idiots will deny, deny, deny, and many of them will be making a handsome profit by doing so.

This more or less proves my point — a layman’s guide to climate change and the facts behind it, with a serious effort to disuade the myths, lies, corporate funding and disinformation campaigns, would still fall flat on its face.

Do you recall that in my last newsletter I said “you cannot trust the comments” now being found on websites?  Many, many times my own comments on these sites, trying to dispel the lies and misrepresentation never appear.  This is another reason why another report / guide / fact check won’t make a difference anymore.  The people are not being allowed their free speech, and the dissent and the denial is so great now that common sense and fact is thrown out the window.  It’s all just whitenoise now, and the volume is getting higher and higher.

Therefore, I see no point in spending time on an exercise in futility.  There is yet another reason why I won’t engage in this either and this is well-established now — we cannot change the outcome now anyway.  It doesn’t even “matter” if millions more finally woke up, we’re still going to have to deal with what we’ve already done.

This means that my own efforts are best spent elsewhere.  Since the outcome is “fated” (but only because we disbelieved the facts and the truth for so long) then it would make more sense to focus on adaption and mitigation, i.e., human and even non-human survival.  The entire biosphere is going to have to adapt wherever possible now, that is already perfectly clear.  It is already well-established that much of the biosphere (including many locations of humans) will not and cannot adapt sufficiently, and we are going to lose these components, probably forever.

Here is yet another issue that is at least related to human survival: totalitarianism is still on the rise. I read this on one website where “we had 8 – 12 years of decent government and now we have this!“.  Good god, these people are unbelievably STUPID and willfully blind to what has been going on for the past decade.  We’ve had very shitty government now for a very long time and each (s)election only demonstrates that we only get worse government, again and again and again.

I’ve long documented cases of totalitarianism, it makes no difference “who” is in charge, it always more of the same.  The new legislation promises to always be worse then the past and I see nothing changing this.  Those of us who choose to aware of where this is headed and where this is going need to (you got it) adapt and mitigate. In other words, our tactics (real life) remain the same as if we were trying to fight climate change.

Giving this some thought, there’s not much in our tactics that would be any different between the two issues.  Adaption and mitigation for climate change and for totalitarianism are very similiar.  We already know our lifestyles must change for both, we cannot simply ignore one of these issues and attempt to address the other, both of these issues must be dealt with if we intend to survive.

But this is also true of a number of other issues, that are also very real, very urgent and very important.  We’re witnessing the collapse of our biosphere right now.  We are also watching mega-corporations take over large critical regions of the environment, destroying critical habitats and elements that threaten the fabric of life on earth.

We’re seeing oceans collapse, reef collapse, fisheries collapse, mega “dead zones”, acidification and of course huge decades-long droughts and now massive levels of flooding, sea level rise and the indunuation of coastal lands, islands and acquifers, and many, many strictly “human issues”, such as financial collapse, homelessness, job losses, overpopulation, corporate corruption and greed, human rights abuse, war (always endless wars) and ‘legalized torture’, increasing levels of injustice and terrorism.

Then there’s energy wars, peak petroleum, peak phosphorus, peak rare minerals, spiraling declines in natural resources, threats of Artic energy wars, water wars and massive levels of refugees from both environmental collapse and warfare.  There is no end to the trouble we find ourselves in, but all of these issues can be traced back to where they started and why they exist today.

Each of these issues is affecting all of our survivable futures, which if left unaddressed, will undoubtedly have terrifying impacts with catastrophic “dominoe effects”.  Depending on where you live, and what you do for your living, you WILL be affected by several or even more of these issues.  Nobody on the entire planet will be unaffected.

I believe that all of these issues are critical and going “nuclear” (about to explode) and that they will wreak a terrifying vengeance upon all life on Earth.  To be even more dramatic, I think that they already have, but for the strong sense of denial and cognative dissonance that is still taking place, we are choosing to be willfully blind to it as long as we possible can.

But the reality is very much different to what our brains are refusing to allow us to accept. The long lines of the dispossessed and homeless, the environmental refugees and flooded cities, villages and towns, the growing number of unemployed and starving, the sheer levels of desperation rising higher and higher on every continent — these things cannot remain in our denial forever.  But when collapse has happened to you, when you have lost your home, your livelihood, your health or your future, then reality like none other finally hits home.

But it’s too late then.  Much too late, and why I do not feel as if writing yet another ‘expose’ on the truth is going to make a difference. In fact, I think that anybody that now engages in this type of exercise is also in denial.  If they really believed the stuff that they write, then why are they just writing about it?

The truth be told, that is what 99.99% of them are actually doing.  Most of them are making a good living at it too, with seminars and books and speaking engagements and blogs and promoting products that they want you to buy.  But the stark reality is these people have made it their business (bread and butter) to tell you what is going on, but do little themselves to adapt and mitigate. Most are still shoving ‘reform the system’ through another political process / candidate / (s)election, which if history is any guide whatsoever, is never, ever going to work.

The only thing now that can make a difference now is adaption and mitigation, and that’s what real ‘believers’ should be working on.  This means that we race ahead of the falling dominoes wherever possible to get out of their way and to prevent their collapse from affecting us too much.  The dominoes are going to fall, nothing will stop it.  We will never be able to be immune to their crash, but we can make critical adjustments so that we can survive what is collapsing anyway.

I have long taken the position that to do so, to build in some level of protection for yourself, that you must embark upon the journey of self-sufficiency and learn the “hows” of a sustainable lifestyle.  This is still my position, because these techniques are the methods by which your severe your dependencies and your weaknesses to the collapsing systems.  You can only protect yourself with this type of insurance, but it won’t prevent actual accidents (nothing will).

So I won’t be writing the layman’s guide.  It would be much better for me to help others learn how to become self-sufficient and how to avoid leviathan’s increasing stupidity.  I cannot do anything about climate change, or the denialsphere and you probably can’t either.

Taboo Topics

They’ve made it illegal now to discuss many topics which at this point in time, need to be aired.  But let me point out something that maybe some of you have not actually considered.  Let’s say we could talk about some of these taboo subjects, what would this actually gain any of us?  Would it solve anything?  Could we then after long discussions, move on to resolution?

I think not.  I do not believe that anything would or even could change by engaging in these taboo topics.  The general idea is if there is enough public support for ‘X’, then we could / would effect change in ‘Y’.  This is the ‘mass awareness’ points I’ve brought up before, and how they fail to change outcomes.  Mass awareness only brings about mass awareness (when it actually happens), but it doesn’t actually succeed in changing much of anything.  There are some few exceptions to this, and in history where change was more probable and timely and even likely to happen, but not today.  Not when all of our media is so highly contrived and controlled, and everything is vetted and pre-approved, and when so much is now discouraged and even outlawed.

Let me pick a non-confrontational, non-violent but ‘taboo topic’.  Secession.  Let’s say that we need to find a State or States that need / should secede from the United States in order to form a ‘more perfect union’ within themselves that would be more inclined to respect and preserve the rights and the liberties of the people then the so-called “union” we have today.

This is a topic that engenders no end of debate and desire, but it’s also illegal to discuss by the way.  But let’s say we could and did this anyway for sake of making my point.  Then what?  Let’s say we had open meetings for years and years within our state (yours, mine, doesn’t matter) and lets say that we finally achieved ‘consensus’ to make this a reality.

Ooops.  That’s where we’d most certainly run into trouble, big time.  Not only would none of these meetings ever be allowed, the instigators would have long been rotting in prison for ‘sedition’ or some other such nonsense.

This is true for any taboo topic.  The moment such a topic ‘goes public’ and tries to enlist public awareness and public support, it gets taken down.  They have laws on the books to keep this all ‘legal’ and prevent this from happening in case you did not know.  This is true for any taboo topic you can dream up by the way, some which I will of course, not even mention here.

But my point besides all that is this: mass awareness lead to what, exactly?  Ultimately it leads to change (ideally) and the idea that we will somehow, through some measure or action or movement, create conditions for change.  We don’t like how something is today, so therefore we change it.  But we cannot do this only by ourselves, so we get other people involved.  If we get enough people involved, we will acheive the changes we seek.  And so it goes.  But it’s not true….

It is not true because we are not allowed to create such movements that will actually effect important changes (and long overdue), and if we try, we get shut down.  And in the meanwhile, the disinformation efforts and the misinformation about these efforts is cranked up to ear-screeching levels, undermining anything that we might try to do to gain public support and acceptance (thanks to your complicit media, it is very easy to see which side of the fence they live on and where their bread is really buttered).

Agent provacateurs are released into our midst and create setup and sting operations to destroy any chance and any credibility any such movements might actually have.  If that doesn’t work (and it usually does), then they marginalize the people involved.  Take a look at the climate science today as an example.  They’re now being personally attacked and ridiculed because of what they are telling us.  This is a type of discredibility technique being used that is very effective, and the people are being bamboozled because of it.  The mass awareness that is needed never arrives, because the proponents are discredited, and not because any of the discredibility is true – but because of well-funded and well-organized campaigns to destroy the movement are very powerful.

Pay close attention, because this is happening again and again and again, in any movement that would change the status quo, it doesn’t even matter what it is.  The effort to disband the Federal Reserve, the tea party movement,  environmental protection movements, a third political party movement, the free state movement — it doesn’t make any difference, they are all nullified by well-orchestrated and well-funded efforts, long before they can gain any real power or reach and effect enough people.  Mass movements do not work anymore!

If you want to understand why nothing changes in this country (despite the musical chairs going on in government), and the illusions that the “people are involved” or even “angry enough and we’re not going to take it anymore” (yes you are, you show that you will every single day), there you have it in a very simple form.  It’s not going to be allowed.

Anything that threatens the status-quo and vested interest that is in power is simply never going to allow it.  And those people who are involved in these various movements and efforts consistently fail to realize this simple fact — and the consistently fail to realize that their tactics are woefully inadequate — and always will be, because they fail to appreciate the magnitude and the mechanisms of what they are up against.

To make a final point on this entire issue — change, real change, the kind that is really needed, is still possible (we are only dealing with humans after all), but not by any of the methods and techniques currently being applied.  Mass awareness and support is even possible, but by the same token, not by any of the methods and techniques currently being tried.

Because these movements fail to admit to this, they’re never going to accomplish much of anything.  All that happens is a little stirring in the pot, but the frogs continue to boil.  And boil they will, there are always new frogs.

If real change were / could happen, it would have to disempower (dismantle) the vested interests first that are preventing these changes.  It isn’t that we need ‘more people aware’ to create change, what we need is to dismantle the powers that are preventing it.  The people will follow, as they always do.

But this is heresy to some who do not understand how things really work.  They think “get the people, then get the change” and do not recognize that the majority of people will do as they are told as long as their are overlords in place telling them to do so.

How do you think this works now?  Do the people in general “do as they are told” by their overlords?  Of course they do.  They generally believe what they are told too.  They’ve long abandoned the ability to truly think for themselves and quite frankly, act like sheep, waiting for a shepard to lead them around.

I’m sorry if this seems harsh or insensitive, oftentimes the real truth is exactly that.  Lots of people believe that they do not actually own or govern their own lives, they believe that they are ‘supposed’ to do what they are told.  Because of this blindness, they cannot even perceive the power that is behind the throne and they have no understanding of how they are being polarized into doing and believing what they have come to accept.  They’re also very much afraid of being truly self-responsible and meekly accept all kinds of ‘protection’ to pamper and comfort them and to provide things for them and to make life easier and easier.  This kind of person doesn’t even care what happens to everythign else either, because their selfishness blinds them to their own dependency and contribution to tyranny and the destruction of the planet.

Movements that are trying to pursuade this mass of selfish people are going to fail.  Unless you can offer them a comfy job or provide for them free food and housing, free health care, retirement benefits or some other such creature comfort, they are always going to side with the power that controls their mind and their bodies.

In America, this now accounts for the majority of Americants, who cannot think for themselves, do for themselves or act with an independent thought on their own.  They seek ‘consensus’, ‘approval’, ‘acceptance’, incapable of even realizing that none of this is even necessary and is oftentimes self-defeating in the end.  Their connedsumers, bamboozled into believing a lifetime of lies and deceptions, unable to see what they have become and what their nation has become.

Many movements seek to recruit these people, to make them aware of their pet issues and I can (and do) respect that, but they are failing to change outcomes (still).  This is still happening because we have lost total control of our media, our government and very, very, VERY importantly, our educational system.  We are churning out armies of idiots, brain-dead, dumbed down and ignorant children who are being force-fed a diet of corn syrup and fats, slothful fools who revel in mundane computer “lives” online and tasked to work at menial jobs for slave wages.

We have totally lost the next generation already, and this is very, very important.  What bloody difference does it make if I care about what is happening, but the next generation does not?  I’m going to die soon enough and take my compassion and my concerns with me.  Then what?  What have I spent my life fighting for, pleading for if this is all going to die with me?  If we do not reach the next generation, we will have lost everything.  You can take that to the now worthless banks.  We will lose if we do not understand some very important basics.

It is because entire generations of people are now being totally controlled in their thoughts, their behavior, their belief and their actions (to say nothing of their pocketbooks), that we will lose any effort we could / can mount to change outcomes.  This is a fact.

Because we have no control now of the media, the government, the educational system, all the information outlets that program the minds of hundreds of millions of people, that we will fail.  And this is absolutely no accident at all, but has been revealed to be quite calculating and a long time in the making.

I think it is also important to know that these same institutions are by and large, all repeating the same mantra (brainwashing).  They are effectively in lockstep with each other on important and critical subjects that are not being taught.  In my opinion, this too is deliberate and not accidental.

Let me make a few other comments here.  Nobody in America will actually teach you how to be a truly free man or woman.  Everyone will tell you what you must do to comply however, which is really the opposite.  Nobody will teach you how to live a life unencumbered by the myriad of ‘requirements’ we are all forced to live by.  Nobody will point you to a school, an institute or even a seminar where you can find out how to not do these things.  They will all teach you (those that exist) how you can work within the system, but none of these “teachers” even understands how self-defeating this is, or how this simply helps propogate their existence.

Ever wonder why?  Perhaps you should, because it has important implications.

In point of fact, nobody will really tell you the truth about anything, you have to dig, dig, dig to find this out for yourself.  If you dig long and hard enough, you will uncover a reality that is very much different then the one everybody is telling you about.  And when your eyes have been opened like this, you begin to realize that things are not what they seem, and not even what they could or should be.  Eventually you will try to share this knowledge with others, but you will run into monumental resistance.  And given enough try, time and effort, you will come to realize that your efforts like this won’t succeed in changing much of anything.

There is another, more real, more truthful reality to this life then what we are being taught by our vaunted institutions.  If that is important to you, if having a life that is more in line with the truth matters to you, then I encourage you to seek it out.  But to do so, you will not find it within the halls of our hallowed institutions, because this is in reality, forbidden knowledge.

The truth about this is quite simple.  Very powerful and vested interest have nothing to gain and everything to lose by you learning how to free your mind.  You are of course, only a tiny cog in the entire scheme of things, but you can still use this to your advantage.  They’ll ignore you for the most part if you stay a tiny cog — but try to become a big gear and you’ll find yourself stripped by the torque that would surround your life, mashed down and spun out to little pieces.

Lots of people have wondered why I choose to stay low profile, some even calling me ‘mysterious’.  It is simply because I understand the forces that are at work in our world today, and I have no interest whatsoever in fame or fortune.  I’d rather simply be left alone.  I’ve turned down many opportunities to change my life and become ‘more’, all of it in line with what the world expects as “success”, but why in the world would I willingly do that?  You’ll find me running the other way, I’m more comfortable in being nothing at all, because I do not agree with the direction and esteem that the world holds.

I also understand what is coming and what lies ahead for all of humanity.  What would be the point in trying to “be somebody” when all such things are going to be brought low?  I laugh at self-important people and stuffed shirts, to me, they’re nothing at all, just blowhards and full of shit.  This is why I took great exception to that fool Savinar when he tried to run my blog.  He really thinks he’s something when he’s nothing at all.

But he’s not alone, there are a lot of people like this, that have totally bought into the lies of our generation that you can “be somebody”.  I am somebody — I am my own man, living my own life, the way in which I generally choose to live it.  To me, that is far more important then building a following or trying to gain a ‘reputation’ or being rich or ‘successful’ in a world that believes money is your cloak and comfort.  This is why there is no integrity in today’s world, we’ve sold our souls for worthless silver.

The world at large believes that we must ‘press forward’, higher, faster, upward.  Cheaper, better, more, it’s all the same.  I disagree with this philosophy, which is really not a philosophy at all, it’s just greed and gluttoney, cloaked behind glitter and gold.  Greed is not a philosophy, it’s a disease of the mind.  It’s even a disease of the body and you see this everywhere with two-ton people who cannot rule their own appetites and govern their own lives.

It’s pathetic, that’s what it is, and I want nothing at all to do with it.  I’m only sharing this with all of you because I’m flat-out telling you, there is a better way to live, a life that is more meaningful, more self-valuable, more honest, more truthful and to me, “better”, then chasing after a fools dream.  Why would you do that?  Isn’t that exactly what is causing most of problems in the world today?

Fools create wars, waste resources, destroy lives, pollute the atmosphere, overpopulate, destroy watersheds, cut down rainforests, deny warming, destroy hope, chase after money, fame, fortune, prestige, position and stature.  Fools kill with wanton abandon, crushing and stepping on all that is alive and meaningful.  They’re dead to truth, blind to reality, unable to see past their own selfish self-interests, easy marks for greedy corporations and corrupt politicians.

Saying such things will never make me popular, or endear me to the fooliship, but I simply do not care.  Neither should you.  Build your life on integrity, on truth, on honesty and on those things in life that have real intrinsic value (starting with yourself and then your family).  To accept lies, to pursue destructive dreams — these things are going to end, are ending already for millions of people.  Don’t let that be you.  I’ve always said, choose wisely, because this is ALL a choice.  That’s the part that makes us human, even if we are terribly flawed.

Finally, you do realize that the world is going to do what the world is going to do, right?  That we are not going to change anything but ourselves, and this will never be enough to change the overall outcomes and what is going to happen.  It’s not that this is ‘fated’ so much as it is all set in motion by billions and billions of people and this alone makes it unchangeable.  Therefore, live your life in truth.  Reject lies, deceptions, deceit.  You won’t change the world, but you will have at the very least, changed yourself which is in truth all that you can really do.


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